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    Dec 1, 2013
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      PBY's in Movies.

      Last update; February 27, 2010
      Updated: ""Steelyard Blues""
      Added: "Kiss them For Me" and "The Night They Took Miss Beautiful"

      1985; Holy Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss; Remake of "A Guy Named Joe".
      Romantic story set in fire bomber base: dead A-26 pilot returning as a ghost.
      Consolidated PBY-5A Super Cat (N5905C of SLAFCO, Moses Lake, Wash. waterbomber.
      2 A-26C's Invaders "Lynch Air Tankers": A-26C/TB-26C N4818E and A-26C N9425Z
      The fire base site was a complete mock-up, done at the Libby Aiport, Montana.
      Camera planes were B-25(N3675G), A-26, and the PBY-5A.

      Shows a Cat in RAF coastal command colors at the beginning of the film.
      I thought it was a very nice shot. Info by: Jonas Frazir.

      "Coastal Command"
      A wartime RAF propaganda film

      Dive Bomber
      1941 *v
      USN- E. Flynn; Pilot solves altitude flying problems. Original Colour!
      Shot at NAS North Island in 1941, and on ENTERPRISE, including the entire Air
      Wing in one shot.
      Types include VB-3, VB-6 on Vought SB2U Vindicators, NAF N3N-3's from RNAS
      Long Beach. VS-6 Curtiss SBC-4's Helldivers, Brewster F2A Buffalo of VT-3,
      Douglas TBD-1 Devastators, VB-5, VB-6 on Northrop BT-1.
      Apparently the new Wildcats and Dauntlesses were kept out of the scenes.
      Curtiss Seagull SOC's, PBY Catalinas, PB2Y Coronado, Vought OS2U Kingfisher
      VF-6 Grumman F3F-2/3's. Background NA SNJ-3's, Douglas Dauntless,
      Grumman Duck Travel Air ("N3N"), Lockheed 10, Ryan STA ("RAF Fighter").
      Seversky mock-up from "Test Pilot". F3F-3 Mock-up from "Flight Command".
      Models. Written by ex-Navy pilot Spig Wead.

      "The Devil at Four O'Clock" (1961)
      Apparently featured PBY-5A N5590V,
      now preserved at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.
      Plot: "A plane carrying three convicts and a pair of priests makes a pit stop on a South Pacific island"

      A PBY destroys a U Boat at the end of the movie.

      Flying Leathernecks
      1951 *v
      USMC- Disliked John Wayne as hard commander. F4U-4's Corsairs of VMF-232,
      F6F-5 Hellcats of VMT-2 from MCAS El Toro (as "Wildcats"!).
      Many F6F, F6F-5N hulks. SNJ as ("Zeros") PBY-6A Catalina, later blown up.
      R5D (C-47), R6D (C-54). Shot at MCAS Camp Pendleton during 1950-51.
      Paul Mantz flew the camera TB-25H (N1203). Actor Don Taylor was ex USAAF.

      "The Guns of Navaronne"??

      "Hanuts of the Very Rich"
      1972, made for TV.
      Small scene in the middle of the movie.

      High Barbaree
      USN- Van Johnson; Downed PBY Pilot has flashbacks about his life.
      Partly shot off NAS North Island and near Coronado, California.
      Mainly used 2 PBN/PBY Catalina taken out of storage at NAS North Island
      (2 PBN-1 hulks were were sold for scrap in 1970 off the MGM backlot)
      Stills show a PBY-5A with its lower vertical tail.
      Ryan PT-21, Paul Mantz Stinson L-1, Ryan STA sportplane.
      Actor Cameron Mitchell was an ex- USAAF bombardier.

      "Kiss them For Me" starring Cary Grant as Cmdr Crewson.
      I believe it was shot in the late 1950's

      Starring Tom Cruise.
      PBY-6A N324FA in it prior to it being acquired by the
      Confederate/Commemorative Air Force.

      "Midway" (UK "Battle of Midway")
      1975 *v
      USN/Japanese- Charleton Heston; Story of the battle, similiar to Tora
      but not done as well. Shot at NAS Pensacola, Point Magu, Long Beach,
      Fort McArthur. Some film shot on LEXINGTON with 2 FM-2 Wildcats
      and also on the CONSTELLATION.

      PBY-6A Catalina (of the Confederate AF, later crashed), T-6, C-130 Hercules
      (as an "Emily"). Douglas SBD Dauntless, another FM-2 Wildcat for close-ups,
      SNJ modified as a TBD for close-ups. T-6/Zero Replicas, T-6/BT-13 "VAL" Replicas.
      FLUB- watch for the angled flight deck in some shots, and Charlton Heston
      taking off in a Hellcat, and switching to a Dauntless while Vindcators fly
      behind him, then a Helldiver before finally crashing in a Panther!
      Stock footage from "Tora", "Dive Bomber", "Flying Leathernecks",
      "The Fighting Lady", and the documentary "The Battle of Midway".
      Fonda actually was on Nimitz's staff at Guam, Glenn Ford was on a Coast Guard
      forward Picket at the real battle of Midway. Charlton Heston was a B-25 radio
      operater/gunner in Alaska with the 11 Air Force.

      "Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women"
      Film in the early 1980s that featured the Catalina N68740,
      now with the Lone Star Flight Museum at Galveston.
      This picture hit movie theaters on December 1st 1979 starring Clint Walker as Wendell, Peter Lawford as Gordon Duvall, Steve Keats as Mike Stapleton, Jamie Lyn Bauer as Lizabeth, Jayne Kennedy as Chocolate and Deborah Shelton as Bambi. The year was 1954, and the place French Indo China. Its wartime and the village where the nuns lived is under attack. Bombs and guns are going off all around them and the nuns need to find away to keep the orphans safe. So the nuns decide their going to make a run for and try to get on an airplane near there village. The nuns are able to get the 11 baby orphans and get on the plane but now the pilot has to get the plane in the air without being shot down. Once the plane is in the air, the nuns are able to get the babies to settle down and the nuns are able to get some rest. However, the rest doesn't last long as the plane has to fly through a thunderstorm. Just as the plane is through the storm, it is struck by lightning sending the plane into a tailspin. With the plane spinning out of control, the pilot takes the plane down and it crash lands on an island in the South Pacific. After the plane crashed the nun is injured so bad that she can't take care of the babies so she has to put her trust into the oldest one Lizabeth who's only 6 years old herself. So Lizabeth names the dead nun sister and uses it as power as she raises the babies. The movie fast-forwards to 25 years later where the once tiny babies have grown up into beautiful young women that the only life they know of is living on the island. There's eight babies left as three of them died and you have Chocolate, Flower, Snow, and Jo Jo, among others that were able to survive. The girls are in the local cove swimming when Lizabeth tells them they need to get out of the water. Meanwhile there's a plane up above them that was blown of course because of a thunderstorm and the plane is about out of fuel. Wendell notices the island and tells the pilot to land the plane but the president of the company Gordon Duvall who Wendell worked for says no. After an argument process on where there at between Wendell and Duvall Mike Gordon's right hand man steps in and tells the pilot to put the plane on the island. Chocolate and Jo Jo who are standing on the edge of the woods notice that the plane is in trouble and Jo Jo runs of to tell Lizabeth. The pilot lands the plane in the water and they drift into the island where the pilot puts the plane on land. The men decide to get out and investigate the place while looking for wood to make a fire and food to cook and eat. As the pilot sneaks away, to get a drink of booze he comes across a skull on a stake. He calls for Mike and they decide that there was a plane that crash here long ago and they decide they have to fine that plane if they want to get of the island. Mike and Wendell start to look for the plane so they can get gas when they see a local headhunter chasing Snow along the beach before she runs back in the woods. While Gordon and his bodyguard are out looking for food, they come across Bambi who's playing on the rocks. When Wendell and Mike are capture and taken to the women's compound, Lizabeth tells them to kill them. However, the women don't because they know that the men save Snow from being kill by the headhunters. The girls must now fear for there lives not from the headhunters but from the men who are stranded on the island also. The girls take the dead headhunter that they found and take him to the compound where they hope sister will tell them what to do. I think this was a great film considering how it was made. I though the island was a beautiful location that was seen in the film. Now as far Jamie Lyn Bauer, Jayne Kennedy, and Deborah Shelton go they were excellent in the roles. Jayne and Deborah stand out to me because even though there beautiful woman the played the roles of kids very well. It's a shame that Jayne Kennedy once given more movie parts because she deserve them.

      "South Pacific"

      "Steelyard Blues"
      1973, 93 minutes,
      A group of misfits decide to leave for a place that they can all be free.
      There mode of transportation is a PBY flying boat. The only problem is that
      the PBY needs a lot of work and they will need jobs to pay for the parts.
      When they find that they have only 10 days before the PBY is sold for scrap,
      they decide on borrowing the parts for their trip.

      "The Night They Took Miss Beautiful"
      TV Movie, Aug-77, Tallman
      http://www.aerovint age.com/projects .htm
      http://www.imdb com/title/ tt0076458/
      http://www.youtube com/watch? v=IzYVqk81KoA

      "Thunder Bay" with James Stewart.
      Shows PBY-5A making an approach for water landing and then passengers
      exiting port blister into small boat.
      Info from Francis Clifton

      "Tora! Tora! Tora!"
      Frank Pine, flew the PBY.
      1970 *v
      USAF/USN/Japanese- Martin Balsam; Pearl attack. Very well made and accurate.
      Stars 12 T-6 ("Zero" replicas), 9 BT-13 ("Nakajima Kate" replicas) and 9 T-6
      front)/BT-13 (rear)("Aichi Vals" replicas).
      American forces include 2 Kittyhawks Mk.1a (ex RCAF-N151U, N1207V; P-40's)
      one P-40N (N222SU), C.V. Canso (PBY-5A), N.A. P-51's, 1 PT-17 Stearman,
      N.A. SNJ (T-6).
      5 B-17's:
      RB-17F (N17W)
      VB-17G/CB-17G (N9563Z Fuddy Duddy)
      B-17G (N6206L)
      VB-17G (N621L)
      PB-1G (N93193G Yankee Lady)
      Also a Douglas A-24A (SBD, not used). 21 more JSDAF T-6 were modified
      in Japan as replicas.
      Camera planes used were the PBY/Canso, SNJ, and a Jet Ranger.
      Filmed on location at Pearl Harbour Naval Base, Hickham AFB, Ford NAS, and
      Wheeler AFB. Ashiya AB in Japan for the Japanese T-6's base.
      Barbers Point NAS was used for staging as well.
      28 Japanese replicas were flown off Yorktown(II) with carrier qualified pilots.
      Full size replica of aft end of Arizona. Full size replica of 3/4 of the deck
      of Akagi, full size above waterline replica of battleship Nagato in Japan!
      Terrific models and 6 US Navy ships.
      27 Mock-up P-40's, Kingfishers, and B-17's were blown up for the cameras.
      The 5 or so PBY's blown up were real derelicts that had come from a
      Stewart-Davis storage yard in California.
      The B-17 crash-landing in the film was real, when a gear hung up in front of
      the cameras. Co-written by ex RAF pilot Larry Forester.


      "White Mischief"
      Featured the Plane Sailing Catalina G-BLSC

      "Wings of the Navy"
      A turkey made at North Island in 1938, starring Olivia DeHaviland and John Payne.
      North Island is just across the channel from where Consolidated made the a/c
      and this was about when the few PBY-4s were produced, but I haven't been able
      to ID any -4s from the ramp shots. Maybe someone else can.
      USN- John Payne (future USAAF FI) Epic of naval flight training.
      Stars about 50 PBY-1, PBY-2, PBY-3 Catalinas of Patrol Wing 12 in VP-7, 9, 11 and 12 squadrons.
      Shot at NAS Pensacola (Corry and Chevalier Fields), NAF N3N-1's, Stearman
      N2S-1's, Vought 03U Corsair, Vought SU-3 Corsair all from NAS North Island.
      Vought VB2U's?.
      NA NJ (BT-9) Trainers. Camera ship was Mantz's Lockheed Sirus 8A.
      Accurate PBY fuselage mock-up.

      Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy
      1977 *
      USN- Peter Strauss; Biography of Joe Kennedy, who was killed in a PB4Y Drone
      explosion. PBY-5A Catalina, Lockheed B-24J/B.Mk.VII Liberator (N94459),
      Stearman PT-13.
      Kennedy died Aug. 13 1944 at the controls of a PB4Y-1 Liberator robot drone.
      He was with the very secret Special Air Unit at RAF Fersfield under
      project "ANVIL".

      The Kenyan registered VP-KKJ was sued for support work for various films -
      'The African Queen', 'King Solomon's Mines' and 'Mogambo' but, not being a
      movie buff, I am not sure if it actually appeared in any of them. Would be
      interested to know tho'.
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