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  • Bob Cleworth
    Dec 2, 2013
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      Yes there will be an accident report in the Australian Archives



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      Just across from Port Moresby?  Beautiful water.  Is there an accident report?


      Bob Bergstrom


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      Just google it Bob, this is what I got.









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      RE: [PBY] A24-15


      Where is Gemo Island ?



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      Just visited the crash site of this Catalina, nothing remains apart from a large area of melted al uminium and the odd small scrap of metal.

      The picture shows his flight path into the island, TROVE has the details and how they suspect a mis set rudder trim caused the unexpected right hand turn at night into Gemo Island.

      Pilot Fatigue would also play a part in the accident as the crew had just flown a 7.5 hour mission and were going out again for another patrol.


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