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    Dec 1, 2013
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      PBY related books, part 2 of 5:

      Revision date: December 6th, 2010;
      Updated: "Calibrating PBY-6A airplane for meteorological purposes".

      Calculated response of a PBY-6A airplane to a specified gust disturbance.
      By E. Eugene Larrabee

      Calibrating PBY-6A airplane for meteorological purposes (WHOI)
      By Given A Brewer
      A description is given of the experimental procedures which were designed to
      prove the validity of the instrumental techniques and installation within the
      PBY-6A airplane. Four transducing instruments monitoring the aircraft's
      behavior were simultaneously observed with the use of multichannel
      oscillographic equipment. Vector air speed, cg acceleration, pitch angel, and
      altitude were continuosly recorded oscillographically. The aircraft was
      subjected to a number of maneuvers in smooth air so that the performance of the
      instruments might be checked under known conditions. A number of steep pullups
      were executed, and the oscillographic records for these manuevers were
      analyzed. For rates of vertical acceleration considerably greater than those
      encountered during meteorological research, the velocities predicted from
      acceleration measurements agreed with those deduced from altitude charges.
      Within the range of velocity profiles sought, departures between the dynamic
      and static lift coefficient, due to circulation lag, were negligible.
      The PBY-6A behaved as a rigid body with no discernable errors due to wing whip.
      The placement of accelerators within the fuselage of the PBY was not critical
      in the determination of vertical acceleration.

      Canadian Squadrons in Coastal Command.
      By Andrew Hendrie
      ISBN: 1-55125-038-1
      Vanwell Publishing Limited, PO box 2131,
      St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7S2, Canada.
      Published: 1997
      208 pages

      Catalina, Neptune, and Orion;
      in Australian Service.
      By: Stewart Wilson
      ISBN: 0-9587978-7-0
      There is a photograph of a couple of RAAF types making adjustments
      to a couple of JATO bottles on a Cat and some finer details on
      page 60-61 of note is each rocket provided 1000lb of thrust - the RAAF tests
      were with Aerojet Type 12AS-1000D solid propellent rocket bottles -
      4 were used - 2 per side to the rear of the fuselage - the year seems
      to be 1948 and the purpose to use the Cat for stores at Macquarie Island -
      "The Cat A24-104 departed Hobart, and after a seen and half hour flight
      made a succesful rough water landing and then departed in very adverse
      conditions with the assistance of the JATO gear" The article also noted
      earlier US tests were with 8 rockets in the original design.

      Catalina Chronicle;
      A History of RAAF Operations.
      By: David Vincent
      ISBN: 0959605207
      Published: and 1981
      125 pages, black and white pictures

      Catalina Dreaming.
      By: Ross Ewing.
      ISBN: 0-908990-39-1
      David Ling Publishing Limited, PO box 34-601
      Birkenhead, Auckland 10, New Zealand.
      Published: 1996
      95 pages

      Catalina Dreaming - Rescues, Exciting Missions and Other Stories
      About the Famous Australian Flying Boats of WWII
      By Andrew McMillan
      Publisher: Duffy & Snellgrove
      Published: 2002
      200 pages b/w photos
      "From their bases in the north coast, Australians of 11 and 20 Squadrons
      were able to carry out bombing raids and rescue missions as far away as the
      coast of China. In researching this history of the RAAF Catalina flying boats
      based in Cairns, Karumba, Darwin and Melville Bay during WWII, and the men
      who flew and looked after them, the author has drawn on interviews with many
      of the men involved as well as archival evidence"

      Catalina mot ub�t
      By: Harald Hartmann.
      Published: 1998 by Wings Forlag A/S, Oslo, Norway
      ISBN 82-992194-4-2
      Pages: 176 pages and well illustrated.
      Book review by Ragnar Ragnarsson:
      This book is written in Norwegian. The author, Harald Hartmann, relates his
      escape in a fishing boat from German occupied Norway to Scotland, after which
      he joined the Royal Norwegian Naval Air Service and sailed to Canada for pilot
      training. On completion of his training in Canada and the U.K., he joined No.
      333 (Norwegian) Squadron�s A-Flight operating Catalinas out of Woodhaven,
      Scotland. The book describes the operations he flew, including a flight to
      Russia, and an attack on a German u-boat in which one of the crew was killed
      and the Catalina damaged to the extent that it sank on return to base, never
      to fly again.
      Included in the book is a transcript of Hartmann's log book, listing all
      flights he made with No. 131 Operational Training Unit (Catalinas), No. 333
      Squadron�s A-Flight (Catalinas), No. 20 BABS Course, 1510 Flight (Ansons) and
      No. 147 Squadron (Dakotas). The book also contains a list of all Catalinas
      operated by No. 333 Squadron�s A-Flight 1942-1945.
      The book is 176 pages and well illustrated.
      Recommended to anyone interested in wartime Catalina operations in the
      Atlantic. Hartmann also gives a good account of the life in the squadron at
      the little known Scottish base 333(N) Sqn operated from, Woodhaven.

      Catalina Squadrons First and Furthest;
      Recounting operations RAAF Catalinas.
      By: Jack Riddell

      CONSOLIDATED PBY CATALINA, Warpaint Series No.79
      By; Charles Stafrace
      ISBN; 9690000068530
      Publish Date: Thu 13 Jan 2011

      The Cat Has Nine Lives
      By: Robins, Fred.
      Reprinted and published by the Western Australian Museum:
      ISBN: 1-920843-21-3
      ISBN: 9 781920 843212 Paper Back
      A fictionalised semi-biographical account of life on the Catalina flying boats
      operating low level minelaying and Air-Sea rescue missions in Asia and the
      south west Pacific during WW II, by a noted Western Australian Catalina pilot.
      Pages: 189.
      Fred is the president of the catalina Club of Western Australia
      and on the Committee for the American Catalina Memorial
      and was a Pilot in RAAF Catalina squadrons in WWII.
      Info provided by Bob Cleworth.

      Review by Eric McKay:
      Title: "Cat has nine lives"
      Author: Fred Robbins
      Second edition 2005
      189 pages
      ISBN 1 920843 21 3
      The writer , Fred Robbins, was a PBY pilot, 1944/45.
      From 2 of the photographs in the book it would appear he flew both Spitfires
      and Beaufighters somewhere along the way.
      In all a good read.
      I mistook the meaning of the title. It refers to the 9 crew [ RAAF carried 9 ].
      I was thinking it referred to the PBY itself.
      Even though it is projected as fiction , the story comes across as being
      the real thing and I am prepared to believe that is so, as the story
      proceeds to examine the thoughts and concerns of individual crew members.
      The book carries a good photograph of the author , Fred Robbins, and Sgt
      Reg. Cleworth - brother of our Bob Cleworth - Taken at RAAF Laverton in
      1943 in front of their Beaufighter.

      Review by Andy Wright:
      The book is a fictional account of a Royal Australian Air Force Catalina
      (Black Cat) flying boat crew during the latter stages of World War II.
      The author was also a Catalina pilot during this period so he writes with
      some authority. Each chapter relates various operations and escapades as
      seen through the eyes of a particular crewman who the reader is first
      introduced to. The writing is easy to follow and the reader gets a real feel
      of the time through the use of authentic language and slang. Only someone who
      lived through these times can achieve this with any authenticity.

      The reader is introduced to the crew of nine (hence the clever title) when
      they are flying long range missions to mine Japanese harbours. They later move
      on to perform Air-Sea Rescue of downed fliers. The operational flying, again,
      has an authentic feel to the extent that it reads like a factual memoir.
      The author must have based some of the stories on his and maybe his squadron
      mates. Whatever he did, he has written a good book that, although fictional,
      is worth reading for some insight into what these men did in the big, slow,
      adaptable Catalinas.

      Cats at War.
      The story of RAAF Catalinas in the Asia-Pacific Theatre of War.
      By: Coral Gaunt and Robert Cleworth
      ISBN: 1-86408-586-x
      Published: June 2000
      Published by J. R. Cleworth, 7 Wandella Avenue, Roseville 2069, Australia
      279 pages
      includes an index and Honour Roll
      103 Illustrations includes 2 Colour Plates.
      or available from Catalina PBY Foundation.

      Cats Over the Atlantic; VPB-73 in World War II.
      By: Robert L. Carlisle, USNR (Ret.)
      Foreword by Charles S. Minter, Jr.(Vice-Admiral, USN(Ret.)
      Published: 1995
      190 pages, illustrated, maps.
      Publisher: Fithian Press, Santa Barbara
      ISBN: 1-56474-124-9
      Walt Butterfield comments: Good reading!
      Knew a number of crewmen ... pilots, mentioned in the book.
      VAdm. Chalres S. Minter, Jr. writes:"A soundly researched and vividly
      narrated account.... [Carlisle] has skillfully interwoven the history
      of the squadron into the tapestry of the war at large...[and] offers a
      skillful blend of personal anecdotes and operational situations that
      makes for fascinating reading." --VAdm. Chalres S. Minter, Jr. USN (Ret.),
      from the Foreword.

      "Cat Tales"
      By: Win Stites, VP-91, President of the PBY Memorial Association.
      PBY Tales told by veteran crew members and pilots (including Win Stites himself)
      who flew the PBY Catalina in training and combat in WWII.
      82 pages
      several cartoon like illustrations
      size 8.5 x 5.5
      ISBN 978-1-61584-650-4
      Great stories, serious and humorous.
      Price USD 12.00
      Available from the PBY Memorial Museum, see: http://www.pbyma.org/index.html

      Center of the Storm;
      Subtitle: The bombing of Dutch Harbor and the experience of
      Patrol Wing Four in the Aleutians, Summer 1942.
      By: Jeff Dickrell
      ISBN: 1-57510-092-4
      Published: 2002
      Published for the Museum of the Aleutians, Unalaska, Alaska, by
      Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, Inc., Missoula, Montana.
      Pages: 126 with abt. 300 photos
      The book contains oral histories and photographs relating to PatWing 4
      operations in the Aleutians in the summer of 1942, and is avalable
      from the Museum of the Aleutians http://www.aleutians.org/
      Input by Ragnar Ragnarson, Iceland.

      Combined Fleet Decoded - The secret history of American Intelligence and the
      japanese Navy in World War II
      By John Prados
      Published by the Naval Institute Press
      One very good book which has a lot of PBY references is John Prados'
      "Combined Fleet Decoded", which Bob Cleworth birddogged me to.
      Frequently in the Pacific because of Ultra, the Allied high command knew
      where a Jap fleet was but didn't want to attack out of the blue, figuring
      the Japanese would then figure out we had busted their codes as they did
      many of ours. So they would send out a PBY to spot the fleet 'just by chance'
      and it was important that the PBY be seen by the Japanese so that when the
      attack came the Japs would think, "That damn PBY saw us!" This was dangerous
      to the health-and-comfort of the PBY crews in a 100-knot flying boat but the
      big picture demanded the potential sacrifices. Only a very few in the highest
      seagoing positions were cleared for Ultra to reduce the chance of the Japanese
      capturing one of them.
      And much of the good work our submarines did was because their skippers had
      chapter-and-verse on location, make-up , course and speed data courtesy of
      Even many years later the Allied officers who knew of Ultra wouldn't talk
      about it very much. But the surviving Japanese high-rankers had no such
      qualms, and Prados interviewed many of them. Okay, he refers to 'knots per
      hour' but that just shows he wasn't a sailor.
      Text by Allan Lebaron

      Conflict over the Bay:
      Momentous Battles Fought by RAF and American Aircraft against the U-Boats,
      Bay of Biscay May-August 1943
      By Norman Franks
      ISBN: 1902304098
      Format: Hardcover, 288pp
      Pub. Date: June 1999
      Publisher: Grub Street

      Consolidated PBY Catalina, cz 1. (ML84)
      By Janowicz.
      80 pages.
      Monograph Lotnicze (Polish bookserie)
      English captions, excellent scale plans and color artwork.

      Consolidated PBY Catalina, cz 2. (Monografie Lotnicze #85)
      By Krzysztof Janowicz & Lechoslaw Musialkowski
      112 pages.
      Monograph Lotnicze (Polish bookserie)
      English captions, excellent scale plans and color artwork.
      Polish-language history of the 'Cat' in service with the air arms of the USA,
      Britain and many other countries, together with much valuable information for
      the modeller. Separate 1:48 scale plans. 45 colour profiles. Colour 3-views.
      229 black/white and 5 colour photos. English captions.
      A4 softback


      By: E. Cassagneres
      10 pages

      Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina in Argentine Service.
      Serie Aeronaval n� 13
      By: Jorge Nunez Padin.
      Spanish text with an English abstract.
      44 pages
      many b&w photos and color drawings.
      Tells the story of the Catalina in Argentine service, with detailed histories
      of each aircarft. No ISBN number.Summarizing: an excellent book.
      To obtain it, contact with the author and editor Jorge Nunez Padin
      at his site: www.fuerzasnavales.com "Monogravias"
      Regards, Luis

      Consolidated Catalina.
      By: V. R. Kotelnikov
      ISBN: 5-85875-036-2 (Russian)

      Consolidated PBY Catalina;
      The Peacetime Record.
      By: David Legg
      ISBN 1-84037-276-1
      297 pages, 16 pages colour plus 380 b/w photographs
      Published: 2001

      The Consolidated PBY Catalina.
      Profile publications number 183 (modelling)
      ISBN: none

      Consolidated PBY;
      The sentinel of the Pacific.
      N.V. Nederlandsche Vliegtuigenfabriek Fokker
      ISBN: none
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