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Fw: Healing Sounds Radio March 14, 2012

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  • Brenda Quintana
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      Healing Sounds Radio March 14, 2012
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      Healing Sounds Newsletter
      HEALING SOUNDS RADIO with Jonathan Goldman & Fabien Maman
      www.healthylife.net--March 14, 2012
      Please tune in Wednesday, March 14, 2012, at 12 noon US Eastern Time, to www.healthylife.net when I present "The Healing Sounds Show". My guest for this show will be Fabien Maman.
      Fabien Maman is a musician, composer, acupuncturist, author, researcher, healer, teacher, "bioenergetician" and martial artist. As a musician/composer, he performed his original compositions in the great concert halls of the world, including Carnegie Hall, the Tokyo Opera, the Paris Olympia and the Berlin Philharmonic. He was the recipient of the Grande Prix de Composition Francaise (Grand prize of French composition). In 1977, Fabien became an acupuncturist, linking music with acupuncture. He created the now famous system which uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture command points. In the early 80's, Fabien conducted his revolutionary biology experiments at the University of Jussieu in Paris, showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields. Fabien found that through a series of acoustic sounds, he could explode cancer cells, as well as energize and empower healthy ones. This would become the driving theory behind Fabien's life's work: 'that blockages in our subtle energy fields can result in physical illness if they are allowed to crystallize. Sound, Color and Movement are the most effective tools we can use to dissolve these negative energetic patterns.'
      In 1988 Fabien founded Tama-Do ("Way of the Soul"), the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, offering a three-year training program for the evolution of consciousness using non-invasive vibrational techniques composed of Sound, Color and Movement® and Seasonal Healing Concerts. For nearly 30 years, Fabien has created research and practical applications to balance the body, mind and spirit through the subtle energy fields. He is the author of numerous books on sound for health and transformation, his latest being The Tao of Sound. He has also created several music healing CDs. He may be contacted at: Tama-Do Academy
      Fabien is an extraordinary healer and pioneer in this field. Our conversation will focus on some of the fundamental principles of sound healing it is important to understand. This will be a remarkable radio show. Please join us on March 14th.
      Please tune in on April 11, 2012 when my guest will be music healing pioneer, Patrick Bernhard.
      If you have a question and would like to be "live" on the air with us on the Healing Sounds show, here's the audience call in telephone number: 800 - 555 - 5453.
      Please tune in to this Internet Radio Show Wednesday, March 14th, at 12 noon Eastern Time to healthylife.net
      Harmonically Yours,
      Jonathan Goldman
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