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  • j-chris.polet
    Dec 3, 2013
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      Le Mardi 3 décembre 2013 12h57, Nelson <topoftheleague@...> a écrit :
      A Court of Inquiry was held into the crash of A24-15 (the document is available online in the NAA). A24-15 took off from Port Moresby for a reconnaissance in the vicinity of Thursday Island. It crashed into the hillside of Hanudamava Island (also known as Gemo Island) Port Moresby two minutes after take off and burned. The aircraft was a complete loss and all the crew were killed. 

      According to the investigating officer "aircraft taxied out to a flare path" ... "as aircraft was approaching the flare path, the control boat gave the aircraft the signal for permission to taxi onto flare path, but the pilot obviously disregarded the signal and probably on account of the good visibility, and without any further preliminaries, he opened his throttles and took off, without any apparent difficulty, across and through the flare path" ... "as soon as aircraft became airborne, and at approximately 100 feet aircraft went into a right hand turn towards the land and at 1211z/8 struck the top of the island".

      Attached is a diagram illustrating the details of the crash according to the investigating officer.

      The court found that the cause of the accident was "due to the aircraft being taken off with 3 degrees left bias on rudder trimming tab".


      On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 3:17 PM, Bob Cleworth <jclewort6@...> wrote:
      Yes there will be an accident report in the Australian Archives
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      Just across from Port Moresby?  Beautiful water.  Is there an accident report?
      Bob Bergstrom
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      Just google it Bob, this is what I got.
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      Tue, 3 Dec 2013 10:29:32 +1100
      RE: [PBY] A24-15

      Where is Gemo Island ?
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      Just visited the crash site of this Catalina, nothing remains apart from a large area of melted al uminium and the odd small scrap of metal.
      The picture shows his flight path into the island, TROVE has the details and how they suspect a mis set rudder trim caused the unexpected right hand turn at night into Gemo Island.
      Pilot Fatigue would also play a part in the accident as the crew had just flown a 7.5 hour mission and were going out again for another patrol.

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