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  • wombatpa
    Nov 6, 2006
      I have read (yet again) an article about how this year is a problem
      for "values voters" having a hard time knowing where to turn this
      election season and I can hardly contain myself! Some of us who
      consider ourselves values voters have been having trouble for years!

      Now that I've had my mini-rant, this is just a reminder, though I
      doubt most of you need the reminder. PLEASE get out and vote.
      PLEASE urge everyone you know to get out and vote. This is a very
      important election, and its outcome will have tremendous impact on
      future decisions concerning the issues that we consider important.

      Speaking of values--I wanted to share a piece that I wrote that has
      now appeared in the Harrisburg Patriot News and the Pittsburgh Post
      Gazette--an op-ed that calls for an end to the use of negative
      stereotypes on welfare for political gain. The web link is below.
      I hope you find it useful!

      Sandy Strauss

      Here is the link:
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