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219Re: [PCElSalAg42002] Reunion!!!

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  • Jared and Christy
    May 19, 2007
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      What's taking you to the Dominican? We are actually going to be there the weekend of the 14th, so that's out for us for the DC reunion.  I wanna hear about where you're staying and doing there. We're just going for a short fun trip sin el ninito!!! When do you leave?

      los Bartley

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      So, it looks like July 14 or the 20th is what most people want.  So, please vote for one or the other and then we can all put it in our books and Lucas can buy an airline ticket.

      And for everyone who has called, I promise to return your calls when I get back from the Dominican.



      On 5/10/07, Christopher E. Clement <clementcee@yahoo. com> wrote:

      Hello everyone,

      I am so excited to see some of you this summer!  I actually will be in DC for the duration of the summer working with a community development corporation.  That being said, any of the proposed dates would work for me.  I would be happy to help out organizing things when we get closer to the date.  Until then, I am in the throes of finishing my semester and preparing for a jaunt in Guatemala before graduation (alas, I am not graduating, just participating in various ways).  I should be in DC starting early June.  Hope everyone is well.

      Take care,

      P.S. Spring just hit several days ago here in lovely New Haven, CT, makes me giddy with the anticipation of summer fun.

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