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The brainwashing will continue!

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  • Adam Aroian
    Hey-- I have promised a lot of you that I will send an update. I m glad that people have gotten back safely and it s good to get updates. Don t worry, El
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2004
      The brainwashing will continue! Hey--

      I have promised a lot of you that I will send an update. I'm glad that people have gotten back safely and it's good to get updates. Don't worry, El Salvy's still as annoying as ever -- just ask Jared and Christy.

      The main thing is that the volunteer who is replacing me is a 22-year-old Harvard graduate in economics and environmental science who by chance is from Arlington, Massachusetts. After showing him around my site for three days, I've seen that he's dedicated and has a good attitude, so I have no doubt that he'll be fine. Even so, seeing his rookie-isms (halting Spanish, eagerness, nervousness, questions, etc.) make me feel both wistful and jaded at the same time. It's thinking one moment  "Wouldn't it be nice to be at the beginning again?" and "Buddy, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into" the next. I also noticed these sort of mixed feelings while writing my reports. Obviously, there's so much between the lines.

      The stroke of sheer luck is that his background will permit him to continue the economics and computer classes that I have been doing at the instituto, which is probably the project that I have enjoyed doing the most. The Web site's done (http://www.cyberolimpiadas.com.sv/proyectos2004/friends/); he'll take over coaching the kids.

      Other than that, things are wrapping up pretty fast. Current plans are a charla in San Vicente on Tuesday, Thanksgiving at the Ambassador's place with the remaining peeps from our group plus Ramya, swearing-in on December 3, a combined despedida/bienvendia in my site on the fifth, and take off with Karen on the sixth. Our flight leaves Mexico City the morning of the 16th and gets into Boston that night. Then it's off to find a job.

      The only other noteworthy item is that Jordan and I are supposed to talk with Mike and Don about possibly dumping agroforestry and starting an IT program (the result of that mainfesto). We'll see.

      OK, later.

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