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  • > In regards to instruments, are non-period, aucosic > instruments > acceptable? I have been playing much of the music > below with a group > here in al-Barran (Albuquerque, NM)on a clarinet...I > transcribe the > music as the clarinet is not in the key of C, but > Bb. > > In Service, > Lyneya del Filde > Scorpion Scales I'm not in charge of the musicians this year, but it's ok...
    Evelyn Alden Jun 3, 2004
  • ...play with the band for one or more pieces, the music can be found (MIDI, PDF and Noteworthy Composer) at: http://members.cox.net/calonkat/Lilies2004/ I don't know if music has been picked for the Pinwheel game. katriana
    Katriana May 30, 2004
  • First of all, my thanks to the musicians who showed up and played. Well, there were a few dances on the class schedules and ball lists that I didn't have "copyable" music on hand for. I found most of it on Del's Dance Book and Eric's SCA Dance Music Search Engine. My thanks to Morgan Ellisse for Alta Somaglia and Brando di Cales and to Sheila Beardslee Bosworth for her emergency...
    Evelyn Alden Jun 11, 2003
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  • > Hrm... works for me. I'm greedily devouring it as I > type. I plan to > sequence the Quen Quer Que tonight into my synth to > see how it matches > with the recording of it I've got stuck in my head. > > -=Eric If a MIDI or Noteworthy file would help, you can go to: http://www.angelfire.com/folk/treasurer/lilies2003/ Or the original version is at: http://www.crab.rutgers.edu...
    Evelyn Alden Jun 2, 2003
  • --- Lady Lin Shiao Mei wrote: > Therefore, at best, I can only > remember some music and it may not be the > established/accepted pieces. For the vast majority of SCA dance music, there is no "correct" version, only the version the musicians may be used to. There are a few pieces, such as Belle Qui, that we have period multi-part arrangements for but most dances only have a melody...
    Evelyn Alden May 30, 2003
  • --- Lady Lin Shiao Mei wrote: > I have compiled a sheet music book which can be > downloaded as a .pdf file > at: > http://mywebpages.comcast.net/shiao_mei/crtdance.pdf > - please print > this and bring it with you to this meeting. Let me know how the Quen Quer Que sounds. A group in Three Rivers (St Louis, MO) tried it and said is sounded more oriental than they thought a cantiga...
    Evelyn Alden May 29, 2003
  • Lilies is in June in Calontir, sorry for the kingdom-centric posting :-) katriana
    Katriana Apr 28, 2003
  • Hopefully this will all work... The music for the Lilies 2003 ball is at: http://www.angelfire.com/folk/treasurer/lilies2003/ pdf, MIDI and Noteworthy Composer files should all be there. If you are planning to attend Lilies and play for the ball, and have absolutely no way to print out the music, send me your address in an email and I'll send hardcopies. katriana
    Katriana Apr 28, 2003