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Fw: [PAO_Connection] Michael Ellegion: Ashtar on 2008 Elections

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  • Wendy Lynn Martin
    Excellent, a trip down Memory Lane and hope for the future. ... From: Sharen Subject: [PAO_Connection] Michael Ellegion: Ashtar on 2008
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      Excellent, a trip down Memory Lane and hope for the future.

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      Subject: [PAO_Connection] Michael Ellegion: Ashtar on 2008 Elections
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      Date: Friday, October 31, 2008, 1:40 PM

      From: Mark Huber
      Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:08 AM Subject: Michael Ellegion: Ashtar on 2008 Elections. ETs Can Assure Accurate Election & Victory

      Almost every word of this applies to the current National Election. I can only reiterate that No Matter what appears to be the situation, Galactic Candidates are present to lead us forward...although not necessarily as you might expect. And don't just look at the "Headliners" you will vote for or not. This IS an Important chance to vote for one who is galactic and able with GF and our assistance to complete the cleansing of the system. that has required him to wear two hats: One Illuminati-Bush- Banker clone, and One true champion of Unity of all races, creeds and colors, not only in this country but also everywhere on this planet. We have received hints, which will be further explored tomorrow night during our Conf Call, that "within a few days after the Election" we will see voting on Impeachment; Arrests and our Announcement. That will change everything. Until then the darkones are finalizing the record of their choices.  Suspend your disbelief and trust that GF is very involved in all matters NOW. We are INSIDE NESARA Law Now!  We are under the World Court/ICJ jurisdiction now. MarkH

      Elections 2008: Benevolent E.T. Presence Can Assure Accurate Election Vote Count & Victorious Outcome!
      Ashtar Channeled through Michael Ellegion  December 22, 2007
      'Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, transmitting to you about a very important topic, the upcoming Elections of 2008. There is an extreme, critical importance in what these elections are going to determine, not only for the citizens of the United States of America, but the future of the entire planet as well.
      I wish to emphasize some observations from our perspective, we of the Federation, as we surround Earth in 'Guardian Action', monitor and look down from our Merkabah Light Ships. We are very aware of many events going on behind the scenes by the organized power elite in an attempt to usurp the U.S. Constitution which the U.S. mainstream, corporate controlled media tends to cover up. Also the extreme historical important fact that the U.S. is standing at a most important cross road which will determine how free or how controlled the citizens will be from the year 2008 and beyond.
      For many of you, the Lightworkers, and `Star People', as Volunteer Souls in Earth embodiment, who are here now on missions in this present Earth incarnation to help this planet go through the vibrational- consciousness shift, also known as the Ascension, Feel and Know within that massive changes are on the horizon in 2008. These changes have a powerful potential to manifest for humanity's greatest good! Not what those of the power elite, of the Corporations, and those who are presently in positions of power in the White House have been planning and plotting to occur for quite some time.
      I wish to confirm that those who have had the economic and political power, those of certain powerful Earth families, many who have controlled and owned the banks and corporations, these `captains and kings of industry' the Illuminati, who have been manipulating humanity for ages, and have been able to control and manipulate the elections in recent decades in the U.S., are not about to let go of their power--unless they are stopped, of course.
      And this is what we of the Federation are offering those of you on Earth--an opportunity like never before, for we of the Ashtar Command, and the entire Federation, to step in and.....well, make sure that your 2008 Presidential Elections will be one of the most HONEST elections that you have ever had for many years.
      We have monitored for many years the manipulation of the votes, and the control of voting machines. It is only recently that a vast number of Earthians living in the U.S., as well as others in many parts of the world have awakened to the knowledge of how rigged most of the elections have been for the past couple decades. This rigging and manipulating of the votes has gone on, for many years before this, but never to the extreme and shall I shall say, never as perfectly as the corporations and the cabal, have been able to achieve in more recent decades with special electronic computer hardware that has been designed by the CIA and NSA for complete control in whatever way they and the corporations want the elections to be decided.
      In other words, should one be termed noble and truly the best choice for the citizens of the U.S., receive the main backing and support, and be chosen by the people to run on that particular party's ticket in the Primary, this process, of course can also be manipulated. The candidate that the power elite, the puppet masters, could control would be the one who gets 'chosen' no matter how many more votes nor how many people wanted the other more honorable and sincere person to run for the office of the President.
      And even if that more honorable and sincere person who
      * was working for the Constitutional Rights of the people,
      * stood for all classes of people, not the power elite or puppet masters, planned to cause massive changes even in the economic and political system that are necessary for America to survive and not become a fascist dictatorship,  did by 'some miracle' because of the sheer overwhelming amount of support, make it to the Primary then that person would still have to have another 'miracle' because of how easily the power elite can manipulate the votes--just as they did in the last few major Presidential elections.
      But, and this is the Big BUT, many things have happened upon and around planet Earth that would be considered as 'miracles' because we have stepped in and 'Divinely Intervened.' The Federation has neutralized nuclear missiles and nuc suitcases. Most of Earth's population has no idea how many times we have stepped in behind the scenes to influence, alter or stop certain very destructive events and the misuse of numerous `black-op' highly classified weapon systems and projects very destructive to Mother Earth, which would have wiped out much of the life on the planet.
      If it had not been for our constant vigilant monitoring of Earth, in Guardian Action, to stop these very dangerous incidents and many other forms of Intervention, as bad as the environmental conditions are at this time, this planet would literally be in eight times worse of a mess than it presently is!
      This particular form of Intervention has been allowed because of the nature these dangers posed to Earth. As we have stated many times to so many of our Earth contactees and channels, we never, ever 'force help down anyone's throat'--that is not our style, nor are we allowed to under the `Non-Interference Laws of our Federation', referred to as the Galactic Pacts, which was not to interfere with Earthian humanity's free will. Because of the war like nature of the leaders who have ruled over this planet and because Earth has been a 'Karmic Training School' we in the Federation had 'Culturally Quarantined' this planet for many ages.
      Now, because this planet meets all the major requirements we are allowed to Intervene more openly very soon, and because Earth is about to Graduate and experience it's Ascension, we must step in and also help the citizens of this planet who have been asking and decreeing for Divine Intervention and Help to come to Earth. We hear your calls, decrees and prayers for us to step in and help Earth--and so we have begun Preparing now to be more bold and to begin showing our ships more openly in the very near future.
      This offer of us stepping in on behalf of the citizens of the United States of America, is to make sure that your votes (and choices of candidates for the Primary) are no longer manipulated for the hidden agendas of the power elite. This is not only for your benefit--it is also a 'plus' for us, because this ushers in an era whereby the people on Earth will be more receptive to our benevolent presence around Earth and Preparing for what many term First Contact, which allows us to be far more overt in our Preparation for mass contacts beginning very soon.
      For those who have never read a Channeling before, but are because of curiosity of what we are offering you, even if you have been skeptical of our existence, please just allow yourself this consideration: you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose--or rather, you actually do have a lot to lose--like all your freedoms if someone with greater integrity does not get elected soon. Technically, those `executive orders' Bush signed secretly into `law' would be forced upon you by all the power elite if they are able to have their way by manipulating your next election of 2008 as they have before.
      Recently there has been a book and video's about the ten different steps that a would-be dictator must do in order to create any form of a dictatorship, whether it be Fascist or any other. And it is true that Bush `technically' has accomplished all ten steps--it is just that we of the Federation have been blocking him from creating another `false flag' event that he would then use to usher in Martial Law, which is exactly what he and Cheney and the cabal have been trying to activate a number of times in recent months. But we have been blocking all these numerous attempts, and they grow more desperate to try to create this for manipulating the population with F.E.A.R., yes, False Evidence Appearing Real. That has been one of their main focuses, to manipulate the population, just as they have manipulated your votes for their own agendas. And then they would activate all those many detention centers, or rather modern day concentration camps that they have set up all over the country. But as we say so often--that is their plan, while we have a much better plan--yes, much more 'user friendly' for everyone on planet Earth who values the sacred traditions of Earth and who cares about this planet and it's future. In the 2006 elections, we already `tested' out our ability to affect the outcome only a little, not as much as we could this next major Presidential election of 2008. We did this because many had actually asked us to do so, even then, to get help to stop the rigging of the votes so better candidates would be able to win. Of course, it is true, the 2006 General Election has now been considered by many as the 'lesser of two evils'. When one looks back at some of the newer, supposedly better and more `Progressive' type candidates who were elected, in some cases much better than those who had been in before. Yet many others, unfortunately because of their ties to corporate, just like their so-called `opponents' of the other party, they, too, unfortunately were often `beholden' to the same corporations and the cabal that controls so many in both the Republican and Democratic parties. So like in the film, 'if you build it, we'll come', or another way to state it, 'If you ask us to--we will make sure, much more powerfully than in 2006, that this Presidential Election of 2008 will be a sound Victory for the people's true choice of a candidate, and not the power elite. It would be a great Honor and pleasure for us to outsmart these puppet masters and their formerly controlled and rigged elections--and it is time to allow one who truly has the integrity, courage and ability to turn the United States of America around back to the way that the Founding Fathers envisioned it to always be. We will comment on information that many have heard and that is about the Bilderburgs, the Illuminati threatening to kill the candidate known as Ron Paul. Let it be known, as a Cosmic Back-up Team that surrounds this planet in Guardian Action, we will not allow him, or any other person who happens to be a fellow Volunteer in Earth embodiment,- -or for that matter, anyone else who asks us for help and protection, that they need to fear for their lives. We know that many who are reading (or have heard about) this transmission- channeling for the first time, would ask us, as your benevolent Space Brothers--who would we Vote for, who would be our main choice for a Presidential candidate, (if we were allowed to participate in this upcoming Earth Electoral process, that is!), of those presently running for office. We will only state, that as a major `Cosmic Hint', (the only really good choices are less than the number of fingers on one of your hands!) We of the Federation, termed the Space Brotherhood/ Sisterhood, tend to be what you of Earth would say are extremely `Intergalactically Libertarian' ! It is no accident (since there really are no `accidents' or `coincidences' in life, on any level of reality in the Universe) that he who is known as Dennis Kucinich, happens to be a friend of Ron Paul, and is also a fellow Volunteer in Earth embodiment. It is also no accident that Dennis Kucinich sighted one of our ships, which we purposely brought down to be seen. This sighting event, like most sightings of our craft, are not usually a mere accident. The craft you of Earth refer to as UFO's, are really IFO's (Identified Flying Objects) and these appearances are actually a Spiritual Visual Reference Point, an Inner Cosmic Reminder, of our connections with those of you, the people of Earth, and we are your Extended Cosmic Family who are Preparing for more open, mass appearances very soon over Earth. As a matter of fact, those like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, are often drawn to other fellow Volunteers because of this Inner Recognition and of principles that tend to be very similar. These Volunteers are termed `Star People', which we invite you to check out this Channel's web site, where you will see the List of `Star People' characteristics that many Volunteers tend to manifest while in Earth embodiment. We are very human appearing, so much so, we can pass you on the street and you may not even know that it is an incognito physical extraterrestrial from right off one of our craft dressed in Earth clothes, other than an energy consciousness that some of you may sense or feel from us, that we are from other worlds. It was our interactions with so many very courageous pioneers in the early days of the `flying saucer movement', that the famous `contactees' of the `50's and early `60's we were often referred to as the Space Brothers, which was really a term of respect, honor and fellowship. Unfortunately, many of those numerous `agents of disinformation' within the UFO community, (who secretly also have ties `indirectly' with this same cabal or shadow government who has been involved with Vote Fraud), twisted this term around to have a negative or silly interpretation; they took it out of context, put a `spin on it' to give a different and incorrect meaning. These who have often called themselves `professional UFO investigators' (as if our presence had to be made such a big mystery), have actually been, as this Channel states, `professional UFO spin-doctors' , which reminds him of those who would call themselves `professional politicians' , for they also put massive `spins' on so many of the issues facing the people of your country and planet. As the Leaders of our worlds, and members of Councils, as most of us tend to be, we also Vote for who we feel is best suited for any given position in kind of a similar `Constitutional- Intergalactic' process of decision--however, we never Manipulate our votes as we have monitored and observed occurring so much on Earth! We choose Leaders that embody many of those qualities, such as Integrity, honor, courage and wisdom, which truly meets the people's needs. Many have theorized, which is true, the only reason that the `false-flag, inside job' event known as 9/11 was allowed to occur--is because it has acted as a massive 'Wake-up Call'. It acted as a major catalyst to cause a massive shift in the people's need to take much more responsibility in your political process of who you allow to hold the `highest seat' in the land. Despite the attempt by the power elite to generate F.E.A.R. amongst you, instead, many of you have chosen more recently since that event to become galvanized and inspired to take action and to begin to become the Guardians of your Rights and Freedoms. And yes, to demand an Accountability of those who allowed and in fact planned, engineered and participated in 9/11, as an attempt to manipulate all of you with FEAR and panic. They assumed, based on past history, such as in Nazi Germany, that you all would be willing to just give up your Freedoms for so-called false security and more government control in your lives. We who have much Love for the peoples of Earth, would be so Honored if you will accept our Invitation, to Monitor the casting of your votes, so that our Benevolent E.T. Presence will assure--nay, Guarantee--not only a very accurate count of your votes, but a Triumphant Victory for the people of not only the U.S . but all over the world. This, we can guarantee--if it is, as based upon that old phrase, 'God Helps those who help themselves.' If you, who are reading (or have heard of) this Channeling will do your part, then we can assure the right outcome. We know many of you have not voted in years past, partly because you felt--and rightfully so, that often the choice of candidates tended to be, a choice between Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Goofy, and these were `not your cup of tea'. Also because 'my vote doesn't count', or why vote if our votes will all just be thrown away because of the manipulation by the corporations, the cabal-power elite. Good point, and an Accurate assessment! But now, we your Benevolent Space Brothers, who are in Guardian Action around this planet, give you our word--if you do yours on a mass level--we will do ours! Yes, let's together in Intergalactic Fellowship, impact this Presidential Election in a positive way, let it be a `done deal' for the Will of the people, to decide your Destiny and that of the planet, but not the corporations way. We thank you for your attention and a chance to present our Cosmic Offer of help for you. We have and will Intervene as necessary, since we closely monitor these forces of the cabal, we sit invisibly within their board rooms, their chambers of the Illuminati, while they plot and plan and somehow forget about our ability to keep tabs on all their activities-- especially when these nefarious and destructive plans would endanger others and all life upon this planet. We have warned them many times that they will be stopped, and yet they continue, thinking that they are `above the rule of law,' not only here on Earth against Constitutional Law, but also the Laws of the Federation. So we step in more and more now to `head them off at the pass.' Now all we have been waiting for is for the people to awaken--and it is happening suddenly on a mass level--like a sleeping giant starting to open its eyes, as it also is about to rise up. As I have said many times, it is n ot that we cannot forgive these forces for what they have done against humanity, we just can't stand by and watch them continue to run roughshod over who gets in their way or are a threat to them. This is now finally coming to a close, this 'reign of terror', and 2008 has the potential to be one of the most dramatic and most wonderful years for you all, if you will but let your Light shine, cast your vote, and allow us to help you get the person who truly is best suited for this challenging and yet rewarding mission of being the next President of the United States of America. This upcoming election of 2008 is probably one of the, if not the most important elections for quite some time in the entire history of this country. Because so much is at stake--and this is why we are offering our vast resources, as we orbit the planet in Guardian Action, we can be the Guardians for your Rights and Freedoms. Just as my friend, the Ascended Master St. Germain, appeared before the Forefathers twice, first when they were inspired and wrote (Channeled) the Declaration of Independence, and again on that other very eventful day, when they had just finished writing (again Channeling) the Constitution, but they had not actually signed it yet, and because of small doubts of whether a Constitutional Republic would truly be able to survive and not be destroyed, St. Germain materialized upon the balcony overlooking the Hallway, and gave his short little speech about liberty and justice and the importance of them to follow their hearts and their Inner Guidance, and he ended it with the admonition, to 'Sign that Document!' And then he promptly, suddenly dematerialized and disappeared from that balcony. He is, of course, pictured on the back of the $2 bill: (he's the man with the hat on among the others pictured there.) Because of this dramatic event, they went ahead and 'pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors' and everything they had so that this great nation, this beacon and light of the world, would not perish, b ut would continue to survive. And as St. Germain, himself, would once more state to all of you, the sons and daughter of Freedom, of Liberty today, that never has this Republic been so close to total dictatorship and control by one who has proclaimed himself as practically a King or Monarch. You fought a bloody Revolutionary War to win your Freedoms from this very same sort of tyranny, this was done in the blood of your Forefathers. That lo, this will not be in vain, for all that they gave 'of their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor!' Now may this new year of 2008, be a new `Revolution' , be one totally without violence and bloodshed, but still very important, for this Revolution is a Revelation, a Spiritual-Reformati on, a sudden vast movement of Consciousness, and you must be bold and let your Light shine, and your voices raised loudly and strong--and your Votes literally Count for something and not be thrown away by those who wish to steal them for their own vested interest. It is time to allow us to help you take back America, and it is time to be apart of the most important Election of all time, this year of 2008! It is a `sad commentary' of the times that you are all living, when we, the benevolent space beings from other worlds `have to' step in and Overshadow your Elections, because your own Earth officials are too corrupt to do the job that they are supposed to do! We are also aware of the concerns--and rightfully so--as some of you may wonder, if in fact, we can help the candidate win who truly does have the ethical principles that America was originally founded upon and has the ability to turn things around by giving back the power to the people, and will be able to take back the power from the cabal, could not the cabal assassinate this person, just as they did with those very evolved and noble souls, such as both John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. In Martin Luther King's situation, some have argued that he choose to play the Spiritual Martyr role--but, of course, nothing is se t in stone or concrete; no one `has to' die, for there are always many other choices or options that all souls, in their free will can choose, when any highly evolved soul comes on a Mission to Earth. In John and Robert Kennedy's case, one little known fact, that in both cases fellow benevolent Extraterrestrial forces of Light warned John, more than once, not to go to Dallas that day, and the same with Robert later, not to go to that hotel where he was killed. But unfortunately, despite our offers of protection and an extended hand of help and friendship, they both allowed others around them to influence them and manipulate them into ignoring their own Inner Voice and our warnings and allowing us to be their Cosmic Backup Team of protection and support. It was sad to watch them both be killed by the cabal, and knowing how this would have allowed us to make our official `First Contact' with the peoples of this planet, which would have allowed for the vast cover-ups that have been going to be ended, as well as so many unnecessary deaths would not have had to occur. Of course, after being inspired to go to Columbia University, John F. Kennedy had his first meeting and interaction with fellow human appearing E.T.'s, then he announced a list of dramatic changes he was truly planning to do--for the people--and not for the cabal. Among those, of course, was his plan to abolish the Federal Reserve Banking system and the I.R.S., to return value back to the money supply by printing up new money that would have been backed by gold, silver and other precious metals, stopping the CIA from continuing to fly cocaine and heroin and related drugs into the U.S. to fund all the covert `black-op' secret technologies. And last, but not least, he was planning to Officially Announce our existence, which would have allowed us to openly appear in the skies all over Earth, and we would have Officially lifted the `cultural quarantine' that we in the Federation had placed over the Earth many ages ago--which would have resulted in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity to suddenly manifest for everyone. This can still be the result now, and we want to state again, that we are extending our hands in Intergalactic Cooperation and Friendship, for your peoples, as well as ours. It is time for Earth to Officially be welcomed as a member of our Federation, other wise known as the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, and the Universal Alliance of Peace, which in turn, will allow Intergalactic Cultural Exchange with vast number of worlds. The program termed NESARA, the National Economic Security And Reformation Act, which my friend, St. Germain helped establish partly through his World Trust, will also now be Officially Announced and implemented, so that those `Prosperity Packets' can finally be delivered and not be blocked any longer from arriving to all citizens of the U.S. and a great financial help will also especially be shared with all other nations who adhere to higher Ethical and Sacred Principles of life. Also very exciting forms of many new `Free Energy' Devices or `Zero Point' Technology will finally become available and no longer suppressed, so you all will become Energy Emancipated very quickly. For no longer being forced by the cabal to be dependent upon oil, you will be able to totally unhook from the Grid, and also with our help very quickly clean up and heal Mother Earth of all present environmental challenges you are presently facing. At long last, those inventors and scientists like Nikola Tesla and others, whose inventions were either totally suppressed or used only for military use and manipulation of the masses, will suddenly be reintroduced to the entire population and used only for peaceful and beneficial purposes. So, allow us to help all of you cast your votes so that `by the people, for the people, of the people'--yes, the people will be able to let their voices and their votes be heard, truly heard at long last! Those of you who still wonder, can we really help you in the honest counting of your votes? As I stated, give us the benefit of the doubt, fulfill your `responsible and sacred duty' of casting your votes, and expect some Miracles before the year of 2008 is out! Blessings to you all!. Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! This has been Ashtar, signing off. Adonai Vassu Berogus!

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