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Re: [PAO_Connection] To Happen by years end!!

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  • Kenneth Dooley
    If this is going to be the last Christmas we are going to be celebrating, I would say something BIG should happen BEFORE the years end. From what I am seeing
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      If this is going to be the last "Christmas" we are going to be celebrating, I would say something BIG should happen BEFORE the years end. From what I am seeing happening from all the contacts I see each day, much of the changes are happening "Under-the-Radar"...but they are moving forward!

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      I hear you Peter. As I see the chaos and also the revolution building in the world, I am feeling more strongly that changes are near. Sometimes you have to just 'know' your own truth, no matter what others think. I still feel rather isolated in what I sense and feel. Can't really talk with people I know about this stuff. Much of what these posts are all about are things I had come to learn from within before I got introduced to this online stuff. I could feel at that time a connection with many people who were worldwide that had the same inner knowledge that I was getting - especially the compassion for humanity and knowing we are all one. Once I found the online connections those previously 'only sensed' connections became more manifested in 3 d. I really don't know the timing of anything but I'm here for the long run in what I believe to be true.

      On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 5:27 PM, Peter <rushjp@...> wrote:

      I am so hoping this statement is true. I have been waiting so long and I can,t credit that it all could come true. It would be a relief that other people did,nt think I had screwy ideas for a change. There are so few people in my life that I can discuss these topics with. All I can think is that a awful lot of people are going to get a big shock if it all comes true. I always stick to my beliefs because I have arrived at them over 20 years or more and watching and reading all manner of things.


      "At some point mankind will simply realize the waste and futility of such conflict. You will in time learn that war will never end by hating war. Rather war will end by loving peace. Such is the power of love, it is far far more potent than hate." Metatron

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