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Re: [OutlandsDance] Digest Number 56

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  • Sheila McClune
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2000
      > Thank you both for the information. I would love to learn new dances. Arwen you meantioned that you were to travel this way for Sworded? May I at this time offer you and your traveling companions crash space if you so need it.

      Thank you for your very kind offer! We have a more-or-less standing
      invitation at Allegra and John's (she's invited me to come help cook),
      but if that doesn't happen to work out this year, I would be delighted
      to get in touch with you. It seems to be turning into a tradition for
      me to come down to Sworded. I always enjoy it.

      > Also before I forget... I would like very much to extend an ivitation to all to an upcoming event. MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT'S DREAM. It is June 22nd -24th (Friday- Sunday) there will be an Equestrian Tourney, a Archery Tourney, and a Rapier Tourney Saturday afternoon. A feast late Sat afternoon and then a Rapier tourney and Heavey Tourney right after night fall. Followed by a wonderful revel with lots of dancing.

      Sounds like fun. We'll pencil it in, though we haven't looked that far
      ahead on our calendar just yet.

      > Also I would like to send out a challange to all brewers. for there is a brewer's competions right before feast.

      You know, I haven't yet tried my hand at brewing. But I know people who
      have .... :)

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