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248DC Reunion

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  • Christopher Clement
    Jun 19, 2007
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      Hey group,
      I am writing to you from the sweltering heat of our nation's lovely capital.  I have been down for a couple of weeks, interning with a community developer.  Initially, I was living in NE DC, smack in the middle of the projects, in one of the developments that my employed built years ago.  After a couple of nights marked by shootings in the stairwells and latenight police interventions, I thought it prudent to look elsewhere for accomodations.  Though one man did refer to me as a "black man" in the elevator at one point, I doubt that I would have managed to blend in well. In an act of staggering generosity, our own Bob invited me to housesit at his place in Adam's Morgan for the summer.  Needless to say, I am much happier with this situation, as I do find some comfort in being serenaded to sleep by the howler monkeys in the nearby zoo and not closeby gunshots in the night.  By the way, Bob is off now in rural Pennsylvannia writing, enjoying the tranquil countryside with Doug, and spending time with his daughter and her newborn. 
      Which leads me to a question.  We had tentatively spoken of a reunion in July.  The dates thrown out were the weekend of the 13th or the 27th.  Aside from those of us in the area, who is planning on passing through DC for the reunion, and when might that be?  Bob is offering up his place for whatever use we see fit, and we are both interested in nailing down some dates to plan around.  What say you all?
      For anyone passing through the area this summer, I would love to see you.
      Take care,
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