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      Subject: Merck Ordered to Pay $1Billion and more...

      Merck Ordered to Pay $1Billion and more...
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      Merck Ordered to Pay $1Billion and more...

      Merck Ordered to Pay $1Billion

      The court’s decision is encouraging and may be the beginning of a turnaround in accountability by the courts. Thanks to Julie.

      Big Pharma Cartel Busted

      Friday, May 4, 2012
      The from Reuters read, “Merck was ordered to pay $321 million in Vioxx probe,” (Reuters 4.26.10). The article states, “A Boston federal judge sentenced Merck & Co. to pay a $321 million criminal fine for improperly marketing its Vioxx painkiller a decade ago.”
      Big Pharma pleaded guilty to having illegally promoting Vioxx for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis before it was approved for that use in 2002. Vioxx was withdrawn from the market in 2004 after it was found to cause heart attacks, strokes and death. Furthermore, Merck agreed to pay more than $600 million to the federal government, 43 states and the District of Columbia for a wider range of improprieties.
      So, let me get this straight. Big Pharma Cartel member Merck & Co. just paid out $1 billion dollars for criminal activity. Do you think that is a lot of money? Merck doesn’t. Vioxx generated nearly $2.5 billion dollars in sales per year during the time it was on the market. Perhaps a billion dollar fine is considered ‘just part of doing business.’ But, ‘just doing business’ should not include tens of thousands of patients dying needlessly.
      What were the consequences of Merck’s illegal activity? The FDA estimates that between 1999 and 2003, Vioxx may have contributed to more than 27,785 deaths. (MSNBC.com 10.6.2004 and WSJ). Other estimates place the number of deaths from Vioxx at 55,000. Furthermore, it is thought that over 100,000 patients suffered a stroke or heart attack after taking Vioxx.
      Let’s think about this. This was an FDA-approved drug that caused nearly 20x more deaths than al-Qaeda did on 9.11.11. The only doctors cautioning against the use of Vioxx and other Cox-2 inhibitors were the holistic doctors who actually studied the Cox-2 inhibitors mechanism of action. The doctors that actually understood how Cox-2 inhibitors worked were predicting that the use of Cox-2 inhibiting drugs (e.g., Vioxx and Celebrex) would cause an increase in blood clots, strokes and heart attacks. So why couldn’t the FDA look at this information? Why did it take the FDA so long to remove Vioxx from the marketplace?
      We all know the answer. The FDA does not work for us. It is funded, in large part, from the Big Pharma Cartel. FDA cannot upset Big Pharma too much or its funding would be in jeopardy. Furthermore, there is a revolving door between working at the FDA and accepting a job at the Big Pharma Cartel.

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      Our Galactic Family with Internationally-Known Contactee James Gilliland, May 6, 2012

      Graham Dewyea presents Our Galactic Family with internationally known contactee James Gilliland, May 6, 2012
      My guest this week is James Gilliland, who’ll discuss some of the many contacts he’s had with our star brothers and sisters since age 5.  He’ll talk about being aboard the ships, the ECETI Ranch, the different galactic civilizations he’s experienced, how they’re assisting with humanity’s healing and awakening, free energy and healing technology, aircraft-carrier-sized motherships, the importance of staying out of fear and in love, how he can feel different energy signatures of ships and galactic races, escalating earth changes in the month of May, and more.
      Our Galactic Family airs Sundays, 5:00pm Pacific time, 8:00 p.m. Eastern time:

      Kate Ann Spreckley: Energy Report – May 2012

      Energy Report – May 2012

      By Kate Ann Spreckley
      May 2012 looks to be a very powerful month with the 5:5:5 Stargate, Full Moon, New Moon and Solar Eclipse offering us several opportunities for intense transformation and change.
      These opportunities are paving the way for the very significant alignments and gateways coming in June 2012. The amount of Divine Light moving into the planet is increasing rapidly and the coming Stargate’s, Lunar phases, astrological alignments and Eclipses are all key energetic gateways that will support a realignment of your energy and the continued expansion of your consciousness. These gateways are strategically aligned to activate your consciousness and assist not only yourself, but also the planet and all beings who live upon Her.
      The unfolding of your Spiritual path has shifted your energy and expanded your awareness to the point where you are now able to process and integrate vast amounts of Divine energy. The quantity of Divine energy you are processing and integrating now is in direct proportion to the amount of healing, cleansing and clearing you have endured. There are many who may feel like the last decade has been an all consuming cycle of change, clearing, releasing and healing, and it may well seem like these coming months hold only more of what you are now intimately familiar with!
      But as the gateways increase in power and strength new and vital energies are being birthed to sustain your evolutionary growth and initiate you into new understandings and deeper levels of Spiritual awareness. As you become more and more adept at processing and integrating the incoming energies you will find that your Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies advance beyond anything you may have experienced before. These experiences will be unique for each individual but will also act to activate any dormant Spiritual gifts and add power and strength to your current awakened abilities. 
      While your consciousness continues to expand you can expect the advancing energetic gateways to contain some mental, emotional and physical adjustments. These adjustments may feel like those good ol’ friends – exhaustion, insomnia, broken sleep, anxiety, dizziness, etc, etc. As much as we may resent the discomfort of these symptoms, they are supporting us through an energetic transition and increasing our capacity to function in higher resonance energy. Making use of tools such as meditation, massage and energy work will support you during these times of discomfort.
      The Full Moon in May occurs on the 5th in the astrological sign of Scorpio, with the Sun in Taurus. The union of Scorpio and Taurus energies will be greatly influenced by the opening of the 5:5:5 Stargate on the same day. This Moon phase and the 5:5:5 Stargate call for a profound transformation of the inner beliefs and attitudes you hold which continue to keep you in a state of imbalance. The energy will work to reveal the truth that lies behind your current motivations and your abuse of power and Earthly resources. With these revelations you will be obliged to take responsibility for the imbalances in your life, your environment and your world. You will be pushed to engage with your heart to redefine your beliefs and gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of your life and thus the responsibility you hold as a steward of this planet.
      Humanity currently exists within a healing crisis and as the energy shifts around us we are required to take responsibility for the unsustainable ways of living and being we continue to practice, which uphold and further this crisis. We are urged to reconnect with the natural cycles and laws of nature and to recognise and honour the life giving, nurturing qualities of the Earth Mother. If you allow yourself to enjoy the beauty and abundance of the Earth you are required to then respect all of life! By honouring and respecting your human life, you are able to embrace your physical existence and thus relax into the flow of Universal energies. In this way you move into a space of acceptance and love where you are able to respect your human body, the Earth and all physical manifestations. Thus you develop a new relationship with the physical aspect of your Spiritual experience, which enables you to further integrate your Spirit. This development will connect you more fully with your Spiritual gifts, making it possible for you to know your Earthly mission. This knowledge will make it possible to fully address the environmental, social and economic crises of this world and apply new and sustainable ways of living and being.
      The energy of May possess the virtues of empathy, forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. Virtues that are required to carry humanity forward upon this path of Spiritual evolution. By consciously aligning with the incoming energies you will realign your energy with your balance Spiritual power, which will assist you in redirecting your actions and choices in a new, heart-centred way. As the energy of each gateway is released a variety of energetic shifts will occur on all levels of your being. The frequency of light within your energy field will increase and expand realigning you with a more centred and balance degree of energy.
      During the Full Moon phase the initial impact of the 5:5:5 energy will be felt by your Spiritual aspect. This will jolt you into a new awareness of your responsibility as a Spiritual Being engaged in a Human experience. You will be asked to recommit to your growth and development and to let go of anything that may be holding you back from building a new, sustainable future for all of life. As this new awareness unfolds the energy will begin to assimilate into your mental aspect on and around the 14th, (5:5:5), the emotional on the 20th, (Full Moon Solar Eclipse) and finally the physical on the 23rd, (5:5:5). This rebalance will prepare you for the upcoming alignments and gateways in June.
      Eclipse months are always very powerful times and the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 20th is no exception. What makes this months eclipse even more intense is the alignment of the Moon and the Sun with the central star of the Pleiades. The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, is an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus. This star system has been the object of much wonder and interest and the subject of many myths and legends in almost every culture. The Pleiades is considered by many of the indigenous people as our ancestral home.
      As such we can expect a massive download of Divine energy during this Eclipse that will create a collective cleansing in the heart of humanity. This cleansing will secure our energy within the light of Christ Consciousness, gifting us with an open and emphatic heart. We may be thrown out of balance momentarily but ultimately this will prepare us for the Venus Transit in June.

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      Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – May 4, 2012

      Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

      As channeled through Greg Giles – May 4, 2012
      You can count on disclosure of our presence in your world, as this is a very important step towards all the changes for you that we have discussed.
      Without disclosure taking place, many of these changes could not occur, as our presence is necessary to assist you to facilitate these many changes that in some cases will require greatly advanced technologies than what you currently possess here in your world.
      What we can offer you is an entirely new beginning with an entirely new set of rules that will allow everyone of your planet to reap the benefits of a truly modern Galactic society. What you have here today in your world are technologies and a set of rules that are set up to only allow a select few to benefit greatly while so many others toil their lives away working to make all that is possible a reality for these select few.
      Our plans are to change all of this and implement a new structure that will allow all of you to benefit greatly as you enjoy much more freedom and personal time, away from the drudgery of daily servitude
      The models that we are basing your new system upon have already been implemented in many parts of this universe, and have demonstrated that they are systems that do work and that can allow the members of these societies to prosper greatly in many different ways. Allow us to implement this new structure here in your world, and you will quickly see the benefits manifest for each and every one of you
      The changes that we are talking about are great and will require from you a completely new way of thinking. Many of you have never before experienced this kind of modernization and this level of freedom before. These changes will greatly affect almost every aspect and almost every moment of your daily lives.
      This kind of change does not come easy, and this kind of change does not come without ruffling the feathers of some beings within these societies experiencing these changes. We foresee many of your world experiencing distress upon the initial implementation of some of these changes that will affect their lives, and we will again call upon you, our Lightworkers, to utilize your many gifts to allow these individuals to ease more gently through these transitions, and act as supporting structures throughout your world that will reinforce the foundations of your society so as to better strengthen it throughout this entire remodeling project.
      We know you can get this job done as we see the tremendous amount of success you have so far enjoyed throughout the many tasks that you have accepted here in this world, as well as the missions you have accomplished before in other worlds throughout this universe.
      There is no challenge we feel is too difficult for you, and although at times it may appear as if you are running up into a solid brick wall, from our vantage point we see you moving forward in great positive strides each and every day towards the successful accomplishment of each and every goal you set within your sites.
      None of what this planet and her people are currently and will experience in the days ahead could be made possible without your tremendous efforts, and we again wish to thank each and every one of you that has chosen to, and has made the effort to, participate in our joint mission to restore love, light, balance and harmony to this planet who has asked for our assistance.
      We, the Galactic Federation of Light, do not journey to worlds in offers of assistance without first being invited and asked for our help. This is certainly the case here as your planet, who is a living, breathing, conscious being of light, has asked our alliance for assistance to help her cleanse herself of all that acts to way her down within the lower dimensions.
      We are here in response to her calls, and our mission is to make possible what it is she has asked for, which is ascension and a return to her majestic place within the higher realms of existence in this universe.
      We are not going to leave here without first accomplishing our goal to help her with this task. We do not turn our backs on those who request our assistance, and we never leave a job unfinished or unsuccessful. We have many eons of experience to rely on and scores of dedicated, well trained and committed crewmembers, as well as technologies so greatly advanced they would appear to many beings of a 3rd dimensional world more of magic than a technological achievement.
      We say to you that our tools are technological in nature, and they have been forged and they have been honed not by magic, but by the innovation and sheer determination of those who are members of our great alliance that you know as the Galactic Federation of Light.
      Nothing that we will bring here and nothing that we will share with you will be of a nature that you cannot safely and effectually utilize, operate and maintain yourselves. In other words, we are not bringing here to your world powers that we possess within ourselves that you cannot, do not or will not possess and be able to utilize for the betterment of yourselves and for all the beings around you, just as we possess and utilize in this way.
      There are many things that you are or will soon be capable of on a personal as well as societal level, and we will fully tutor you in all of these technological as well as natural gifts that you possess and only need to develop and bring to the surface of your consciousness.
      Many of you will be entirely surprised to learn of the inherent powers and qualities of your vessels and what you are personally as well as collectively capable of. We will demonstrate for you these capabilities firsthand, and we have highly trained crewmembers that will work personally with you to teach you and train you in the proper use of these abilities and allow each of you to become masters of your human vessels.
      Each of you is so much more capable to do things you may not have ever even thought of doing, and you have wonderful surprises in store for you as you learn the inner workings and the incredible design of your physical vessels that are gifts from your true Creator.
      You will marvel at what you can accomplish upon learning of the existence of these powerful tools and learn how to effectively and safely utilize them to tame the physical world around you and make it a more hospitable and safer place for you to better enjoy your journey.
      This is what these tools that you possess will do for you and we are honored and eager to show you these tools and help you better understand them and use them to improve your lives and make your world a better place for all of you
      We have journeyed to many worlds before and have allowed many other beings to learn of these tools that they already possess within themselves. Each location has been a wonderful and beautiful experience for them as well as for us, who see the joy in the faces of these beings as they learn of these precious gifts that they have possessed within themselves all along throughout their journey without so very many of them ever becoming aware of their existence.
      We look so forward to this experience with you, our brothers and sisters of the human family. We can hardly wait to see the joyous expressions of wonder and amazement upon your faces as you learn or remember what each of you is truly capable of through the immense powers that you possess within an incredible vessel whose makeup consists of powers and abilities far beyond what is currently understood within the collective consciousness of your people.
      This will soon change, as you will experience a spectacular metamorphosis from a grounded caterpillar to a majestic butterfly taking flight.
      We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

      Updated – Cobra: World Liberation Day (Today)

      Updated – Cobra: World Liberation Day (Today)

      Stephen: This is Cobra’s short update regarding World Liberation Day – May 5, 2012.
      Then, so you can plan your weekend, I have re-posted his entire previous article regarding the significance of today – including the visualization he recommends. The times suggested align with the exact time of today’s full moon in your timezone.
      Let’s liberate the world together – with love  and light!
      World Liberation Day – Last Update
      By Cobra – May 4, 2012
      Our moment of breakthrough has arrived. We will gather and create a resonance field for our freedom.
      Many groups have designed their own visualizations for this event. This is OK, if they are so guided, but it would be better to use the exact visualization I have specified, to create the most effective result. You can find it here:
      Then he links to the exact copy below, which also contains the recommended visualization instructions:
      It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of full moon this May. Millions of us will gather and visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the central bankers so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.
      There is a plan, conceived by positive people in the military, supported by civil authority, to arrest the members of the banking Cabal for their crimes against humanity. Our visualization will support this plan, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We will support brave heroes that will carry out this plan. Something like this has never happened on this planet before. This is our chance to be a part of it!
      Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will activate the plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our visualization on that day is our declaration of freedom and independence. Make this viral! Share it worldwide!
      We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of full moon, which comes this May 5th /6th. Exact times for different time zones are:
      8:30 pm PDT May 5th (Los Angeles)
      9:30 pm MDT May 5th (Denver)
      10:30 pm CDT May 5th (Houston)
      11.30 pm EDT May 5th (New York)
      4:30 am BST May 6th (London)
      5:30 am CEST May 6th (Paris)
      11:30 am CST May 6th (Beijing)
      12:30 pm JST May 6th (Tokyo)
      1:30 pm AEST May 6th (Sydney)
      1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.
      2. Visualize civil authority arresting central banking criminals such as Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, etc. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.
      3. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression.
      Disclaimer: the date of this visualization (May 5th) is most likely NOT the date when these mass arrests will be taking place.

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      Lisa Renee: Pushing for Timelines

      Lisa Renee: Pushing for Timelines

      May 5, 2012
      Coming into the planet’s annual electrical peak cycle for this May, the players are aggressively jockeying for optimum position in the field, devising their strategies, clawing their way through the 2012 Ascension cycle reality show, “Pushing for Timelines”.
      We have groups “pushing” for their agenda and to cull as many people as they can to get on board with their future timeline that supports that agenda.
      In the larger overview, tempers are flared while engaged within heated ancient conflicts, as there are fresh pawns being thrust into the controller’s game as an exercise to prove they can still throw their weight around, while attempting to intimidate others into being culled to enforce their dominion agendas.
      Do not let this frighten you or take you out of your personal power. Command your space!
      There are many more people (primarily within the Starseed gene pools) exposed to sleep state ET contact, ET type of dreams and other modes of communication and manipulation. (Please review March News section for Guidelines for Positive Contact) It is important to know IT IS YOU that must “command your space” and claim your sovereign right to State the Action of your Authority. (God Source and Christ Force, do not attack or manipulate, however, they Protect and Defend.)
      Gridworker’s are being called upon spontaneously to show up in various demographic areas of the planetary surface, alone or in groups, to act as environmental harmonizers, energy placement holders or set up “phase cancellations” to effectively transduce and emit neutralizing signals. When developed, Starseeds have the consciousness ability to neutralize artificial technology and replace it with organic code. 
      (At this time in the planet fields, there is an aggressive use of the following Negative Alien and Grey technologies: static frequency fences, energy phasing distortions, soul imaging and capturing technology, holographic inserts and projections, black hole technology, opening hyperspace pockets (time/space ripping), aura harvesting and harnessing, electromagnetic pulsing and sweeping.) These sudden “grid” missions, (whether assigned at home in your bedroom, or out doing planet fieldwork) are being given to mitigate various large impacts made in the energy field of the planet. Gridworker’s are sent where their specific expertise or “consciousness” genetic key is most beneficial.
      If one is not clear who their authority is, and that ET’s are not Angels or “God’s” to be trusted, one can be manipulated to serve an alien agenda that is not in service to human Ascension and Sovereignty. Use 12D Shield boundary testing for all ET Communication, and learn to develop this skill if you are being contacted.
      Whether we observe the World News with our outer vision, or observe the energy (consciousness) field with our inner vision, the fantastically surreal to paranormal, manifest as common daily events. Some of those events are hidden five pages deep in a brief article someone managed to get on the internet for a few hours. (Although some of this is disinformation to debunk UFO or other sightings, some of it indeed is accurate, until it is promptly removed into the “404 error pages” and photo shopped). Many of us cannot believe our “eyes” (I’s) and are grappling with coming to “new terms” with our understanding of the nature of reality and our life.
      Our relationship to time and space is, fundamentally, at the energy physics level, changing. All the while there are still those totally oblivious to it all, and those watching on the sidelines, exclaiming “WTF?” We are in the end of times where those willing to pay attention are facing some of the most bizarre events, collective strange behaviors and distorted motivations ever witnessed on planet. (A penetrating insight and disturbing conclusion will be arrived at, when one delves into the matter by asking the question: Who is benefiting from ____ event?)
      The propped up artifice of the collective ego mind is further fragmenting into multiple schisms and descending into its pit of despair and madness. We can choose to accept our responsibility to live during these times, as an empowered connected human, willing to face the truth, or descend into disconnection through the spiral of madness. We cannot be of this world, engaged with the chaos, and maintain our sanity. Our inner spirit is that which harmonizes our overall auric energies and will restore sanity through balancing our thoughts. We have to let go of everything, and Let God. Pray, meditate and 12 D shield daily to maintain your sanity and energetic balance.
      Stay the course of the Organic Ascension Timeline by reclaiming your heart based, inner spiritual identity as a Sovereign and Free, God being. Protect your aura by 12D shielding your body and staying informed, aware and alert of your surroundings. Follow your heart and be willing to go beyond the shadow of fear, facing the truth, making the inner choice to serve God’s plan of Freedom for All. Know with all of your heart which timeline you choose and commit to stay on that timeline, by continually affirming your dedication, and the consecration of your body, mind and spirit, to fully serve God’s Organic Laws and Ascension Plan.
      On Alert
      For months now there has been a Guardian alert for those made aware that this May electrical peak is generally used for furthering false timeline agendas, of which the negative aliens have excelled at in the past. By relying on human “short term” memory, they have succeeded in propagating some of the most insidious crimes against humanity, repeatedly, by using the same seeds of human ego distortion and fear, and by manipulating the unhealed memories of human soul trauma. To the collective human fractured soul, deluding the masses with the ultimate goal in promoting the individual’s desperate quest for status and worldly material success, along with the gaining of power and dominion, is like giving a crying baby a pacifier to keep it quiet.
      Over time, the pacification only lasts as long as the distractions, which keep getting bigger and bigger to stay effective, which ultimately lead to a human train-wreck of inner destruction. These crying babies in adult bodies, have been given a sociopathic mind along with a blood thirst for power, and run amok like they own the place, and the people in it. Like a two year old with its favorite toy, shrieking out, “MINE!!” This spiritual immaturity is very easy to manipulate and is easily dispensable, as there is no such thing as loyalty (or heavenly afterlife) in the hungry and distorted Reptilian brain. They consume one

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