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39935Re: Autostart of moving map.

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  • Phil Wyatt
    Oct 12, 2013

      Try one of these commands (from the help files)


      Startup Parameters

      The following command line parameters can be used when starting OziExplorer

      Note, the / is part of the parameter name.

      A map name can be included on the command line but it must come first

      /mmstart - Starts Moving Map (NMEA) communication
      /mmcontrol - Shows the Moving Map Control
      /navcontrol - Shows the Navigation Control
      /gpsfix - Shows the GPS Fix window

      example  command lines
      oziexp.exe /mmstart /mmcontrol /navcontrol /gpsfix
      oziexp.exe /mmstart
      oziexp.exe c:\oziexplorer\maps\mymap.map /mmstart /mmcontrol


      Cheers - Phil


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