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40119Re: [OziUsers-L] RE: OZF files

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  • John Tserkezis
    Jan 13, 2014
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      amaryllis7@... wrote:

      > I use Ozf2 whenever possible, also because I am stuck with version 2.30d.3 of OziExplorerCE, which cannot handle the Ozfx3 format.

      Is there a technical reason for this? That's older than what I have
      in my archives. It can't be device support, it's been the same across
      the versions for a long time now.

      > IMHO, the main advantage of Ozfx3 is the possibility to create larger maps. The older versions of Img2Ozf and MapMerge could not produce large maps. Or was it because of the Ozf2 format?

      I think it was the Img2OZF dealing with larger images more gracefully
      with the later versions. I'm "stuck" with the later versions because
      there are some very critical updates in the image processing algorythms
      that make it work for some of my images. Early versions either didn't
      work, or looked bad.

      > With MapMerge v1.21 I now have a 1:25000 map of my whole country (The Netherlands) in one Ozfx3 file (114856 x 132215 pixels).

      Ouch. I have a 56K x 110k Ozf2 image and thought that was big.

      However, bigger isn't always better. I have a 128K x 109K pre-built
      image of Australia in ozfx3 format (only because that was the conversion
      tool of the day when I got the original ECW images).
      The problems I have with the slower processor devices is they don't
      deal with large images very well at all. It takes so long to parse the
      file there is significant lag with moving map.
      ECW support is spotty across software, either way, at that size
      totally unusable because it's slower than ozf? style images.

      There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants,
      and the other is getting it. (Oscar Wilde)
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