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40116RE: [OziUsers-L] OziExplorer still in business?

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  • Pieter Litchfield
    Jan 13, 2014
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      I have been a happy Ozi user since the first versions.  I first bought it because it was, at the time, the only map making software that allowed multiple tracks to be displayed at the same time.  I have stuck with it ever since - even when doing "fancy" maps on commercial mapping systems, Ozi is still my "ground truth" device - I can spot any major issues with the data before moving it to a big system.


      I suspect that over the years Ozi has grown in complexity as a result of end user demands and the computing environment.


      I'll confess that I may be to blame for 1 feature - the "project" portfolio which allows maps, tracks, waypoints, etc. all belonging to 1 mapping project to be stored and automatically loaded as a group.  Speeds my map edits a thousand fold!


      On the other hand, my first version of Ozi ran on my old DOS 3.2 system.  Now several generations later, the Ozi folks are faced with Windows 8, and there are lots of compatibility issues between "old" software and Microsoft's latest attempt to pick your pocket.  I'd hate to be in the business of (just) "debugging" an old release to get it running on a new operating system.  Heap on that Androids, etc. and life gets very complex.



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      On 1/13/2014 9:05 PM, Des Fry wrote:

      > I think change is inevitable for Ozi to reach a wider customer base.

      Unfortunately, IMHO, Ozi has come to a crossroads in it's development.
      It has to satisfy at least TWO diverse groups of users

      1* The "must have the latest software version and latest hardware
      platform", with all the latest bells and whistles, regardless of whether
      it is useful, stable or not.
      2* The "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" group

      I am sure both groups are represented in this forum! ;-)

      Group 1 will encourage Ozi to become more and more complex/bloated with
      all the instabilities and inefficiencies that could potentially pop up
      if a single "feature" is changed or added. The introduction of new
      encrypted map formats, hardware platforms and O/S's would be
      particularly challenging.
      Unfortunately, due to it's complexity, an Ozi "bug fix" may take far
      more lead and testing time to develop into a marketable product.
      Group 1 members would generate an avalanche of typical posts in this
      forum asking .....
      " How do I get Ozi to run on the new XYZ tablet?"
      "I have just installed the new ABC operating system and now I cannot get
      moving maps to work"

      Group 2 would encourage releases of Ozi to only address bug fixes and
      possibly changes to *common* map formats.
      Complete rewrites would not be needed and updated versions would be
      quicker to market.
      Unfortunately, group 1 is growing at a far greater rate than group 2
      (group 2 may even be stagnant?), so Des has to try to balance the
      product between the two, an almost impossible task.

      Maybe there need to be at least TWO teams working on different versions
      V1 - "bells and whistles bloatware" - gives greater income
      V2 - "no frills, it just works" - probably minimal income, but steadier
      user base.

      I agree with Des F in running multiple versions of Ozi.
      I actually run 2 on a separate dedicated machine.......

      the development version (3.96.4a - 3.3Mb)
      the latest version (3.95.5t - 8.4Mb)

      South Oz

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