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KAS wrapup and Thanks

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  • Bianca della Vittoria
    Greetings to the populace of the Outlands, I hope everyone had a wonderful time at Kingdom Arts & Sciences.  It was a busy but fulfilling day.  There were
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2013

      Greetings to the populace of the Outlands,

      I hope everyone had a wonderful time at Kingdom Arts & Sciences.  It was a busy but fulfilling day.  There were many amazing artisans who competed and brought their beautiful works.  It was an extremely close competition.  Everyone who entered had obviously put time and heart into their entries and they were all awesome.  I will soon  post pictures of some of the entries to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences website so those of you who were unable to attend can view some of the great items that were at the competition.

      At the end of the day after a lot of hard work from all of the judges  who conversed with a roomfull of creative artisans, and from the autocrat and her team, we are happy to announce we have a new Champion.

      The Champion for this year’s competition was THL Geoffrey fitz Roberts.  Master Omar Mohammud Mirazazdeh placed second in the competiton and Lord Wilhelm Meis placed third.  All three had amazing entries.  I also want to thank THL Mirabel de Malmesberie for serving as our champion the past year.

       Due to time constraints, I was unable to announce the division winners because there was not time to get the calculations done before the close of site.  Below are the winners of each division.  Congratulations to each of you. I know we all enjoyed seeing your entries and I am so glad you were each in the competition and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.  This will also be posted in the Kingdom newsletter.

      Brewing and Beverage – Master Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh

      Costuming - Lady Gabriella Rizo

      Earthenware - Lady Umamah bint Zayd al-Andulsiyyah

      Fiber Arts - THL Bronwen of Hindscroft

      Glass – Lady Asenath de Winter

      Metal Working –Lady Asenath de Winter

      Leather Working – Group- HE Helene Boudain,  Lady Gabriella Rizo,  Mistress Anna de Apperle and Mistress Adelan la Souteresse

      Letters –THL Kenna McKenna

      Painted and Inked Visual Arts –THL Aildhcinna mac Ailpean

      Performing Arts –Master Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh

      Period Cooking – Lady Liepa jonaite

      Sciences – THL Geoffrey fitz Robert

      Stone Working –THL Edmund Peregrine

      Wood Working - Don Michael M'Quilline

      I also would like to thank my extremely busy and hard working judging staff who invested their own time, energy and love of the arts to make this competition possible.  Most had a very large judging load and they were all troopers.  I also want to especially thank the logistics team that helped organize the sheets and worked on the calculations at the end of the day.  Mistress Maimuna, THL Marc Antoine de Larue, and THL Elise porteresse d'yaue, your help with all the paperwork was invaluable and I appreciate it more than I can say.   It was very hectic and we had much to do to establish the champion and second and third place before court ended.  Thank also to Mistress Anna McTaggart the Kingdom Scribe and THL Elise porteresse d'yaue for getting the scrolls ready to make their grand entrance into court.  

      Below is the list of judges who volunteered.  Thank you again. This event cannot happen without you and I know that there is a huge commitment of time and energy that you all gave.  I am so glad you were here for the artisans and I know they were too.

      Sir Ælric Kyrri

      THL A'isha al-Naysaburiya

      THL Aigiarn Aljin

      THL Alamanda de la Roca

      THL Alasdair MacDubhghaill the Scot

      Mistress Anna de Apperleye

      Mistress  Anna McTaggert

      THL Anna Katherine von Telgte

      THL Avram Ibn Gabirol

      Mistress Bennet Murray

      HE Bianca della Vittoria

      Mistress Brighid Óg inghean Néill

      Lady Cáelainn ingen Cháemgein hui Thaidc

      Mistress Catriona nic Aoidh

      Mistress Cecilia Mowebray

      THL Ceridwen de Gyrlyngton

      Cullian MacBride

      THL Dáirine inghean Ghriogair

      Mistress Diana Doria

      THL Diana of Llanberis

      Master Duncan Alastair MacRae

      THL Elric Thurstonsen of Dragonskeep

      THL Elise porteresse d’yaue

      THL Ekaterina Dimitriu

      THL Elanor O'Halloraine

      THL Geua filia Guy

      THL Hannah de Ávila

      HE Isabel Benet

      THL Isabella di Francesco Ambrosini

      Master Jean Paul Pierrepont

      Mistress Jeanne-Marie Dubois

      HE Kaliyan Kali

      THL Kiara Loftus

      Master Llywus ap Alan

      Sir Lothar vom Bergenwald

      Mistress Maimuna al-Bukhariyya

      Mistress Meenakshi

      THL Mirabel de Malmesberie

      Mistress Monika von Zell

      Lady Morgan Cheyney

      THL Otto Schwarz Herz (HE al-Barran)

      Lady Pettronella of Caer Galen

      HE Randal Carrick

      Master Rhys Afalwin

      Mistress Rowena of Avalon

      HE Somisawhel de Sousa

      Mistress Tana à l'Esprit Fort

      Mistress  Ymanya Murray


      Finally, thank you to the shire of Drygestan for hosting the event.  It was a beautiful site.  The hall may have been a little small for the incredible turnout we had, but your hospitality and willingness to help made all the difference.  Special Thanks to Mistress Maimuna for being such an awesome event steward and to her staff for wearing so many hats throughout the day. I would also like to give thanks to HE Gilliana Leigh Gallwey for assisting with our needs throughout the morning especially our electronic ones. Thanks also to the Crown for their support of both this event and the Arts and Sciences in the Outlands. You continue to inspire us.


      In Service,

      Baroness Bianca della Vittoria





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