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    Dec 1, 2013
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      PBY related books, part 5 of 5:

      Latest update September 9th, 2012;
      Added: "Qantas Empire Airways".

      One Foot on the Ground : A Pilot's Memoirs of Aviators and Aviation
      By: Paul Roxin
      ISBN: 0966331303 / 0-9663313-0-3
      ATC Press, Rochester, NY, U.S.A., 2003. Hardcover.
      "A collection of mostly untold tales of local [Rochester] WW II aviators."
      It includes: Lt. Commander Sam Cooper, USNR, at age 19 a Squadron Commander
      of a PBY unit; Lt. Joe Clemow, USAF, pilot for Generals Eisenhower, Doolittle,
      Curtiss and Spaatz during the last 3 months of the war;
      Capt. Cyril T. "Cy" Noon, USAF, Test pilot B-26, "The Flying Prostitute";
      Lt. Commander Alva Redfield, USNR, Survived "Kamikaze" (Divine Wind) attack.
      Served in the same Squadron as former President George H.W. Bush; Lt. Richard
      Warboys, USAF (deceased), P-47 pilot, on June 6th, D-Day, provided verbal
      communications link between Eisenhower's headquarters in London and Commanders
      on Omaha and Utah beaches; Lt. Col. Charles Kenning, USAF, B-24 pilot in same
      squadron as Col. Jimmy Stewart, etc.

      P-Boat Pilot;
      With a Patrol Squadron in the Battle of the Atlantic.
      By: Lt. Robert L. Carlisle (Ret)
      ISBN: 1-56474-046-3
      160 pages, paperback, photos, $9.95
      From the moment Pearl Harbor was attacked, Robert L. Carlisle wanted nothing
      but to become an aviator. In P-Boat Pilot he describes his flight training,
      his assignment to Patrol Squadron 73, and the Battle of the Atlantic as seen
      from a patrol squadron based in Agadir, French Morocco.

      "Pearl Harbor and the American Spirit"
      By Larry McCabe
      The book has over 600 pages.
      Library of Congres Number 2003097187
      ISBN; Hardcover 1-4134-3404-5
      Softcover 1-4134-3403-7

      The note under the name of the book on the cover says this.
      "The world War 11 Generation Remembers the Tragic Event That
      Transformed a Nation.

      A note by Art Linkletter that said quote
      "Your book had great meaning for me. It is a remarkable collection of personal
      narratives that bring history to life"

      The book is published by Xlibris

      To order additional copies of this book,contact
      Xlibris Corp.
      Larry Katz remarks:
      There are over three hundred interviews with Pearl Harbor Survivors.
      Dont know how many of us are left since he started this three years ago.
      Just thought I would pass this information on for some of you that would
      be interested in Pearl Harbor.
      Breakdown, Interviews with some Pearl Harbor Survivors,
      Interviews with different people all over the States regarding
      what they did and where they were at on Dec,7th,1941.
      I found it very good. Especially the chapter on me,
      I got bigger reveiws than George H.W.Bush.
      In fact he got about four pages, I got 9. Larry Katz.

      Pilots Flying Logbook;
      Garuda 1953-1955 - KLM 1955-1958 - Martinair 1971.
      By: Anders Rogberg
      ISBN: 91-971465-4-4

      NAVAER 01-5SE-1, 1 MAY 1944
      Published by: U. S. Navy, 1944.
      Manual, stiff board covers, taped spine, 39 pps.

      Title: PBY-5A �CATALINA�
      Author: Lozares S�nchez, Michel
      Madrid, 2007
      100 pages
      21 x 29,7 cm.
      Price: 8 Euro
      ISBN: 978-84-9781-355-6
      NIPO: 076-07-194-8
      Spanish Catalina book of the PBY group member Michel Lozares.
      C/. Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, n. 30
      Phone: 91 364 74 27 / 91 205 42 22
      Fax: 91 205 40 25 / 91364 74 07
      Info by Roberto Yanez.

      "Catalina mot ub�t. Flukt fra Norge - Little Norway - krigsinnsats"
      Published: Oslo, 1998.
      Hardcover, 176 pages, richly illustrated.
      Language: Norwegian.

      The Catalina Flying Boat.
      By: Roscoe Creed
      ISBN: 0-87021-526-4
      Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, USA
      Published: 1985
      351 pages

      PBY Catalina in Action.
      By: Capt. W.E.Scarborough (Ret)
      ISBN: 0-89747-149-0 (modelling)
      Squadron/Signal publications, 1115 Crawley Drive,
      Carrollton, Texas 75011, USA.
      Published: 1983
      50 pages

      PBY Catalina Walk Around (Walk Around Ser., No. 5)
      By William E. Scarborough.
      Squadron Signal Publications, 1996 Stiff Card. New. First Edition.

      PBY Catalina in Detail and Scale.
      By: Bert Kinzey
      Detail and Scale Aviation publication Volume 66
      ISBN 1-888974-19-2 (modelling)
      Squadron/Signal publications, 1115 Crawley Drive,
      Carrollton, Texas 75011, USA.
      Published: 2000
      80 pages

      PBY-the Beloved Cat; The Navy's Astonishing Fighter Bomber of WWII.
      By Mel Crocker

      Pilot Error: A Naval Aviator's Career - WWII Black Cats to Korean War PBY's
      to Annapolis Professor
      by Vadym V. Utgoff".
      ISBN: 0966990439

      Pilots Flying Logbook.
      By A. Rogberg
      Publisher Novum Grafiska (Sweden) 1994
      Illustrated with photographs and line drawings, this is a fairly lightweight
      account of the author�s days as a pilot with Garuda Air from 1953-1955,
      with KLM from 1955 to 1958, and with Martinair in 1971.
      During this time, he flew a range of aircraft from Catalinas and Constellations
      to DC-4s and Convair 660s.

      Qantas Empire Airways (Western Operations Division)
      Indian Ocean Service 1943 � 1946
      By Barry Pattison & Geoff Goodall
      Published by the Aviation Historical Society of Australia in 1979
      ISBN 0 95999336 5 4
      Perhaps the best published source on this era of Catalina ops
      Rare now but worth seeking out.

      Predicting wing lift loads: PBY-6A from accelerometer measurements (WHOI)
      By Given A Brewer

      RAAF Flying Boats at War the Way it Was 10 Squadron 113 Air Sea Rescue
      By Joe Leach.
      Publisher: Australian Military History Publications AMHP, 1999

      RAF Coastal Command 1936-1969.
      By: Chris Ashworth
      ISBN: 1-85260-345-3
      Patrick Stephens Limited, Sparkford, Nr Yeovil,
      Somerset, BA22 7JJ, England.
      Published: 1992
      256 pages

      Recounting the operations of RAAF Catalinas.
      Riddell, J. 1992.
      Published by: Murwillumbah Print Spot, Murwillumbah, N.S.W

      Rescue At Wewak World War II: An eyewitness account of the rescue of the crew
      of an American Mitchell Bomber shot down by the Japanese.
      By: Lindsay, Hilarie (Compiled and edited)
      Publisher: (Leichhardt, NSW: Ansay: 2000)
      ISBN 0 909245 45 2
      Pictorial wrappers (that is, flexible covers) plus pp. 32 (297 x 210 mm)
      Illustrated. Map.
      Published as a tribute to the crew of Catalina A24-92 PBY-5A, for the Catalina
      Reunion, Nelson Bay, NSW, 14-21 October 2000.
      Publication Date: 2000

      Reuben Fleet and The Story of Consolidated Aircraft.
      By: William Wagner
      ISBN: 0-8168-7950-8
      Aero Publishers Inc, 329 West Aviation Road,
      Fallbrook, CA 92028, USA
      Published: 1976
      324 pages

      Search, Find and Kill;
      Coastal Command's U-boat Successes.
      By: Norman Franks
      ISBN: 0-946627-55-X
      Aston Publications Limited, Bourne End House,
      Harvest Hill, Bourne End, Bucks, SL8 5JJ, England.
      Motorbooks International, Osceola, Wisconsin 54020, USA.
      Published: 1990
      168 pages

      A Forgotten War Crime in the Pacific
      Japanese murder of U.S. P.O.W. PBY Catalina air crew in WWII.
      By: Michael J. Goodwin
      ISBN: 0-8117-1518-3
      Published: 1995

      Shot Down at Midway.
      By: Lee Coleman Mc Cleary
      Lee Coleman Mc Cleary, 3390 Springhill Road,
      Lafayette, Ca 94549, USA.
      Published: 1996
      xx pages

      Silent Victory.
      By: Arthur Leebold
      ISBN: 187559311X

      Snafu Snatchers: Air Sea Rescue Featuring PBY Catalinas - Philippines 1946
      By Grey T. Larison
      PBY Catalina's, B 17's equiped with a Dutchman were the basic aircraft used
      by the Air Sea Rescue squadrons in the South Pacific during WWII.
      Air Sea Rescue squadrons are dedicated to saving life, not taking it.
      We were called to recover those lost at sea or crashed in the jungle or
      rescuing wounded soldiers, survivors of firefights. To accomplish our missions
      we needed to meet the conditions of weather climate (intense humid heat and
      typhoons) and gunfire from remanent Jap hold outs and Communist Chineese
      financed Huks. who were attempting to hi-jack the newly formed Democratic
      government of the Philippines?
      Paperback: 280 pages
      Publisher: AuthorHouse (January 30, 2009)
      Language: English
      ISBN-10: 1438944934
      ISBN-13: 978-1438944937
      Dimensions: 8.9 x 6 x 0.9 inches
      Weight: 14.4 ounces

      The Sky Beyond.
      By: Sir Gordon Taylor
      ISBN: none
      Taylor, Gordon The Sky Beyond
      Cassell, London 1963
      The author recounts his experiences from flying Sopwith Scout fighter in 1917,
      continues through his adventures in Catalina flying boats across the Tasman sea
      and the Indian and Pacific oceans during the 1930s and 40s.
      He includes exciting accounts of ferrying Liberator bombers across the Atlantic
      for the RAF in 1942.

      "So long, Singapore": Royal Air Force Auxillary Tung Song.
      December 1941-March 1942.
      Campbell, H. and Lovell, R. 2000.
      Published by the authors, 19 Brushy Creek Road, Lenah Valley, Tasmania 7008.

      Some Early Birds;
      The memoires of a Naval Cadet, 1935-1945.
      By: Joe Hill, Captain, USN (Ret.)
      ISBN: 0-89745-043-4 hardback
      ISBN: 0-89745-044-2 softback
      Sunflower University Press, 1531 Yuma, box 1009,
      Manhattan, Kansas 66502, USA.
      Published: 1983
      130 pages

      Stalking the U-Boat;
      USAAF offensive antisubmarine operations in World War II.
      By: Max Schoenfeld
      ISBN: 1-56098-403-1
      Smithsonian Institution Press, 470 L'Enfant Plaza, Suite 7100,
      Washington D.C. 20560, USA.
      Published: 1995
      231 pages

      The Story of the PBY Catalina.
      By: Ray Wagner
      ISBN: none

      "Squadron 13 and the Big Flying Boats".
      It is about the Coronado PB2Y a 4 engine version of the PBY Catalina.
      It was published by Hellgate Press of Central Point, Oregon.
      You can reach them at www.hellgatepress.com
      It is all about Patrol Squadron 13 during WW II.
      Even I have some contributions in the book!
      Contributed by Frank "DeLo" DeLorenzo

      Those Navy Guys and Their PBY's;
      The Aleutian Solution.
      By: Elmer Freeman
      ISBN: 0-9632463-0-5
      Kedging Publishing Company, 1124 West 8th Avenue,
      Spokane, Wa 99204, USA.
      Published: 1984, 1985, 1987, 1992
      267 pages

      That's That.
      By Robert Frederick Honan
      Published by the author. Adelaide. 1989
      printed by Lutheran Publishing House, Adelaide.
      118 pages, illustrated.
      ISBN 0 959699627
      The former Flight Lieutenants WWII memoirs.
      He flew in Catalina flying boats.
      Subtitled 'Memoirs of Wartime Service 1939-45'. Robert F Honan was born in
      South Australia in 1918 and joined the RAAF in 1941, after a stint in the 48th
      Battalion Militia. He gained his wings at Parafield SA flying DH60 Gypsy Moths
      and DH82 Tiger Moths, and then advanced training in Avro Ansons at Mallala SA
      and seaplane conversion at Rathmines flying Sikorsky Kingfishers. After
      becoming a 2nd pilot on PBY Catalina flying boats he was posted to 11 Squadron
      based at Cairns, Qld. From here long raids were flown (some over 20 hours
      flying time) to attack Japanese shipping and installations in the islands to
      the north of Australia. Laying magnetic mines in enemy held harbours, secret
      long range recon missions from Dutch New Guinea (Irian Jaya) as well as anti-
      submarine patrols and convoy protection. Later detachments were sent to Darwin
      NT to attack targets on Java, the Halmaheras, Irian Jaya including one mission
      to Sourabaya, Java which, with refuelling stops, took 48 hours. On completion
      of his tour in 1944 Honan flew to the US where he ferried PBYs back to
      Australia and then became an instructor at RAAF Bairnsdale.

      Not just a diary Bob Honan tells his story, and covers all the various stages
      experienced by him, and 1000s of others, until the war was over. The savagery
      of the tropical weather which he flew in is bought out along with the intensity
      of Japanese resistance when over the target and the tiredness in body and mind
      that accumulated in the men from the long exhausting flights.

      The Thousand-mile War.
      By: Brian Garfield
      ISBN: 0-553-20308-8
      University of Alaska Press, PO box 756240,
      Fairbanks, Alaska 99775, USA.
      Published: 1969, 1970, 1982, 1995, 1998
      456 pages

      To The Ends Of The Earth" - 210 Squadron's Catalina years.
      By: Mike Seymour and Bill Balderson.

      "Through the Back Doors of the World in a Ship That Had Wings"
      Biography of William M. Masland By Anthony L. Vallillo Jr.
      ISBN: 053305818X
      Publisher: Vantage Press, 1984/85
      Book features: Hardback, 361 pages, 7� - 9� tall
      This book describes the author's experiences with flying boats.
      The author made the first crossing of the Pacific to China in October 1936.
      Just months later, in July 1937, he navigated for the first of Pan Am's
      crossings of the world's most violent ocean, the Atlantic.
      Then came a stint in command along the Brazilian coast, based in Rio,
      and finally a return to New York to fly the biggest and best of the flying
      boats, throughout the war and throughout the world.
      A fascinating aviation memoir. A few b/w photos. Illustrated endpapers.
      Bill Masland was a pioneer Pan American pilot, and this is his personal memoir
      of roughly the first half of his flying career, the flying boat era of the
      Pan Am Clippers.
      We follow Masland through U.S. Navy flight training between the wars,
      when it was extremely difficult to secure a flying billet.
      Ultimately hired by Andre Priester, Pan Am's technical genius and operations
      guru, Bill has to qualify through the ranks, first as a mechanic, then as
      radio operator, navigator, flight engineer, and finally pilot.
      The book is written in a style worthy of Ernest K. Gann; and indeed,
      this book is to Pan American what Fate is the Hunter is to American Airlines --
      a rare and compelling glimpse into a truly pioneering and still
      romantic time in aviation.

      US Navy PBY Catalina Units of the Atlantic War (Combat Aircraft serie)
      by Ragnar Ragnarsson, Jim Laurier (Illustrator)
      Paperback: 96 pages
      Publisher: Osprey Publishing (November 28, 2006)
      ISBN: 184176910X

      US Navy PBY Catalina Units of the Pacific War (Combat Aircraft serie #62)
      by Lou Dorny
      Paperback: 65 pages
      Publisher: Osprey Publishing (October 23, 2007)
      ISBN: 1841769118

      By Bill Lahodney

      Walking on Air
      By Ted Beaudoin
      Publisher: Paramount House Publishing, 1986
      Trade Paperback, 297 pages.
      ISBN: 0921531001
      A collage of men, women, events, accidents and incidents spinning about the
      life of the FIRST chief pilot of Canadian Pacific Air Lines Sheldon Luck,
      a member of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame.

      Walk Around PBY Catalina.
      By: Capt. W.E.Scarborough (Ret)
      ISBN: 0-89747-357-4 (modelling)
      Squadron/Signal publications, 1115 Crawley Drive,
      Carrollton, Texas 75011, USA.
      Published: 1995
      80 pages

      Where the Williwaw Blows
      Dr. Feinberg
      Based on Dr. Feinberg�s two-year stint (1944-45) as a naval officer on the
      island of Adak in the Aleutians. In this darkly humorous novel,
      Feinberg turns a sardonic eye on the foibles of military life
      while he memorializes the quiet heroism of some of the men who were
      stationed on one of the bleakest military outposts of World War II.

      Wings of the Dawning;
      The battle for the Indian Ocean 1939-1945.
      By: Arthur Banks
      ISBN: 1-897817-70-3
      Images Publishing Ltd, The Wells House, Holywell Road,
      Malvern Wells, Worcestershire WR14 4LH, England.
      Published: 1996
      416 pages

      Wings over the Pacific;
      The RNZAF in the Pacific Air War.
      By: Alex Horn
      ISBN: 1-86941-152-8

      "You'll Never Get to Heaven in a PBY `Cos Catalinas Don`t Fly That High"
      By: Carwardine,J.H.
      52 pp.,colour and b/w.illus.
      The life story of the author,born in Wagin,Western Australia on 8th February
      1921. He later served in the RAAF during World War II.
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