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51825Get Ready - Year of the Horse & 1/30 Super Moon by Selacia

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  • galacticjacks
    Jan 22, 2014

      Get Relaxed as the subtle comes into focus on our behalf & Always Remember to Ask,
      Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension

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      Sheldan shares what we can expect in 2014


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      Get Ready – Year of the Horse

      Channelled through by Selacia


      Next week promises to be a powerful time for energy shifts and openings – especially with the super moon January 30 ahead of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse officially starting the next day. These energies are auspicious and hold great potential for you on a personal level – helping you to connect with your destiny path and your true power to create as a multidimensional being of light.

      In this article are suggestions for making the most of these beneficial energies, while also continuing your progress of forward movement this year. If you are like most people, you have likely had a number of highs and lows since 2014 began. There indeed has been, and continues to be, a generally lighter feel and tone compared with 2013.

      That said, in the bigger picture you also sit within ongoing radical and challenging revolutionary energies that characterize these unique years of paradigm shift. Changes often are not easy, even the ones you want to make.

      2014 a Peak Year

      One reason is that 2014 is a peak year of your world being literally remade under your feet.

      Other years have built to this one, and the shifting will continue for some time after 2014. Still, for those like you who are awakening and sensitive to energies, this year may feel more intense. You won’t always be able to identify the intensity, either, but you will likely sense it in the background.

      Intensity isn’t necessarily bad, of course. You could feel intense joy as a project you have long dreamed of begins to take root. You could be meeting new people, too, including those who you don’t immediately connect with anything significant – but they are to be important for your future. These things can be exciting when they appear, your intuitive knowing showing you that you are starting to bring in needed partners and resources for your fuller life expression.

      In tandem with that, any unfinished business from your past that’s in the way of your immediate next steps will be coming to light. When that happens, don’t judge it or get angry or worry.

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      Old Issues in the DNA

      Do pay attention, though, and utilize your tools and resources to clear those issues at a DNA level. The things that surface may seem old, but trust that the elements arising are additional pieces of what you addressed before.

      Consider this: the more intense feelings you have when issues arise, the more important they are for you to address. Keeping up to date with the process of energy clearing will accelerate your forward momentum.

      For perspective, most life issues a person has now did not originate earlier in life, but in other lifetimes. Advanced practitioners understand this and keep things in perspective. For divine changemakers, this indeed is the lifetime when you have the most opportunity to clear your past – back to the root causes – accelerating your enlightenment.

      Year of the Horse Energies

      Understanding the energetic tone of a cycle like Chinese New Year can help you to advance on your path by leaps and bounds. That’s because you have foresight about the kinds of energy you may encounter.

      Horse years like we have in 2014, for example, are associated with fire and action. In these years, there tends to be lots of activity and much on your plate. Not everything needs to be done at once, of course, but it may seem that way!

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      On a positive note, you simply may feel more buoyant and able to tackle things that you have been putting on the back burner. The key to success is maintaining your balance, sense of timing, and awareness of what is in front of you right when it is in front of you. Many opportunities can come and go in such a year as this – you must be awake to them in order to act with divine timing.

      Being grounded and centered in your heart will be vital to your success, too. The more that you can achieve this, the more you will be able to connect with your inner voice and spirit. Having that connection is essential for what you want to do, be, and have this year.

      Make spirit your fueling system for action in this Year of the Horse. Spirit can help guide you through the windy terrain, the ups and downs, and the obstacle courses. A grounded spirit connection, too, can help you with prosperity. That’s because you are more in a state of flow and receiving, and more grounded about your relationship with money.

      Working with the Super Moon

      Utilize the January 30 super moon for potent visioning and creating an action plan for personal and spiritual progress in 2014. The new moon next week is called a super moon because of its powerful potentials for new beginnings. It’s actually the second new moon so far this year – making it even more influential. If you are doing an intentions process at the new moon, factor in the horse year energies being ignited the next day. See my earlier December 29 article for a new moon process you can update for next week’s super moon:

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      Joy in 2014

      Big Picture for 2014

      Getting back to the big picture for this year – don’t forget the role of the collective, too. Learn to become friends with the idea of unseen outside influences being a part of your creating process.

      That is the truth anyway – you do not create your life or self-evolve on an isolated island somewhere. You live on the “island” of Earth, and indeed beyond that the cosmos. Everything is connected throughout time and space.

      As you fully grasp what this means, it’s easier to let go and being in the flow that spirit can help facilitate. Intend now that you will benefit from these energies this year. Decide to participate fully with life and with the divine dance of creation. It is this that will allow you to thrive and to be in love and joy.

      Copyright 2014 by Selacia *



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