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    PBY related book list: 40 jaar luchtvaart in Indie. (Dutch) By: Gerard Casius and Thijs Postma. ISBN: 90-6013-944-5 Published: 70 jaar
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      PBY related book list:

      40 jaar luchtvaart in Indie. (Dutch)
      By: Gerard Casius and Thijs Postma.
      ISBN: 90-6013-944-5

      70 jaar Marineluchtvaartdienst. (Dutch)
      By: Nico Geldhof
      ISBN: 90-70052-54-7

      Abandon Ship (USS Indianapolis)
      By: Richard Newcomb
      Discription of PBY part by Hank Aries, (N7GGC)
      Factual book, the OA10 on scene was Richard C. Alcorn of 4th ERS on Pelieu
      who arrived at twilight and picked up one man but had to shut down because
      of danger of taxi-ing into others. Lt. Marks was taken on tour of scene by
      PV standing by and was able to land in daylight in vicinity of large group
      and elected to go after most vulnerable single sailors as groups together
      had better odds. They picked up 54 taxi-ing around and at dark ARM3/c Roland
      Shepard and S1/c Warren Kirchoff volunteered and went out in raft and got
      2 more. The USS Doyle picked up these 56 + 1 from 4th ERS. It took 2 hours
      to transfer from Lt Marks PBY to Doyle without smashing it. Marks crew then
      stayed aboard rest of night and removed priority gear as plane was damaged
      from bumps from Doyle. In light of day Marks crew and salvaged gear were
      picked up and PBY sunk by gunfire. Our crew Lt Marmon and Lt Mykland arrived
      from Ulithi on that day along with planes and ships from all over area.
      Last part deals with court martial of Capt Mcvey.
      Published by Harper Torch.
      First published 1958
      New version 2001 pocket book.
      ISBN 0-380-81904-x
      To order in USA call: 1 800 331 3761

      The African Catalina.
      By: Mike Shirley-Beavan.
      ISBN: 0-9515209-4-6
      Published: 1994
      127 pages

      Airfield Focus 13: Sullom Voe & Scatsta.
      By: Peter Ward

      The Alaska-Siberia Connection;
      The World War II Air Route
      By: Otis Hays, Jr.
      ISBN: 0-89096-711-3
      Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas 77843, USA.
      Published: 1996
      184 PAGES

      Albatroses. (Russian)
      By: A. Grygorev.
      ISBN: 5-217-00604-8

      The Aleutian Warriors;
      A history of the 11th Air Force & Fleet Air Wing 4 Part 1
      By: John Haile Cloe
      ISBN: 0-929521-35-8

      By Martin Clemens.
      It is a fabulous story by probably the most heralded of all the coastwatchers.
      It is put together from a diary he kept during the Guadalcanal campaign and is
      extremely well written. Not only is it a great read, it also contains many
      references to Catalina flights in the Solomons. For all who get this one,
      it will provide a unique and eye opening perspective on the Solomons campaign.
      Clemens goes into detail about the PBY-5 they hauled out of the water.
      By the way, as far as I know he is still alive and living in a suburb of
      Melbourne, Australia. He is a hero to the American marines 3rd Division and
      it would be wonderful to hear him speak. desciption by Richard Douglass.
      Published by Naval Institute Press in 1998

      Altimeter Rising;
      My 50 years in the cockpit.
      By: Alan MacNutt with Norman Avery.
      Alan MacNutt, 904-3170 Gladwin Road
      Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 5T1 Canada
      phone: 1-604-852-3216
      fax : 1-604-859-3218
      ISBN: 0-9687627-0-0
      208 pages
      Published: 2000

      Arctic Airmen;
      The RAF in Spitsbergen and North Russia 1942.
      By: Ernst Schofield & Roy Conyers Nesbit.
      ISBN: 0-7183-0660-0

      Black Cats;
      The real story of Australia's long range Catalina Strike Force
      in the Pacific War, Solomons to the Coast of China.
      Compiled by A. E. Minty, Published by RAAF museum.
      ISBN: 0-642-20289-3
      RAAF museum, RAAF Williams, Point Cook, VIC 3029, Australia
      250 pages

      The Black Cats.
      By: Richard C. Knott
      ISBN: 0850595681
      Patrick Stephens, 1981.
      First Edition.
      198 pages.
      The author, a captain in the US Navy and a naval aviator with over 4,000 hours (including 1,000 hours on flying boats) provides a good history of the anti-shipping raids carried out by the US Navy PBY Catalinas during WW2,
      mostly in the South Pacific operating against Japanese naval vessels.

      Black Cat Raiders of World War II.
      By: Richard C. Knott
      ISBN: 0-933852-18-5
      Nautical and Aviation Publishing Company of America,
      8 Randall Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, USA.
      Published: 1981
      198 pages

      Black Cat Raiders of World War II. (Reprint)
      By: Richard C. Knott
      ISBN: 1-55750-471-7
      Blue Jacket books
      Published: 2000
      198 pages

      Black Cats And Dumbos;
      WWII's Fighting PBYs.
      By: Mel Crocker
      ISBN: 0-8306-8391-7
      Published: 1987
      TAB books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17294, USA
      273 pages

      Black Cats and Dumbos: WWII's Fighting PBY's
      By Mel Crocker.
      Back in print under ISBN # 0-9712901-0-5
      Published: 2002
      Crocker Media Expressions, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA
      294 pages

      Black Cats Fly
      By Bob Wyatt
      Publisher: Australia: Floreat Press, 1999

      Black Cats With Wings of Gold.
      By: Lt. A. J. Meuller (Ret)
      ISBN: none

      Bless'em all;
      The adventures of a Navy "Black Cat" Squadron in World War II.
      By: Robert W. Hayes Lt(J.G.) USNR (Ret.)
      ISBN: none
      Willow Creek publishers, 7070 Willow Creek road,
      Eden Prairie, MN 55344, USA, ph (1)612-941-1428
      Published: 1986
      88 pages

      Blue Catalinas of World War II.
      By: James C. Mills
      ISBN: 0-89745-190-2
      Sunflower University Press, 1531 Yuma, box 1009,
      Manhattan, Kansas 66502, USA.
      Published: 1995
      157 pages

      Canadian Squadrons in Coastal Command.
      By Andrew Hendrie
      ISBN: 1-55125-038-1
      Vanwell Publishing Limited, PO box 2131,
      St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7S2, Canada.
      Published: 1997
      208 pages

      Catalina, Neptune, and Orion;
      in Australian Service.
      By: Stewart Wilson
      ISBN: 0-9587978-7-0
      There is a photograph of a couple of RAAF types making adjustments
      to a couple of JATO bottles on a Cat and some finer details on
      page 60-61 of note is each rocket provided 1000lb of thrust - the RAAF tests
      were with Aerojet Type 12AS-1000D solid propellent rocket bottles -
      4 were used - 2 per side to the rear of the fuselage - the year seems
      to be 1948 and the purpose to use the Cat for stores at Macquarie Island -
      "The Cat A24-104 departed Hobart, and after a seen and half hour flight
      made a succesful rough water landing and then departed in very adverse
      conditions with the assistance of the JATO gear" The article also noted
      earlier US tests were with 8 rockets in the original design.

      Catalina Chronicle;
      A History of RAAF Operations.
      By: David Vincent
      ISBN: 0959605207
      Published: and 1981
      125 pages, black and white pictures

      Catalina Dreaming.
      By: Ross Ewing.
      ISBN: 0-908990-39-1
      David Ling Publishing Limited, PO box 34-601
      Birkenhead, Auckland 10, New Zealand.
      Published: 1996
      95 pages

      Catalina Dreaming - Rescues, Exciting Missions and Other Stories
      About the Famous Australian Flying Boats of WWII
      By Andrew McMillan
      Publisher: Duffy & Snellgrove
      Published: 2002
      200 pages b/w photos
      "From their bases in the north coast, Australians of 11 and 20 Squadrons
      were able to carry out bombing raids and rescue missions as far away as the
      coast of China. In researching this history of the RAAF Catalina flying boats
      based in Cairns, Karumba, Darwin and Melville Bay during WWII, and the men
      who flew and looked after them, the author has drawn on interviews with many
      of the men involved as well as archival evidence"

      Catalina Squadrons First and Furthest;
      Recounting operations RAAF Catalinas.
      By: Jack Riddell

      Cats at War.
      By: Coral Gaunt and Robert Cleworth
      ISBN: 1-86408-586-x
      Published: June 2000
      279 pages
      includes an index and Honour Roll
      103 Illustrations includes 2 Colour Plates.
      or available from Catalina PBY Foundation.

      Cats Over the Atlantic; VPB-73 in World War II.
      By: Robert L. Carlisle, USNR (Ret.)
      Foreword by Charles S. Minter, Jr.(Vice-Admiral, USN(Ret.)
      Published: 1995
      190 pages, illustrated, maps.
      Publisher: Fithian Press, Santa Barbara
      ISBN: 1-56474-124-9
      Walt Butterfield comments: Good reading!
      Knew a number of crewmen ... pilots, mentioned in the book.
      VAdm. Chalres S. Minter, Jr. writes:"A soundly researched and vividly
      narrated account.... [Carlisle] has skillfully interwoven the history
      of the squadron into the tapestry of the war at large...[and] offers a
      skillful blend of personal anecdotes and operational situations that
      makes for fascinating reading." --VAdm. Chalres S. Minter, Jr. USN (Ret.),
      from the Foreword.

      Center of the Storm.
      By: Jeff Dickrell
      ISBN: 1-57510-092-4
      Published: 2002
      Published for the Museum of the Aleutians, Unalaska, Alaska, by
      Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, Inc., Missoula, Montana.
      Pages: 126 with abt. 300 photos
      The book contains oral histories and photographs relating to PatWing 4
      operations in the Aleutians in the summer of 1942, and is avalable
      from the Museum of the Aleutians http://www.aleutians.org/
      Input by Ragnar Ragnarson, Iceland.

      Consolidated PBY Catalina, cz 1. (ML84)
      By Janowicz.
      80 pages.
      Monograph Lotnicze (Polish bookserie)
      English captions, excellent scale plans and color artwork.

      Consolidated PBY Catalina, cz 2. (Monografie Lotnicze #85)
      By Krzysztof Janowicz & Lechoslaw Musialkowski
      112 pages.
      Monograph Lotnicze (Polish bookserie)
      English captions, excellent scale plans and color artwork.
      Polish-language history of the 'Cat' in service with the air arms of the USA,
      Britain and many other countries, together with much valuable information for the modeller. Separate 1:48 scale plans. 45 colour profiles. Colour 3-views. 229 black/white and 5 colour photos. English captions.
      A4 softback


      By: E. Cassagneres
      10 pages

      Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina in Argentine Service.
      Serie Aeronaval n� 13
      By: Jorge Nunez Padin.
      Spanish text with an English abstract.
      44 pages
      many b&w photos and color drawings.
      Tells the story of the Catalina in Argentine service, with detailed histories
      of each aircarft. No ISBN number.Summarizing: an excellent book.
      To obtain it, contact with the author and editor Jorge Nunez Padin
      at his site: www.fuerzasnavales.com "Monogravias"
      Regards, Luis

      Consolidated Catalina.
      By: V. R. Kotelnikov
      ISBN: 5-85875-036-2 (Russian)

      Consolidated PBY Catalina;
      The Peacetime Record.
      By: David Legg
      ISBN 1-84037-276-1
      297 pages, 16 pages colour plus 380 b/w photographs
      Published: 2001

      The Consolidated PBY Catalina.
      Profile publications number 183 (modelling)
      ISBN: none

      Consolidated PBY;
      The sentinel of the Pacific.
      N.V. Nederlandsche Vliegtuigenfabriek Fokker
      ISBN: none

      Dark Sky, Deep water.
      First hand reflections of the anti-U-Boat War in WWII.
      By: Norman Franks.
      Published 1997, (1999 in softback) by Grub Street.
      ISBN: 1-902304-37-3
      Softback 218 pages

      Dicing with Death -
      An Airmans Account of His Training and Operations Against Japan.
      By: Arthur Sandell.
      Published by Raaf Base Fairbairn ACT Australia: Aerospace Centre.
      Published 2001
      125 pages, b/w photos.
      This book was the winner of the 2000 heritage award,
      author served with an raaf catalina squadron against japan.

      Flying Boat.
      By: Ivan Spring
      ISBN: 0-9583977-2-4

      The Flying Boats of Bermuda.
      By:L Colin A. Pomeroy
      ISBN: 0-9698332-4-5

      Flying Cats;
      The Catalina Aircraft in World War II.
      By: Andrew Hendrie
      ISBN: 1-85310-028-5
      Airlive Publishing, 7 St. John's Hill, Shrewsburey, England.
      Published: 1988
      240 pages

      Frigate Bird.
      By: P. G. Taylor
      ISBN: none
      Angus and Robertson Ltd, 105 Great Russell street,
      London, WC1, England.
      Published: 1953
      243 pages

      Flying with the Air-Sea Rescue Service.
      By L. E. Theiss
      Publisher: Wilde (USA) 1946
      292pages + 4 pages of photographs.
      In a typical post-war narrative style, the author provides memorable
      accounts of a number of rescues carried out by the US Air Sea Rescue Service.
      Includes many interesting tales of real-life operations carried out using PBY
      Catalinas, helicopters and rescue launches.

      By: Stan Mahoney
      Recounts pre WWII duty in PB2Ys, VP-11, and VP-14 and then later duty
      when Captain DeLorenzo was his PPC.
      This book is available from the author, Mr. Stan Mahoney,
      1801 Grove Road, El Cajon, CA 92020, USA.
      delivered anywhere in the US for $20.

      In the Hands of Fate;
      The Story of PATWING-10 8-December-1941 - 11-May-1942.
      By: Dwight R. Messimer
      ISBN: 0-87021-293-1

      I Took The Sky Road.
      By Comdr. Norman M. Miller USN as told to Hugh B.Cave
      Dodd,Mead & Co. New York
      Published: 1945
      212 pages
      Primarily about PB4Y's (Navy Liberator)---but it is a hellova book.
      Miller was called a "One man Task Force" and was even recommended
      for the Medal of Honor. Unconfirmed reports indicate that he
      got smashed the night before Pres Roosevelt was to award it to
      him and he missed the "Appointment"!!
      Ergo----many medals for Bus Miller but no Medal of Honor.

      Lake Boga at War;
      Inside Story of Secret RAAF Inland Flying Boat Unit - WWII.
      By: Brett Freeman
      ISBN: 0-646-24705-0
      Catalina Publication, PO box 170, Swan Hill,
      Victoria 3585, Australia.
      Published: 1995
      296 pages

      By: Morskoje Oruze.
      Russian minigraph illustrated with drawings and b/w photos.
      Text in Russian.
      36 pages

      Lonely Vigil (about Coastwatchers)
      By: Lord.
      Mentions Clemens and his men hauling a Cat out of the water onto the coast
      of Guadalcanal to hide it from the enemy, I don't think it was one of the
      amphibious types either!!! Also a sad story about an Ozzy Black Cat
      supplying some coastwatchers on Bougainville (Mason or Read) at night,
      on their last pass they crashed into a mountain. A few survived and were
      evacuated via sub later. This is also recounted in Minty's book. When things
      settled down later after the allied invasion one of the coastwatcher
      (Robbie Robinson & Co?) returned to the site and buried the pilots who were
      killed instantly by the impact. An example of the respect these courageous men
      had for each other. Brave men indeed.
      Jacob Vouza, one of Clemen's scouts (the one that was bayoneted and left for
      dead but made it back to Henderson to warn of an immanent attack).
      Description by Wayne Bawden.

      Navigator In The South Seas
      Adelaide Seal Books 1978.
      Autobiography of Australian sea captain with Burns Philp in the Pacific includes memoirs of RAAF flying Catalina's in WW2
      Illustrated by b/w line drawings.
      232 pages.

      Nederlandse militaire luchtvaart III, Consolidated PBY-5/A Catalina.
      By: Nico Geldhof
      ISBN: none (Dutch)
      Published: 1989
      30 pages

      Chronicles of a Nervous Navigator.
      By: John A. Iverach
      ISBN: 1-55056-178-2

      No Tumult, No Shouting;
      The Story of the PBY.
      By: Lois and Don Thorburn
      ISBN: none
      Henry Holt and Company, 257 Fourth Ave, New York 10, USA.
      Published: 1945
      149 PAGES

      By Don Klotz
      Eakin Press
      Published: 2002
      272 Pages

      P-Boat Pilot;
      With a Patrol Squadron in the Battle of the Atlantic.
      By: Lt. Robert L. Carlisle (Ret)
      ISBN: 1-56474-046-3
      160 pages, paperback, photos, $9.95
      From the moment Pearl Harbor was attacked, Robert L. Carlisle wanted nothing
      but to become an aviator. In P-Boat Pilot he describes his flight training,
      his assignment to Patrol Squadron 73, and the Battle of the Atlantic as seen
      from a patrol squadron based in Agadir, French Morocco.

      Pilots Flying Logbook;
      Garuda 1953-1955 - KLM 1955-1958 - Martinair 1971.
      By: Anders Rogberg
      ISBN: 91-971465-4-4

      NAVAER 01-5SE-1, 1 MAY 1944
      Published by: U. S. Navy, 1944.
      Manual, stiff board covers, taped spine, 39 pps.

      The Catalina Flying Boat.
      By: Roscoe Creed
      ISBN: 0-87021-526-4
      Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, USA
      Published: 1985
      351 pages

      PBY Catalina in Action.
      By: Capt. W.E.Scarborough (Ret)
      ISBN: 0-89747-149-0 (modelling)
      Squadron/Signal publications, 1115 Crawley Drive,
      Carrollton, Texas 75011, USA.
      Published: 1983
      50 pages

      PBY Catalina Walk Around (Walk Around Ser., No. 5)
      By William E. Scarborough.
      Squadron Signal Publications, 1996 Stiff Card. New. First Edition. ISBN:0897473574

      PBY Catalina in Detail and Scale.
      By: Bert Kinzey
      Detail and Scale Aviation publication Volume 66
      ISBN 1-888974-19-2 (modelling)
      Squadron/Signal publications, 1115 Crawley Drive,
      Carrollton, Texas 75011, USA.
      Published: 2000
      80 pages

      Pilots Flying Logbook.
      By A. Rogberg
      Publisher Novum Grafiska (Sweden) 1994
      Illustrated with photographs and line drawings, this is a fairly lightweight account of the author�s days as a pilot with Garuda Air from 1953-1955, with KLM from 1955 to 1958, and with Martinair in 1971. During this time, he flew a range of aircraft from Catalinas and Constellations to DC-4s and Convair 660s.

      RAAF Flying Boats at War the Way it Was 10 Squadron 113 Air Sea Rescue
      By Joe Leach.
      Publisher: Australian Military History Publications AMHP, 1999

      RAF Coastal Command 1936-1969.
      By: Chris Ashworth
      ISBN: 1-85260-345-3
      Patrick Stephens Limited, Sparkford, Nr Yeovil,
      Somerset, BA22 7JJ, England.
      Published: 1992
      256 pages

      Reuben Fleet and The Story of Consolidated Aircraft.
      By: William Wagner
      ISBN: 0-8168-7950-8
      Aero Publishers Inc, 329 West Aviation Road,
      Fallbrook, CA 92028, USA
      Published: 1976
      324 pages

      Search, Find and Kill;
      Coastal Command's U-boat Successes.
      By: Norman Franks
      ISBN: 0-946627-55-X
      Aston Publications Limited, Bourne End House,
      Harvest Hill, Bourne End, Bucks, SL8 5JJ, England.
      Motorbooks International, Osceola, Wisconsin 54020, USA.
      Published: 1990
      168 pages

      A Forgotten War Crime in the Pacific
      Japanese murder of U.S. P.O.W. PBY Catalina air crew in WWII.
      By: Michael J. Goodwin
      ISBN: 0-8117-1518-3
      Published: 1995

      Shot Down at Midway.
      By: Lee Coleman Mc Cleary
      Lee Coleman Mc Cleary, 3390 Springhill Road,
      Lafayette, Ca 94549, USA.
      Published: 1996
      xx pages

      Silent Victory.
      By: Arthur Leebold
      ISBN: 187559311X

      The Sky Beyond.
      By: Sir Gordon Taylor
      ISBN: none
      Taylor, Gordon The Sky Beyond
      Cassell, London 1963 The book itself is very good to fine. DW shows some chipping and minor tears to top edge o/w good. The author recounts his experiences from flying Sopwith Scout fighter in 1917, continues through his adventures in Catalina flying boats across the Tasman sea and the Indian and Pacific oceans during the 1930s and 40s. He includes exciting accounts of ferrying Liberator bombers across the Atlantic for the RAF in 1942. Bookseller Inventory # 0014

      Some Early Birds;
      The memoires of a Naval Cadet, 1935-1945.
      By: Joe Hill, Captain, USN (Ret.)
      ISBN: 0-89745-043-4 hardback
      ISBN: 0-89745-044-2 softback
      Sunflower University Press, 1531 Yuma, box 1009,
      Manhattan, Kansas 66502, USA.
      Published: 1983
      130 pages

      Stalking the U-Boat;
      USAAF offensive antisubmarine operations in World War II.
      By: Max Schoenfeld
      ISBN: 1-56098-403-1
      Smithsonian Institution Press, 470 L'Enfant Plaza, Suite 7100,
      Washington D.C. 20560, USA.
      Published: 1995
      231 pages

      The Story of the PBY Catalina.
      By: Ray Wagner
      ISBN: none

      Those Navy Guys and Their PBY's;
      The Aleutian Solution.
      By: Elmer Freeman
      ISBN: 0-9632463-0-5
      Kedging Publishing Company, 1124 West 8th Avenue,
      Spokane, Wa 99204, USA.
      Published: 1984, 1985, 1987, 1992
      267 pages

      That s That.
      By Robert F. Honan
      Published by the author. Adelaide. 1989
      printed by Lutheran Publishing House.
      118 pages, illustrated.
      The former Flight Lieutenant s WW11 memoirs.
      He flew in Catalina flying boats.

      The Thousand-mile War.
      By: Brian Garfield
      ISBN: 0-553-20308-8
      University of Alaska Press, PO box 756240,
      Fairbanks, Alaska 99775, USA.
      Published: 1969, 1970, 1982, 1995, 1998
      456 pages

      To The Ends Of The Earth" - 210 Squadron's Catalina years.
      By: Mike Seymour and Bill Balderson.

      Walk Around PBY Catalina.
      By: Capt. W.E.Scarborough (Ret)
      ISBN: 0-89747-357-4 (modelling)
      Squadron/Signal publications, 1115 Crawley Drive,
      Carrollton, Texas 75011, USA.
      Published: 1995
      80 pages

      Wings of the Dawning;
      The battle for the Indian Ocean 1939-1945.
      By: Arthur Banks
      ISBN: 1-897817-70-3
      Images Publishing Ltd, The Wells House, Holywell Road,
      Malvern Wells, Worcestershire WR14 4LH, England.
      Published: 1996
      416 pages

      Wings over the Pacific;
      The RNZAF in the Pacific Air War.
      By: Alex Horn
      ISBN: 1-86941-152-8
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