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Hue-man Civilization has been brutally conquered by Planet of the Apes - THE REAL LOW-LIFE NIGGERS OF THE PLANET (Troglodyte Niger Anthropoid Monkey Unnatural Caveman Pale-Face Hybrid Humanoids). . . . . . It's about time for some "Real" Animal Control on the Planet !!!

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  • Sun Of God
    Exerpts compiled from the works entitled “The Nigger Problem (Social Misprision)” by Taj Tarik Bey and Durriyyah Bey   PLANETARY SOCIAL DISORDER   The
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      Exerpts compiled from the works entitled “The Nigger Problem (Social Misprision)” by Taj Tarik Bey and Durriyyah Bey




      The “Nigger Problem” is unique, in that it is a paradoxical intersocial anomaly of interfacings between Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural HUE-Peoples, and a thoroughly amoral body politic of Foreign European Colonial Descendents, featuring their miscreant activities, which have been misclassified as, “Racism”. The truth about, and the root of, the ‘Nigger Problem’ is Genocidal Colonialism and ‘Birthrights Theft’. This Anti-Social Behavior negatively affects Aboriginal and Indigenous Societies as a whole. The ‘Nigger Problem’ as an issue, affects Moors socially, politically, morally, ethically, economically, and spiritually. It manifests as injury (most specifically) to the suppressed Asiatics of Northwest Amexem/Northwest Africa/North America, who have been falsely ‘branded’ as Negroes, Blacks, Colored, Afro/African-Americans, West Indians, Niggers, etc.


      All of those misnomers were coined by Europeans to describe a civilly-lost/civilly-dead and fallen HUE-People, who are descendants of a much greater culture; having extraordinary standards for higher knowledge. For those among us who think that we are really those particular ‘coined’ names, challenge yourselves with some actual studies and research! Then ask yourselves how ridiculous we must have appeared to others from around the world? It is foul and vain for a person or a people to hold on to a lie, when the truth has been revealed to them!


      Negro and Nigger (synonyms) constitute a most blatant example of such a misunderstood word, which has raised so many eyebrows, and caused others to resort to anger, or to dismay. Truth be told, is that the extreme level of ignorance surrounding the word ‘Nigger’ is astounding and inexcusable. Instead of running and complaining, the wiser among us, will choose to apply the Science which treats of the truth, the origin and the morphology of words; seeking to know, by way of fundamental Grammatication, their etymons. More often than not, many assumed meanings and popularly-perceived origins of words, are not true to the misconceptions heaped upon them by fad; by silent war strategies; by deliberate corruption of Linguistics and education; by inaccurate connotations; or by ignorance.





      Alluding to the main clarification reference points of this treatise, we will authoritatively state that there is scientific, evidentiary proof that the names ‘Negro/Nigger’ are not Grammatically truthful, nor scientifically applicable, when signified to identify the Dark-Hued/Dark-Skinned Natural Peoples of the Earth. Their burnished copper complexion is of a Divine Relationship with the Sun and with Nature. Nigger is not ‘homogenous; to the consanguinity or pedigree of the ‘Original’ Asiatic, Dark-Hued/Dark-Skinned/Dark-Complexioned Natural Peoples of the Earth.


      ‘Negro / Niger’ is a ‘Beast’ – being a Troglodyte Niger Anthropoid (Anthropopithecus) Monkey / Ape. The same scientific binominal nomenclature (T. Niger) applies also to the Paleoliths; being the ‘heterogenous’, Troglodyte Niger Caveman Humanoid (Heterogenous Ibrida – Paleolithic).


      Heterogenous is the scientific opposite of ‘Homogenous’, and means, ‘Diverse of kind and nature’; composed of completely different characters; incongruous and foreign; being composed of diverse elements or constituents and not homogenous; the crossing or blending of two different, unalike species. An example of Heterogenous would be: A + B = C.   Therefore, a ‘Mule’ is heterogenous, being a sterile hybrid of a male jackass and a female horse. A seed crossed with another seed, not of it’s own origin, produces a ‘hybrid’.


      Homogenous means of the same kind or nature; being alike, similar and congruous. In ‘Geneology’, having congruity, in that the genetic qualities are the same; in agreement; harmonious, and the like. Thus, ‘Homogenous’ is being true in ‘original – form’; and with components ‘identifiable’ to the beginning of existence – nature, or natural – origin – construct. An example of Homogenous would be: A + A = A.   Therefore, a horse is a homogenous offspring of a male horse and a female horse. A seed, left to its own natural state, reproduces its own.


      A ’Monkey’ or Ape is homogenous in its natural state. A man is homogenous in his natural state. Cross the genes of the two, and the result is the Paleolith – Troglodyte Niger; a hybrid.


      When one researches the word, ‘Negro/Nigger’, scientifically, genetically, or linguistically, what do facts reveal? Who or what real ‘Geneology’ or consanguine history and make-up are you researching? What is the true linguistic and bio-genetic categorization and classification of the words, Negro / Nigger? The truth (about the Nigger) has much to do with Ancient ‘Genetic Research Technology’ and ‘Experimentation’; carried out in the Yucatan Peninsula at Mexico (Mehecu) of Central Amexem/Africa, and executed also in Patagonia. A core aspect of these Ancient Experiments had to do with cross-ovum, cross-blood, and cross-gene, hetero – to – homo perfection-manifests. These scientific hurtles were accomplished at Patagonia of Southwest Amexem, by the Ancient Moabites/Moors.


      The Anthropithecus (Troglodyte Niger) was at the center of one particular bio-genetic, heterogenous aspect, and was part of a broader range of ‘Ibrida Experimentation and Research’. Such experiments also involved hybrid corn, cell regeneration, hybrid food – stock, herbs, enzymes, and plant life hybrids, etc. This served to enhance certain positive qualities, and improved plant – cell resistance for variable fungi and disease, etc.


      Amalgamation is the ‘action’ of combining into a uniform whole, two different compounds, elements, or species, etc. The Ancient “Ibrida Experiments” were, in fact, ovum/zygote implant – amalgamation exercises in “Genetic Engineering”.


      The two (2) incongruent subjects of the ‘Ibrida Experiments’ were:

      A. The Human specie (Homo) Aboriginal/Oriental. +

      B. The Troglodyte Niger (Anthropopethicus) Monkey/Ape, Zygote (s)  Metrically amalgamated: A + B = C.  Thus…..

      C. The Troglodyte Niger – Paleolithic Man (Hybrid) Occidental. (Ruddy – pale Humanoids)


      The resulting amalgam of the ‘Ibrida experiments’ – [C] was that of ‘ruddy-pale’, hairy humanoids. A Humanoid is a synthetic man or Android. These offspring were, thereafter (under controlled environments), cross-bred again and again with human zygotes until an acceptable or perfected form was manifest. This experimentally-created manifest (or KIND of Man) is what has since been called, ‘Man-KIND’ as opposed to ‘Man’. Thus, the genesis of a “New” KIND of Man appeared on the planet. And this is the scientific truth about the genetic creation of Modern Man – the ‘Occidental-Roman’. The Romans’ uncaring sense of Earth-Culture is less appreciating, and contemporary in character and nature. The Oriental ‘Halig’ (Holistic) Nature of seeing life is infused within the Philosophies of the Asiatic Nation. This distinguishes the religious philosophies between Orientals and Occidentals; and is professed for the purpose of bringng some remedy to this social misunderstanding and abnormality. Therefore, the Ancient Moabites introduced ‘Religion-Philosophy’ among the Roman/Humanoid Nations.


      These socially-reintroduced, cross-bred humanoids, were derived from the ‘Ibrida Experiments’ whose technology was executed in Mehecu and Patagonia, Southwest Amexem/Africa. The products of these experiments were referred to, in the past, as, Paleoliths (Pale-Face). Paleo are referred to as, ‘Rud-manus’/Roman/(Red-man) or in more contemporary times, Europeans.


      The ORIGINAL “NATURAL” HUE-MAN (Canaanites/Moabites, etc.) are the Aboriginal Dark-Hued/Dark-Skinned “Fully-Melaninated” HUE-Peoples of the Natural Planet Earth; characterized by hair like lamb’s wool, and burnished-copper, dark-hued complexions. They are the founders of Civilization. Rrom their own Hue-man Gene-Pool, and from the gene-pool of Anthropoid/Monkeys, scientists created a “New” Heterogenous Humanoid Specie called Paleoliths. A lack of knowledge about these bio-genetic truths, has been, and is now, extant among the suppressed Natural HUE-Peoples of the Natural Planet. This lack of knowledge has also caused much of the world’s anti-social behavior and inter-social, human race problems!


      Civilization – destruction and social-disorder tends to be misunderstood, and misclassified, partly because people are not aware of the Europeans’ origins; and about his Inquisition, anti-social agenda. This Inter-social Anomaly includes distorting the ‘proper names’ of persons, places, things, and ideas. As this Ancient Anthropological-History is revealed and reintroduced back to the Original Natural HUE-Peoples, their blind-beliefs and mis-concepts about History, Philosophy, Religion, Geography, Anthropology, Grammatication, and Sociology, etc., (on a maasive scale) will definitely change forever!





      A variable period of inter-socialization between the Natural HUE-Peoples (Original “Hue” MAN) with the Humanoid (Man-KIND), logically brought about curiosity; some intermixing; and (in many other instances) out and out fighting and rejection of the Troglodytes. Interfacing among the Natural HUE-Peoples, under the less controlled environmental conditions, produced an unexpected state of affairs, and a series of unforeseen consequences. Among other identified consequences, etc., was that of wars, Niger (Troglodyte) rejection; abnormal subjectivity and withdrawal among some Ibrida; linquistic confusion; general disorder, and, of course, disease. The Hybrids also attracted anoplura (lice) and their sebaceous glands produced pungent odors. Distress began to creep into the once peaceful societies of the Moabite Indigenes of Central and Southwest. Aside from the logistical problems created by intense education and socialization, new, uncharted diseases appeared from among the TRUE Niggers (which is the Paleolithic Troglodyte “White” Man) to infect the populace. The identified ‘strains’ that predominated the Scientists concerns were these:

      A. Gonorrhea

      B. Syphilis, and

      C. Tuberculosis.


      Gonorrhea is an infectious and inflammatory disease that causes a discharge of mucus from the membrane of the urethra (the urinary tract) the vagina and from the cervix; etc. It often causes very painful and difficult urination.


      Syphilis is a chronic infection, being a venereal disease caused by a spirochete called Treponema Palladium, and is transmitted by direct contact, usually sexual intercourse, and progressing through three stages. These stages are respectively characterized by local formations of chancres, ulcerous skin eruptions, and systematic infections leading to general paresis.


      Tuberculosis is

      a communicable disease of man and animals, caused by the micro-organism, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, and manifesting itself in lesions of the lungs, bone, and other parts of the body. It is known to be referred to as a Consumption or Pulmonary Tuberculosis Problem.  





      A dire ‘State of Emergency’ arose in Central Amexem/Africa, due to the unforeseen consequences stemming from the ‘Ibrida’-oriented disease epidemics, and other associated problems which resulted from the Hue-man Specie (Aboriginal) being forcefully cross-bred and genetically-manipulated with the Troglodyte Niger (Monkey/Ape) which in fact created the Hybrid Paleolithic “White” Kind of Man (Humanoid/Man-Kind) carried out in the Yucatan Peninsula at Mexico (Mehecu) of Central Amexem/Africa, and executed also in Patagonia by the Ancient Moabites/Moors.


      Something drastic had to be done; and very quickly! Many of the surrounding people were distraught and demanded that all ‘Ibrida’ experiments be abandoned and that the Scientific Laboratory Complexes and Universities be destroyed. Others wanted the heads of the Scientists who were most directly involved with the ‘Albo (Albino)-Ibrida-Strain’ aspects of the Bio-organic Experiments. Riots abounded! Many Ibrida (Pale-Face Hybrids) killed or severely injured countless innocent bystanding Hue-men/Hue-women and other Hue-peoples were killed by some of the frightened and confused mobs, who saw the Unnatural Pale-Face Hybrids (Ibrida) as Grotesque “Freak” Monsters of Horror and Disgust. In a place where peace was once common, misery, intolerance, and brutal killings (massive crime) now fouled the air! The Local Regencies were forced to close the Ancient Laboratories, and Scientific Complexes. The news spread quickly! Even many of the Ancient Pyramid Temples and Universities of Higher Learning, were ransacked! In a word, the peace of society was totally disrupted by the introduction of these Strange, Pale Humanoids. Another massive problem was that many of these Abominable Ibrida/Hybrid Creatures simply would not bathe!


      Other Scientists from Northwest Amexem/Africa were also critical of the ‘Negro aspects’ of ovum and blood-crossing with Hue-man Eggs and Hue-man Sperm. These Genetically-Manipulated Troglodyte Nigers/Niggers (Negroes) were exported far and wide. This certainly did not bode well for the Yucatan Scientists of the mid-lands. Their quests to calm the people, and be allowed time to research and address the unforeseen disease pandemic, etc., fell on deaf ears!


      With the Ancient Laboratory Complexes sacked, destroyed or burned, the Paleolith issue became the scourge of the Yucatan and Mehecu. Many cities were, out and out, shut down and abandoned; left to rot and decay, as nature would have it! Among many, even the mention of the Ancient Experiment was taboo! Other Aboriginals who had cohabitated with the Paleo-Niger/Nigger/Negro were scorned and summarily caste as inferior, and as beasts or animals, even though they did not show any direct relationship to the Ibrida nature, other than a lighter complexion and, somewhat, more flaxen hair. And so it came to be that almost nobody would accept or openly be seen with the “Pale-Face” Nigers/Negroes (Niggers). Others would mock the Albo (Albino)-Hybrids, calling them names such as “Pale-Face”, “Red-Dogs”, etc. On the other hand, others were far more sympathetic, having created bonds or relationships. After all, our Scientists initiated the Experiments and carried them to fruition! WE MADE THEM! Their Niger/Negro (Nigger) Problems were, and still are our problems!


      In short order, decisions were made to do all that was possible to address the Troglodyte Niger’s (Humanoid) Skin Problems, and to cure the diseases. This Unnatural Pale-Face KIND of Man needed protection from the unforgiving among the Natural Hue-People, yet to a more serious degree, from the Equatorial Sun, which appeared to angrily cause lesions and cancers among the Paleoliths at an alarmingly rate. A more compatible environment was in order!


      Engla-Land weather patterns are unpredictable and changeable, in that most of the time, the temperatures in that area are more mild than on the main continent. Winter’s temperatures rarely drop below thirty-two (32) degrees. Therefore, freezing is uncommon. Summers are generally mild, and rarely rise above ninety degrees (90). Under these conditions, the Albo (Albino) Paleo would have a better chance at surviving the Sun’s fury, and could evolve to higher state of civilized culture over time. On these accounts, (distance and weather), Engla-Land was chosen as a compatible place for the Paleoliths.


      Also, beneficial to the Albo (Albino)-Tribal cause, was the British Isles’ foggy, wet and cloudy weather conditions. This would prove to be a more compatible climatic atmosphere for their sensitive, pale albino-grafted skin. At the same time, while addressing the biological issue; the transfer resolved (on a limited basis) some of the inter-socialization problems centered at areas known today as Chichenitza, Uxmal, Mayapan, Tuium, and the surrounding areas and cities of the Yucatan.


      Similar problems were inflicted upon the Natural Hue-Peoples in the Southwest Amexem/Africa Regions of Patagonia, and the surrounding lands. The destructive disease-epidemics and the social disorder needed to be checked in a timely and reasonable order.


      The hidden and suppressed History of Central, and Southwest Amexem/Africa (involving the “Heterogenous Ibrida Experiments”) were decreed Taboo! And the Yucatan Legacy became a secret sorrow! The ensuing Albo (Albino)-Paleolith Problems have caused Hue-manity untold miseries; being the root of the ancient traditions of rejection, segregation, and hatred of the “Troglodyte Niger Paleolith” WHITE KIND of Man (otherwise known as the REAL TRUE “Nigger” of the Planet). Thus, the traditional advent of ‘questionable’ customs that we suffer from in these days, with the practices of rejecting Nigers (Negroes/Niggers), and denying Negroes (Nigers/Niggers) more intricate, authoritative powers in society. Due to (future) Inquisition Conquests, the role of the “True” Moabite/Moorish Sovereigns and that of their self-created ‘Hybrids’ have been reversed! As time passed, the (once Sovereign) Moabites/Moors were colorably ‘branded’ as the Negroes/Niggers; and the ‘Real’ Paleolith Troglodyte Nigers/Niggers, in rebellion, took on, for themselves, the High Social Caste Title of, “WHITE-People”. In terms of Jurisprudence and Law, “WHITE” relates to a Sovereign Power Status over the Land as the color reference directed toward a people in law terms suggests one’s status to that of being pure and clean, void of blemishes, next to godliness, etc. The Stolen/Usurped Legal Status of “WHITE” must not be confused with the practiced misconceptions erroneously applied to Unnatural Albino-Grafted Non-Melaninated Pale-Skinned Genetically-Recessive NON HUE-Man Freak-Faces.


      The wiser among us will not fail to take into account, the annals of Ancient World History, when studying or analyzing Anthropology and Sociology of today! A failure to do so, can, and will, cause misjudgments, hatred, confusion, and misunderstood issues about nations and peoples! Thus, a lack of true knowledge of the Hue-man Condition!





      The Moabites gathered up as many Blonde-Haired Blue/Green-Eyed Albino-Grafted Pale-Face Monkey Hybrids as they could readily find, and placed them under quarantine. In mass amounts, the authorities summarily proceeded to transfer the Paleolithic “Monkey” Hybrids across the Great Atlantis to the “Land of Anglis” (Albion). The “Land of Anglis” (Albion) is known today as the British Isles, Engla-Land and England. Many Savage Paleolithic Troglodyte Nigers (Negroes/Niggers) were killed at Piedras Negras.

      Special Note: Search and find the historic picture of the ruins at Piedras Negras, Yaxchilan, Tikal, etc. The Ancient HUE-Peoples and Builders of these particular complexes long predate the later Mayans known today.


      And so, England (and more specifically, “Europe”) became the assigned home-land for the ‘Ibrida’ (Unnatural Pale-Face “Monkey” Hybrids), who originated by way of zygote cross-breeding. The Natural “Original” Hue-Peoples of that area of the planet, moved, for the most part, back to more sanguine areas, such as Ta’Mari (which is now inaccurately referred to as “Africa”); and to Amexem, North, Central, and South (Americas); including the Adjoining Islands (Americana).


      Many ‘Ibrida’ (also referred to as Albions) were regrouped and put to intense socialization and treatment for venereal and respiratory diseases. Others from among them, ran wild and proved to be more prone to their Anthropoid side than their Hue-man side or Hue-man Character. Again, others were hopelessly untenable and unteachable. Many who tried to assimilate back into the trees, and to their arboreal habits, found themselves unable, or less able, to navigate with any reasonable agility. This was a Totally-New World for these Child-Like/Beast-Like FREAK KINDS of Hybrid People. For the most part, these Troglodyte Pale-Face Nigers/Niggers/Negroes, being extremely awkward and highly-uncultured, were rejected by the Canaanite and Moabite Populace, at large, due to their pale, hairy skin; their propensity for transmitting disease; their moody and changeable schizophrenic nature; and their inhumanely-aggressive temperament, and their foul animalistic smell (odor), which contrasted so strongly with the calmer Hue-man/Hue-woman Civilized Demeanor and Hue-mane Mannerisms (“Hue” as in the HUE-Man, HUE-Woman, and HUE-Child with the Default Natural Characteristics of Wooly-Hair, Wide-Noses, Thick-Lips, and Full Melanin Hue Pigmentation in their skin).


      And so, another Ancient Name was thusly attributed to what is now known as Engla-Land, Scotland and Whales. This came about because of that geographical areas’ Newer “Pale-Face” Inhabitants. The Ancient Name for England is ALBION. Therefore, whenever one hears the name Albion, know that it refers to Engla-Land/England., and to it’s more contemporary Albus/Albino (Monkey-Grafted) Inhabitants. The Original Dark-Skinned/Dark-Hued Asiatics who Naturally and Originally saturated those particular Lands, were given tributes; compensated, and systematically displaced. Some were not. The Original HUE-Peoples of England are ‘Druids”, “Dubs”, and “Danes”, etc. Do not confuse these Natives with the ‘Ibrida-Albion’, to whom the Land was consigned to by Emergency Decrees, issued from Old Amexem.


      Of particular note is the following temperament, and anatomy concerning ‘traits’ exhibited by the Troglodytes:

      A. Unnatural Paleolithic “Pale-Face” Nigers/Negroes (Niggers) tend to become very irritable and agitated after only a few years into their adult stages of life. This irritability characteristic appears to have transferred to the Paleoliths. This trait seems to wade, depending on how many generations have blended back onto the hue-man side, by way of intermixing; thus, an increased in melanin. While young, however, the Troglodytes (Natural Monkeys and/or Monkey Hybrids) usually acted, in many ways, the same, and no different than, a hue-man small child.

      B. Unnatural Paleolithic “Pale-Face” Nigers/Negroes (Niggers) tend to develop skeletal back problems, such as scoliosis and arching of the back as they age. Their bones are significantly weaker than that of pure-stock Hue-man/Hue-woman Beings.

      C. Unnatural Paleolithic “Pale-Face” Nigers/Negroes (Niggers) tend to come under severe attack from the Natural Sun; developing multiple forms of Melanosis and Melanoma (Leprosy), due to their lacking of Sacred Melanin Hue Pigmentation in the skin. The only Natural Melanin in the Anthropoid (Natural Monkey) is in the fur. The ‘Ibrida’ (Monkey Hybrid People) has little or no fur left from the Anthropoid side. Therefore, the skin of the Paleolithic Humanoid (KIND of Man), being albus or pink, has very little melanin left. Nature generously provides SUN-Compatibility for any and all ‘homogenous’ or congenial life from. The Paleolithic Troglodyte Hybrid Nigers/Niggers (Negroes) which lack natural monkey fur affords no protection from the rays of the Sun.


      Nevertheless, time would pass, and many of the paleoliths became more and more acclimated to their hue-man side; accounted for by extended intermixing. Other Paleoliths regressed, and preferred to live in dens and caves, thus, the term, Troglodyte Niger Cave-Man. The first positive signs of civilized order to evolve among the teachable Troglodytes is known as, Proto-Germanic. All other European/Albion Strains, Stock, or Nations can be traced to the Proto-Germanic. When the name Engla-Man is presented in text or language, it still relates to German, in genetic pedigree or in Linguistics.




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      Sanguine areas ? I ve heard of the Congolese conflict as bloody, but still...Oh wait, you didn t know sanguine meant bloody. Go figure. Am I right, Shamshel,
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        "Sanguine areas"? I've heard of the Congolese conflict as bloody, but
        still...Oh wait, you didn't know sanguine meant bloody. Go figure.

        Am I right, Shamshel, the fallen angel?

        BTW, if anyone were in Mexico before Columbus besides Indians, we would
        have had a resistance to smallpox.
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