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  • wombatpa
    Sep 1, 2006
      Thanks for signing up for this group!

      I'm hoping that this can become a forum for members to share
      information about events, articles, and resources that may be
      helpful to others.

      A few things--
      1) If you have friends or know of others who may have an interest
      in this group, please encourage them to sign on. This will only
      work if we can build a critical mass across the state. If there is
      any problem with anyone you know signing on, please contact me at
      sandra.strauss@... (do not hit reply--the message will go to

      2) There is an important source of articles on faith matters
      available on a daily basis that you may wish to check out. To see
      the daily listing, go to
      http://www.faithinpubliclife.org/news/index.html. There is a place
      where you can enter your e-mail address if you decide you wish to
      receive this service.

      3) On a purely selfish note--and in the interest of sharing
      specific advocacy information--as Director of Public Advocacy I do
      semi-regular newsletters and alerts as needed on issues that are of
      interest to the Pennsylvania Council of Churches. If you would like
      to check out some of what we do, go to
      http://www.pachurches.org/What/Advocacy/advocacy.htm. If you decide
      that you are interested in receiving the Council's newsletters and
      alerts (which are light now, but we do get into heavy periods!),
      please send a note to me at s.strauss@... (see note above-
      -do not just hit "Reply" to this message). In addition to your
      address, it would be terrific if you would be willing to provide
      address, telephone and faith tradition. I do not provide our
      advocacy list to others, so you should not end up with other
      additional e-mails.

      NOTE: Our most recent newsletter (at
      http://www.pachurches.org/What/Advocacy/Updates and
      News/Updates.htm; click on "August 30, 2006" under "Current Issue")
      has numerous opportunities for workshops and events that may be of
      interest for September and October--including a visit by Jim Wallis
      on October 11.

      Hoping that we can help each other when we are planning events and

      I'm looking forward to building this network!

      Sandy Strauss