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Updates: Masked ball starts Sat at 7:30 not 7 & Winter Wolf event info

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  • Krege, Barbara B
    Please note, the court dance ball at UNM in the Student Union s (SUB) Ballroom will start at 7:30pm, and not at the previously posted time of 7pm. For those on
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      Please note, the court dance ball at UNM in the Student Union's (SUB) Ballroom will start at 7:30pm, and not at the previously posted time of 7pm. 


      For those on this Outlands Dance list and from out of town, this Court Dance Ball will be in Albuquerque, Sat. Jan. 21, hosted by our college, Blaiddwyn.  The SUB is located north of Popejoy Hall, near Yale and Central. 


      It is a masked ball and there will be a contest for the masks.


      If you have suggestions for dances for the Ball please send them to our wonderful Dance Mistress, Lady Beibhinn today.

      Her email address is:  miles-lora@...


      Blaiddwyn's Winter Wolf event is also being during the day on Saturday and I have included below, several of the announcements--which gives you more details about both the Winter Wolf event and the Ball. 


      The duck pond is next to the Zimmerman library on the main campus.  Turn south off of Lomas onto Yale at the light and go a few blocks--the duck pond and library will be right in front of you.


      THL Jayne Barber



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      Subject: [blaiddwyn] Blaiddwyn Masked ball CORRECTION

      Good Gentles all,

      I hope you are getting excited, for in one weeks time, Blaiddwyn will be the place to be! Lord Anzelm has already alerted you to the time and place of all the happenings, but I have a small correction to make.

      Due to a bit of a scheduling fumble with the University, gate for the Masked ball will not open until 730PM. That's 730PM in UNM's A&B ballrooms, NOT 7!

      Below is a tentative schedule for the ball festivities, as well as a list of dances that have been provided by Lady Beibhinn, our excellent dance mistress.

      730PM - Gate Opens
      9PM- Gate Closes
      11PM - Announcement of Mask Contest Winners, Rose and Cock of the Ball. Tear Down
      1130PM - SUB Closes

      Dances: Single/double Bransle, Peas Bransle, washerwoman Bransle, Circle Waltz,
      Queens Alman, Amoroso, Official Bransle, Gathering Peascods, Pinwheel, Heralds in Love, Black Nag, Ly Bens Distonys, Rostioli Giosio, Petite Reins, Hole in the Wall, Trenchmore, Posties Jig, Korabushka, Gelosisa, Petite Reins, Horses Bransle

      Beibhinn has said she is open to suggestions for dances, so if you don't see your favorite on the list, be sure to let her know.

      Also keep in mind that this event, like Winterwolf, is to benefit Road Runner food bank. There is NO SITE FEE, but we are accepting (and asking for!) donations of non-perishable food items for RRFB.

      Additionally, we will be running a silent auction to benefit Blaiddwyn's travel/war fund. If you have any items you would like to donate to the auction (Garb, Fabric, Projects, Your hard labor ;D), please contact me off list at karndt@...


      Winter Wolf & Blaiddwyn Masked Ball- January 21st, 2012


      Blaiddwyn's Winter Wolf & Masked Ball
      Saturday, January 21st 2012
      University of New Mexico Duck Pond and SUB, Albuquerque, NM
      Winter Wolf- 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
      Diner Break 5:00 PM- 6:30 PM
      Blaiddwyn's Masked Ball- 7:30 PM-11:00 PM
      Site Fee: FREE
      Autocrats: Anzelm Kowalski & Caltsuna of Blaiddwyn

      Winter Wolf Schedule

      8:00 am- setup
      10:00 am- opening announcements/court
      11:00 am- List for light tournament opens
      11:30 am- submissions due for enlightener
      12:00- orders for Lunch due, begin lunch runs
      1:00 pm list opens for heavy tournament, submissions due for provider
      2:30 pm bardic
      4:00 pm closing court
      5:15 pm tear down

      In the wintery chill of January new champions will be forged, new legends will
      be made, and new frivolity will take place.
      For the College of Blaiddwyn seeks to crown its champions! Who will show their
      strength to become the Champion of Blaiddwyn? Their skill to be its protector?
      Their prowess to be its provider? Their intellect to be its Enlightener? And who
      will show their <ahem> charm to become the Munnic Bard of Blaiddwyn? It will all
      be decided on January 21st, 2012 at UNM at Winter Wolf.
      There is no site fee, however Blaiddwyn is asking for canned food in donation to
      the Roadrunner Food Bank, and any donations to the college are always greatly
      appreciated. A lunch will occur; it will cost $10.00 and be from one of the fine
      eateries around the University.

      Winter Wolf - Blaiddwyn Provider competition

      Behold the starving students of Blaiddwyn, tethered to their desks, lost in mammoth tomes, adrift in ancient philosophies, seeking wisdom, shunning the world and its earthly pleasures.  Their zeal is aflame, their dreams great, their purses poor, and their provender aquired by their frugality and swift wits by... 
      Yes, the secret ingredient this year is condiment packets.  Although the College does not condone the pilfering of these packets from the good taverns that provide them to their... ahem... paying customers, you are allowed to use any ingredient that is found in "condiment packets".  It must be free (you usually pay for cream cheese or peanut butter and you pay for the ramen the seasoning packet comes in).  The packet ingredient can be hot sauce, lemon juice, sugar, relish, horseradish sauce, jelly, soy sauce, honey, butter, mustard, parmesan (so to speak) cheese, etc.  The is a HUGE range of ingredients out there for inspiration.
      The packet ingredient must shine as the star of the dish.  The condiment ingredient must be in the title, i.e. "Salsa Chocolate Chip Cookies" or "Soy Sauce Brownies".  You can use more than one packet ingredient in the dish, such as "Mustard and Honey Tofu Snacks with Peanuts".   Do they still give free peanuts on airlines?  Oh well, you get the idea. 
      True, not particulary medieval, but this is done in the spirit of fun, creativity, ingenuity (all excellent student virtues) and honoring the age old legend of the starving student, not to mention the myriad stories of tomato soup made out of catsup packets and hot water.  PLEASE, NO HONEY PACKET MEAD, as this is a DRY site.   Non-alcoholic beverages are welcome entries however.
      You entries will need to be snack or sweet variety, something that does not need refrigeration or heating, and cannot be construed as a meal/dish.  It can be assembled onsite, but cannot be cooked there.  (University rules, not mine).  Please have a list of ingredients with your entry.
      This all takes place on Saturday, January 21st  at the University of New Mexico Duck Pond, Albuquerque, NM.  Entry registration and judging times will be announced at a later date.  
      Please let me know if you are entering so we can ensure sufficient room for provender display and judging.  There is no deadline and actually, you can just show up with your goodies.  Letting me know just makes my life easier. ;)
      If you have any questions, please contact me at this email address.
      Ms. Cailte Caitchairn
      Blaiddwyn Provider
      UNM Staff Advisor to College of Blaiddwyn

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