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40131Supplementary apps for Ozi Android

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  • Des Fry
    Jan 15, 2014

      Has anyone written any Android apps to supplement Ozi for Android?  I was thinking of something like a track analyser; this could be as simple as listing the length of tracks recorded by OziDroid.

      While on holiday I completed several hikes and so long as I remembered to reset the Odometers, I know how far I walked; but once in a while I forget (advanced age ;-)

      I can do all I want with PC Ozi when at home, but it would be handy to have something on my tablet when out in the field.  If OziDroid can already do this then do please tell me how.

      Of course, something like a height profile would also be nice.  Something like Tino's Trackan program for PC would be really nice.  If you haven’t seen that program before, checkout: http://people.ksp.sk/~tino/gps/help.html but it’s over 10 years old now.

      Anyone have any other suggestions for augmenting Ozi for Android with separate Android apps?



      Desmond Fry, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

      Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this email



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