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40112Re: [OziUsers-L] OziExplorer still in business?

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  • Teppo
    Jan 13, 2014
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      Have to comment about this, as I do think that this is calm before the storm as they say. I am a heavy user of ozi by manipulating tracks and maps. I'm a bit concerned about the future of Ozi, as It comes more and more limited, as it already has by prohibiting saving of stiched ozfx3 for instance. So, I hold the copy of the present Ozi installation file to be used after Ozi becomes useless for me to use in my hobbies. Development used to be off-road/outdoor and mapping-enthusiast orientated (Thats me!) but changes looks like orientated for more dollars only. I would pay for annual fee instead of Ozi going into direction that it is heading at the moment in my oppinion. Have all the products and use them more or less daily.

      On 13.1.2014 4:10, David Read wrote:

      On 1/13/2014 6:21 AM, Outback Australia wrote:
      > Is Des Newman and OziExplorer still in business?
      > No updates to Windows and more so Android version. The Ozi Android
      > version is well overdue for some fixes and updates. Last update for Ozi
      > Android was 23rd May 2013. With the bugs and issues with Ozi Android
      > expected to see some more releases.

      According to the "future changes" page, Des is still working on a major
      rewrite of the full Ozi.
      Maybe there are a few snags along the way ....
      If you want accurate info from the horse's mouth, contact the horse at

      South Oz

      This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.

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