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42877Re: [PBY] Can anyone identify this instrument? Aircraft? [2 Attachments]

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  • w7smn
    Apr 24, 2014
    super charged engines were designed for those a/c going above 20k such as the b-24 etc which had a 2 stage engine oil driven supercharger. 
    SATB GB BILL VP-43 (5&5A-1830-92's)

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    Subject: Re: [PBY] Can anyone identify this instrument? Aircraft? [2 Attachments]

    Ron, as the indicator already shows, it is a dual engine manifold pressure gauge, note the R and the hidden L on the needles.  It’s to measure the pressure inside the engine intake manifolds and this one also shows that it’s used on supercharged engines such as the ones used on DC-3, DC-6, 7, Curtis C-46, PBY and many other types with radial engine.  Most of these engines had a centrifugal blower in the engines to boost the MP to get more power out of the engines.  
    Could it have actually come from a PBY is possible but as far as probability is concerned, remote.  Mainly due to the fact that it can be used on many different types of aircraft.


    Piet, the Flying Dutchman.
    On Apr 24, 2014, at 2:11 PM, pby55@... wrote:

    Gents please see attached. Need help identifying what aircraft it may have been used in. Thanks, Ron

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