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[PBY] Re: Reply to Lou's comment

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  • Louis B. "Lou" Dorny
    Bob from Lou... Fully concur. Nice comment.
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2000
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      Bob from Lou...  Fully concur.  Nice comment.

      robert fleming wrote:

      Dear   Lou:

      I  have  no  quarrel  whatsoever  with  what  you have  had  to  say,
      and  I   have  nothing   but  admiration  for   the  submariners.    I
      once  had  a  daughter  in  love  with  one   of  them  fresh  out  of
      Annapolis,   but  marriage  did  not  ensue.    I  will  back  our
      grandson  in  whatever  he  chooses  to  do,   but, like  all  of  us,
      I  would  hope  that  he  comes  out   of  it  alive.

      We're  glad  you're  still  with  us.

                       Best regards,         Bob  F.

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