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51852Re: [PAO_Connection] PACHELBEL - 432 Hz

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  • Paul Wilson
    Jan 24, 2014
      Josef Goebbels died on May 1 1945 (nearly 69 years ago). It would seem unlikely that he could have changed the frequency of the Earth, especially after his death.
      The Schumann resonance of the Earth was discovered in the 1950s and is an ELF (extremely low frequency) at only 7.83 Hz. Probably only audible to Whales in the ocean, and Elephants on land. This resonance is supposedly rising with the rising of the vibrations coming to Earth as part of the Ascension process.
      I know 528 Hz is the resonance for healing damaged DNA, and there is a CD available from Solfeggio Harmonics that does that.

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      -- Shared using Google Toolbar I have read a couple of articles on Rumor Mill News today about the suppressed healing frequency of the earth (being 432 Hertz) The article says that Goebells (Germany) altered it 63 years ago to 440 htz and we have been out of sync.   Anyway I found this nice short piece of lovely music if anyone would like to listen to it at 432 hertz.    Also I found when I was listening with my eyes closed I could feem it really pulsing around the fontanelle area on top of my head.   Blessings. Janet NZ.

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