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40128Re: [OziUsers-L] RE: Albers equal area projection

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    Jan 14, 2014
      On 13 January 2014 16:44, <waygoodm@...> wrote:

      > I've been using the OziExp0 suite since I discovered it nearly 10 years ago. It has not had insuperable bugs for me, and the problems I have found have mostly been fixed pretty quickly. Maintaining and developing a software suite of this size is no mean feat, and it's a credit to the developers that so much of it works so well, and that so much of it is free.

      I agree, but what is free? Map merge and Image to Ozi are free, but
      are just an extension of the main (paid for) program, that sensibly
      are separate programs.

      > I am relieved to hear that someone else is also making "whole country" maps and is happy working with the huge files that result. This was not always (and sometimes still isn't) so easy, and I prefer that approach to the "seemless" (seamless) map facility in OziExplorer.

      Again I agree. I've made many "whole country" maps and found that
      some won't load. But is that due to hardware limitations in ones

      > I could point out quite a number of features or changes that I'd like to see added, but given the team's track record, I am content to wait and see what they will pull out of the hat, as I'm sure they are aware of problems with the software that are more important to fix than adding frills that I might like.

      I notice the addition of AIS, which is a good feature for those that
      would use it. I would like to see that extended to include APRS,
      which is very similar.technology. But again limited for use by a
      small number of users.

      However, APRS is lacking in not having a program of the calibre of
      OziEx, so could result in some increase in sales if APRS features were
      included. (An API linked program did exist, but is no longer working
      or supported.)

      > Just because there has been a long gap between updates does not mean nothing is going on (I hope), and as another commenter has said, checking for the consequences of changes in a suite of this size is no mean task.

      What worries me is that recent updates have been about 'protecting'
      the ozi map format.

      OziEx has always been liked for it's ability to use map formats from
      other programs. Dare I suggest that the majority of users do this!
      Now the major effort is directed to stopping other programs for using
      ozi maps. I don't use those other programs, so this should not bother

      But encrypting and decrypting takes time, so slows down OziEx
      programs. It's interesting also to see how the program file sizes
      have suddenly increased with few or no new features.

      Slowing down map loading is my major worry, so I don't use the new
      versions, but am now annoyed by the update warning that appears when I
      run OziEx on a PC connected to the internet.

      However my biggest concern is that Des is devoting too much effort in
      protecting his format, which is taking time away from improving the

      I remember a leading PC programming company in 1979, that failed as it
      spent too much time protecting it's programs, rather then enhancing
      it's range of programs. I only hope that Des is not going to follow!

      OziExplorer for Android is also not getting updates as frequently as
      other apps. It's a quality app (unusual for Android) that has
      potential. Could it be the inferior OS on Android that's the problem?

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