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39920Re: [OziUsers-L] Question re: MapMerge

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  • barbudor
    Oct 8, 2013
      Have you properly configured the "destination map" ?

      The output pixel scale should be in the same range of the input pixel scale (MM1B field in the MAP files) as OziMapMerge will zoom in/out accordingly to match the pixel scale. So in case of big diifference => big zooms

      Also the Datum and projection shall be the same or close (unless you want to change datum/projection).
      Specifically if you try to change projection mode from input to a very different output projection, OziMapMerge will distorse the image accordingly.

      It just do what you ask it to do. Problem is to ask correctly :)



      2013/10/8 Simon Jung <blkdog1@...>


      Has anyone used Mapmerge with Backroads BC digital maps? I have loaded
      the mapd into mapmerge, but when viewing them in order to merge the maps
      are so distorted that it's difficult to see any detail. Anyone have any
      hints or suggestions?


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