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Fwd from the SCA-Dance List re: Dance CDs

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  • Sheila McClune
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 1999
      >Subject: [SCA-Dance] CDs are in stock
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      >Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 12:45:59 -0500 (EST)
      >From: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@...>
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      >Thanks to the labor of Eric Pratzel, I have enough CDs to clear the
      >order backlog and more. So, here's your chance to buy a Christmas
      >present for that special dancemaster in your heart. Well, actually, I
      >can't promise you'll have it by Xmas; this note will undoubtedly
      >generate more orders than I will have CDs.
      >I will also reprint J&J soon. Wait for the announcement.
      >-- greg
      >I am pleased to announce that I am now selling cheap dance CDs, thanks
      >to the hard work of many, many others. How cheap? Most are $3,
      >including shipping within the US. This quality varies from
      >professional to amateur, with some computer-generated music. Most
      >importantly, it gives your local dance practice a good way of cheaply
      >and legally acquiring music to use. (If you saw the CDs on sale last
      >year at Pennsic, these are the same ones.)
      >Much of this music was originally available on tape, but most had gone
      >out of print. In addition to a huge "Huzzah" to all the musicians who
      >have allowed their work to be copied for these disks, I would like to
      >thank Eric Praetzel for doing most of the computer work, Phelim "Pug"
      >Gervase for mass-producing the CDs, and Lucrezia of Isenfir for
      >assembling and shipping everything. A full list of the musicians
      >involved is included on the labels with each CD, and can be viewed
      >online at: http://sca.uwaterloo.ca/~praetzel/CD-offer.html
      >And without further ado, the CDs and their contents. Ordering info at
      >Companions of St. Cecilia 1
      > Almande Madame Sosilia, Bransle Maltese (suicide), Bransle
      > Montarde, Bransle Pease, Chestnut, Confess, Danse de Cleue, Fain
      > I Would, Fickle Ladies, Fryar and the Nun, Grimstock, Heart's
      > Ease, Hole in the Head, Hyde Park, Love & a Bottle, Mannshaft
      > Pavane, Mayden Lane, Old Mole, Sellenger's Round, Stingo, The
      > Health, Upon a Summer's Day
      >Companions of St. Cecilia 2
      > Alman Black, Alman Lorayne, Alman New, Alman Old, Alman Queen's,
      > Alman Vicar's, Argeers, Beggar Boy, Bransle Charlotte, Bransle
      > Clog, Bransle Hay, Bransle Horse's, Bransle Official, Bransle
      > Scot's, Bransle Washerwoman's, Epping Forest, Gathering Peascods,
      > Jenny Pluck Pears, Joyssance (Basse), La Gelosia, Lauro (Basse),
      > Milk Maids Bobb, Parson's Farewell, Picking of Sticks, Quadran
      > Pavane, Quadran Pavane, Rufty Tufty, The Fine Companion
      >Del's Dance Disk (computer generated)
      > Alenchon, Alman Black, Alman Queens, Amoroso, Anello, Bassa
      > Honorata (Caroso), Belfiore, Contentezza d'Amore (Caroso), Este
      > Gonzaga (Caroso), Gathering Peascods, Gelosia, La Danse de
      > Cleves, La Fia Guielmin, Lo Spagnoletto (Negri), Mannschaft
      > Pavan, Marchesana, Newcastle, Nine Daies Wonder, Petit Vriens,
      > Pizochara, Presoniera, Saltarello La Regina, plus extra tracks:
      > Carman's Whistle, Earl of Salisbury, for John Tallow's Cannon, If
      > all the World were Paper, The New Exchange
      >Incomplete Arbeau (solo harpischord)
      > Bell Qui, Bransle Aridan, Bransle Burgundian, Bransle
      > Candlestick, Bransle Cassandra, Bransle Charlott, Bransle Clog,
      > Bransle Corrant, Bransle Double, Bransle Gay, Bransle Guerre
      > (War), Bransle Haut Barrois, Bransle Hermits (Le Roy), Bransle
      > Horses, Bransle Maltese, Bransle Montarde, Bransle Offical,
      > Bransle Pease (Le Roy), Bransle Pinagay, Bransle Poitou, Bransle
      > Scottish, Bransle Single, Bransle Suite (Dbl, Burg., Haut, D),
      > Bransle Trihory, Bransle Washerwomen's, Galliard Antoinette,
      > Galliard I Would Rather Lie Alone, Galliard Weariness, Galliard
      > Whether I Love or no, Lavolta, Turdion
      >Music from the Inns of Court ($3+$3 royalty, $6 total, this CD
      >accompanies a book which can be purchased separately)
      > Alman Black, Alman Lorayne, Alman Madam Sosilia, Alman New, Alman
      > Old, Alman Queens, Earl of Essex Measure, Pavan Quadran,
      > Tinternell, Turkelone
      >Joy and Jealousy (computer-generated; music to accompany Rosina and Ellisif's
      >15c Italian dance book _Joy and Jealousy_, which can be purchased separately)
      > Amoroso, Anello, Belfiore, Belreguardo, Colonesse, Fia Guielmina,
      > Gelosia, Gratioso, Ingrata, Jupiter, Legiadra (not d'Amore),
      > Leoncello, Marchesana, Mercantia, Petit Vriens, Pizocara,
      > Prexonera, Rostiboli Gioioso, Sobria, Spero, Tesara, Vercepe,
      > Vita di Cholino, Voltati in Ca Rosina
      >Shire of the Isles "Toons and Trips" tapes 1-3 (on one CD) (apparently
      >not recorded under very good conditions, nor did we have a good copy
      >of the tape to work with... but hey, it's only $3)
      > Alman Black, Arbeau's BasseDance (Caidan Meausre), Black Nag,
      > Bransle Grey (Washerwoman), Bransle Offical, Br. Chiaranzula
      > (Maltese Calafian), Credits, Gathering Peascods, Goddesses,
      > Hearts Ease, Hole in the Wall, If All the World Were Paper, Jenny
      > Pluck Pears, Juice of Barley, Korobushka, Pavan Mannschaft,
      > Picking of Sticks, Road to Lisdonvarna, Rufty Tufty 1, Rufty
      > Tufty 2, Scotland the Brave, Sellingers Round, Strip the Willow,
      > St. Martins, Whirligig (Irish Washerwoman), Woodicock
      >Tape of Dance 2 (originally published by the Letter of Dance. Mostly
      >real musicians, a few of the bassedanze are synthesized)
      > Alman Black, Avignon (44/6), Ballo del Fiore, Basse Alenchon
      > (30/3), Bayonne (33/4), Beaulte (39/4), Black Nag, Bransle
      > Horses', Casulle (46/5), Dargason, Falla con Misuras, Flourentine
      > (44/6), Galliard Holborne, Galliard L'Ennuy, Galliard Mille
      > Ducas, Galliard Phillips, Heartsease, Heralds in Love, Hole in
      > the Head, Hyde Park, Jouyessance (64 bars), Jouyessance (80
      > bars), Juice of Barley, L Tantaine (36/4), La Franchoise (59/6),
      > Le Rosin (42/5), Leggiadria d'Amore, M'amie (31/4), Parson's
      > Farewell, Return of Spring, Saltarello La Regina, Tourdion
      > (Arbeau), Tourdion (fast)
      >Tape of Dance 3 (originally published by the Letter of Dance. All real
      > Alman Lorayne, Anello (2x), Bonny Bonny Broom, Bransle de la Haye
      > (for 4), Bransle Hermits, Bransle Suite Arbeau, Bransle Trihory,
      > Bransle War, Bransle Washerwoman's, Colonesse, Dolce Amoroso
      > Fiamma (Passo e Mezzo), Gavotte (Arbeau), Goria d'Amore, If All
      > the World Were Paper, Il Canario, Le Mois de May, Lo Spagnoletto
      > (Negri), Mercantia (3x), Newcastle, Petit Vriens (2x), Sobria
      > (2x), Spagnoletta, plus these refugeess from the Tape of Dance 1:
      > Ballo del Fiore, Hole in the Head (fast), Hole in the Head
      > (slow), Hyde Park, Parson's Farewell, Return of Spring (2x)
      >What are all these dances?
      >For more information about dances, please see
      >For back-issues of the _Letter of Dance_, a quarterly publication
      >about Renassance dance, see
      >Ordering Information
      >Please pay by check; $3 per CD, plus a $3 royalty for the Inns of
      >Court CD. Make checks payable to "Greg Lindahl". If you aren't in the
      >US, please send me email at lindahl@... or write for terms. Eric
      >Praetzel sells these CDs in Canada.
      >I only have limited numbers of these CDs. If I have something
      >in-stock, it will be shipped quickly. If I need to have more made, it
      >may take 1-2 months.
      >My address is:
      >Greg Lindahl
      >7814 Morning Glen Lane
      >Alexandria VA 22315
      >The CDs are:
      >Companions of St. Cecilia 1 ($3)
      >Companions of St. Cecilia 2 ($3)
      >Del's Dance Disk ($3)
      >Incomplete Arbeau ($3)
      >Music from the Inns of Court ($3+$3 royalty, $6 total)
      >Joy and Jealousy ($3)
      >Shire of the Isles ($3)
      >Tape of Dance 2 ($3)
      >Tape of Dance 3 ($3)
      >-- Gregory Blount
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