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40111Re: [OziUsers-L] OziExplorer still in business?

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  • David Read
    Jan 12, 2014
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      On 1/13/2014 6:21 AM, Outback Australia wrote:
      > Is Des Newman and OziExplorer still in business?
      > No updates to Windows and more so Android version. The Ozi Android
      > version is well overdue for some fixes and updates. Last update for Ozi
      > Android was 23rd May 2013. With the bugs and issues with Ozi Android
      > expected to see some more releases.

      According to the "future changes" page, Des is still working on a major
      rewrite of the full Ozi.
      Maybe there are a few snags along the way ....
      If you want accurate info from the horse's mouth, contact the horse at

      South Oz
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