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39PA House poised to stop PA Clean Vehicles Program in lame duck

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  • wombatpa
    Nov 10, 2006

      The message from PennFuture below really says it all.  On Monday, 47 UNACCOUNTABLE legislators will be voting on a bill that would block implementation of the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program.  This is an incredibly offensive move by the House leadership to push through legislation that is against the will of the majority of Pennsylvanians who want cleaner air.  I urge you, as people of faith to contact your legislators to let them know that this is wrong.  For messaging information, you can see the old alert I posted at http://www.pachurches.org/Advocacy/Alerts/Alerts.htm (click on the link under "Environment"), or you can go to http://capwiz.com/pennfuture/issues/alert/?alertid=9167161.   Just a note--calls or personal e-mails tend to be more effective.

      You can go to http://www.pachurches.org/What/Advocacy/Resources/Resources.htm (click on the public officials link) for information on how to contact your legislators (this link also includes information on finding out who your legislators are if you do not know).

      Thanks for any help you can give!


      Sandy Strauss


      From PennFuture:

      In an unbelievable display of arrogant disregard for the voters, Republican leaders in the House are vowing to force a vote on SB 1025, the bill that would kill the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program. The bill is scheduled for a vote on Monday, November 13.

      The Clean Vehicles Program will save Pennsylvania consumers more than $8 billion in fuel costs and make us more secure by helping to break our addiction to foreign oil. It is also an essential component of Pennsylvania's plan to meet health-based clean air standards and provide better protection for the one million Pennsylvanians who suffer from chronic lung diseases.

      This vote would be an affront to the democratic process. Forty-seven of the legislators who will be voting on this bill will not be returning to the House of Representatives next year. Even worse, control of the legislature is uncertain at this point. This is clearly a last-ditch attempt by Republican leadership to accede to the demands of the out-of-state industry supporters of this bill despite public opinion in support of the Clean Vehicles Program.