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Galactic Scalar Waves & The Transformational Odyssey

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  • Galactic Jack
    After requesting the Galactics to Amp the Scalar Waves Up 2 of the my three CD players just stopped working altogether. I wento Best Buys & got a CD player &
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2010
      After requesting the Galactics to Amp the  Scalar Waves Up
      2 of the my three CD players just stopped working altogether.
      I wento Best Buys & got a CD player & a CD Radio, $20 for each .
      I hear Target has them as well & withe radio you don't need a 4.5 amp converter.
      In any case things feel even more Deeply Silent & Serene here these last few days.
      Great for meditating & mellowing the surroundings  & seeing beyond illusion.
      The Odyssey has also been morewarding as of late giving me a warehouse 13 selection
      of many magical tools & devices as I pass into the galactic nebula & things go white.
      You start out (after lighting a candle, incense & putting on some soft music)
      by passing into a spinningalaxy, there you may receive a tool or gift etc,
      It sets the theme for the Odyssey as you pass thru it & share these gifts.
      Not only is your physiology modified but so is this  'outereality' in some ways.
      If you're not doing the Odyssey at least stand under the waterfall, wash your cup & key & have a drink.
      Then send a  wave of water to your Tree & bear below & all the trees... & then yin yang with your tree by hugging & exchanging energy with it. This takes a few minutes & will Tune you Up.
      When you have the time listen to Francie's description & then do the Odyssey on your own
      It 'll take about a 1/2 hour & if you have more time you're Very Lucky & will show it...
      I'm finding that some of that magic is transfering into my day enriching it nicely.
      It's also Fun to do & there's a tree for every human as the wave of waterefreshes All.
      The symbols effecthe chakras, organsystems, emotions, mind and spirit & Atitude.
       As withe Scalar Wave we have help on High making our Efforts  Most Successful,
          Unknowably Clear in the Glow of HealinGrace  *24/7*
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