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7th Day of the Mayan Calendar Begins ~ Astrology Report - Nov 2010

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    November is Here as changes loom like unpredictable weather. Unknowably Clear in the Glow of HealinGrace *3/6/9/12*
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      November is Here as changes loom like unpredictable weather.
          Unknowably Clear in the Glow of HealinGrace  *3/6/9/12*
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      Subject: Astrology Report - November 2010

      NOVEMBER 2010
      By Dorene A. Carrel



      November is highlighted by four planetary stations, which will increase the opportunity for new beginnings and major changes in several life areas. In addition, Pluto's alignment with the North Node in Capricorn during most of this month encourages us to look at the balance of power in our relationships.


      November 2 is the US midterm Election Day and the planets show the potential for major upsets all across the country. Candidates who have easily won re-election many times in the past are now being aggressively challenged. This day is dominated by Uranus aspects that bring change, disruption and rebellion against the status quo. The moon in aspect to Uranus/Jupiter may result in impulsive or reactive types of voting, while the favorable Mercury/Jupiter trine this week favors candidates who awaken a sense of morality or justice. In addition, the latter part of this day will be under a void of course moon that will increase the likelihood of unpredictable outcomes, such as close races that will require a recount.


      On November 3 we will enter the Seventh Day of the Mayan Calendar, according to Mayan scholar Carl Calleman. This cycle will last until October 28, 2011. Calleman believes that this new Day period will activate the dominance of the feminine and the intuitive mind, along with creating a balance between the left and right brain. The Mercury trine to Jupiter/Uranus, from November 4-6, should help us to achieve a higher understanding of these concepts.


      The New Moon occurs on November 5 at 14 Scorpio. During this lunation period we will be examining the Scorpio qualities of personal power, emotional intensity, penetrating awareness and taking a deeper approach. The shadow side of Scorpio is reflected in excessive secrecy, jealousy, compulsiveness and need for control. This lunation is aligned with the asteroid Vesta, which represents tradition and personal dedication, along with the need for security and protection. Chiron in Aquarius turns stationary direct today, bringing in the qualities of healing and body-mind integration. The Sabian Symbol for this lunation degree suggests the need to establish new channels of communication to foster the growth of relationships and community.


      On the next day, Neptune turns stationary direct at 26 Aquarius. Chiron and Neptune will continue to travel together for the next several months, facilitating our growing awareness of other dimensions and realities. Since planetary energies tend to intensify during stationary periods, we can expect more confusion, illusion and increased sensitivity over these few days. This is not a good time for making important decisions as it is difficult to achieve real clarity of perspective. However, a Mercury/Uranus trine today can bring creative and stimulating ideas and insights.


      The final two planetary stations occur on November 18 with Jupiter turning direct at 24 Pisces and Venus turning direct at 28 Aquarius. This fun-loving combination will likely bring in a multitude of holiday gatherings and shopping sprees over the next week. One should be prepared for a tendency towards overindulgence in food, drinks, spending, etc. However, this time will be most favorable for tuning in on what brings us joy and how we can increase this quality in our lives. Retrograde periods represent opportunities to turn inward to get more in touch with our true beliefs and values. With Venus turning direct, we can now take important actions to achieve greater success in the areas of relationships and finances. A direct Jupiter will facilitate more opportunities, as well as greater insight, wisdom and understanding.


      The Full Moon occurs on November 21 at 29 Taurus 18. This lunation is in a challenging square to Neptune/Chiron and favorably aspects Jupiter/Uranus. We will have a heightened awareness of the Taurus qualities of dependability, patience, loyalty, stability and being sustainable, especially in the areas of finances and personal resources. There may be an opportunity to gain a new perception and healing of a past situation at this time. An expected, yet favorable event can also add to a growing awareness that brings a sense of completion (last degree of Taurus). The Sabian symbols for these lunation degrees speak of a display of inherited gifts and providing outlets for still-immature energies.


      Pluto aligns with the North Node in Capricorn in the last part of the month. The North Node represents our higher path of growth and evolution. The moon's nodes can also refer to significant relationships. This aspect can be transformational, as it calls upon us to further develop our personal power to manifest our higher goals. The dwarf planet Ceres is also connected with this aspect, bringing in the sacred feminine, nurturing principle.


      In December a total Lunar Eclipse (in Gemini) occurs on the Winter Solstice and Mercury turns retrograde in time for Christmas. Stay tuned!


                                                                                              * * * * * * *


      Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience, offering birth chart, transits/progressions and relocation astrology readings. She is certified in Astrocartography. For more information and cost, contact her at dorenea5@... Paypal accepted.


      Check out my new astrology blog at www.astroconnections.blogspot.com for ongoing astrological observations on current events, people, trends, etc. Watch for an upcoming Election review for the US and Washington state.


      Specials on email readings: transits, relocation charts, 2011 eclipses, personal questions. Contact Dorene for more information at dorenea5@ yahoo.com


      Background and previous columns can be found at www.alcseattle.com Donations also gratefully accepted. Send to   P.O. Box 432,   Burien, WA 98166


      All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.


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