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[OutlandsDance] Introductions (was Hole in the Wall)

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  • Sheila McClune
    ... Keith McClune a.k.a. Guillaume de Gonzac Caerthen co-dance master (formerly trained in Carolingia)
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2000
      >>> Swashbuckler <swashbuckler@...> 12/28/00 03:19pm >>>
      Keith McClune a.k.a.
      Guillaume de Gonzac
      Caerthen co-dance master
      (formerly trained in Carolingia)

      Guillaume's notes remind me that it might be a good time for us to
      introduce ourselves and tell a little about our backgrounds, especially
      related to dancing.

      So ... I'm Arwen Southernwood. I've been in the SCA for almost 18
      years, and I've been dancing and teaching dance for most of that. I got
      my start in what was then the Incipient Shire of Stonehaven (now the
      Barony of Unser Hafen), had a 4-year segue in the Barony of
      Stonemarche, in the East Kingdom (mundanely known as the state of
      New Hampshire), and returned to Caerthe and the Outlands about ten
      years ago.

      Before joining the SCA, I had always enjoyed dancing, and had done
      some square dancing. While we lived in the East, I also learned some
      contra dancing. And at various and sundry World Science Fiction
      conventions, I've learned a smattering of Regency dance.

      I went to my first dance practice in Caer Galen when I'd been playing for
      ... umm ... three months, and was teaching dance within a few months.
      In fact, when Jarl Freana and Jarlinda Richenda (who were the teachers
      there at that time) moved away, I helped teach at Caer Galen dance
      practice for a number of months. After our move to the East, we tried to
      get a dance practice going, but it was intermittent at best.

      With the help of THL Wyndylyn, I started the Caerthen dance practice
      about ... oh, three or four years ago? (There were some sporadic
      attempts to get dancing going before that, but none that really took off)
      Due to health problems, Wyndylyn took some time off from dancing, so
      Guillaume stepped in and started helping out. We've been running
      practices more or less as a team since then.

      I've taught dance and dance-related classes at a couple of A&S
      collegiums (collegia?), and, when I'm not pooped out from a day in the
      kitchens (cooking is my other passion), I'm always glad to help teach or
      lead period dancing at events.

      Guess that's all for now ...


      p.s. Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, the dance practice schedule for
      Caerthen Dance Practice has been updated for the first half of 2001, and
      can be found at:

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