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  • Swashbuckler
    Hi there: I ve noticed with some frustration that some groups favor out of period dance. This survey was not meant to discover the most popular dances (I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2000
      Hi there:

      I've noticed with some frustration that some groups favor out of period
      dance. This survey was not meant to discover the most popular dances (I
      think the Macarena easily wins), but rather those which each of us wished to
      recommend to the group as somehow 'essential'. That may be the popular
      dances, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, as each group has different
      fav's, I would suggest we try not to focus the "should know" list too much
      on those. That's why I suggested a variety of basic dances. All but two of
      mine were period, and those were at least plausibly period. That this was
      also, generally, true of the other lists pleases me. (Note that the top two
      dances, selected by everyone including me, are not technically period.)

      I believe that the SCA is here to research and recreate period
      activities as best we can. As we have plenty of documentation for safe, fun
      Renaissance dances, I feel it inappropriate to spend much time on blatantly
      out of period dances - there are other groups for that. Football may be
      popular, but it doesn't belong at a baseball game (and both are fun and
      popular in their place).

      Some groups, unfamiliar with period dance, seem to fear it. They like
      their regency and modern dances with endless repetitions - they know them,
      and if one doesn't know the dance, one will have lots of practice by the end
      of one's first try. By practicing and showing off the period dances I hope
      to convince others that these are just as fun, not hard, and at least
      equally valid. Petit Riens seems to be working.

      OK, here's another question for everyone - what are your personal
      favorite period dances?

      Keith / Guillaume

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      From: Jeanne Stapleton <apiskp@...>

      > About three weeks ago, I asked "what 12 dances
      > do you think every dancer in the Outlands should know
      > and why?" The question was posted on the sca-dance
      > list last year and I was curious what the results
      > would be here in the Outlands.
      > With only four data points, I am not comfortable
      > giving much authority to this list. Only Caerthe and
      > Dragonsspine are represented, and I know there are
      > important dance leaders (not to mention active dancers)
      > in Caer Galen and Unser Hafen. Al-Barran also has a
      > fledgling but enthusiastic dance group. Unfortunately,
      > I am not sure if these groups are represented on the
      > outlands-dance list.
      While I wouldn't presume to project a couple of exper-
      iences on the entire group, I do have to comment that
      I've been to a couple of Unser Hafen events that were
      dance practices or had a large amount of dance present;
      it was about half and half period and OOP. The big
      favorite that gets done further to the north is
      Circle Waltz. I know that at the Caer Galen Dance
      thing where Giles was GoH, we got frequent requests
      for OOP stuff by people phrasing it as "When do we
      get to do the *fun* dances?"

      Also things like Karabushka and Troika.

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