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al-Barran Mid-Winter Court Dance Set lists for Saturday

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  • Krege, Barbara B
    Greetings to all Court Dancers! I have good news and I have bad news. The good news, is that we will have court dancing for 2 hours or maybe more at
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      Greetings to all Court Dancers!  I have good news and I have bad news.


      The good news, is that we will have court dancing for 2 hours or maybe more at al-Barran's Mid-Winter this Saturday.

      The bad news, is that we won't have our lovely Lady Beibhinn to lead us. 

      But she promises to be at Mid-Winter next year.


      Blaiddwyn dancers, especially, look over this proposed court dance set list/plans and see if your favorites are on it.  As a group, you are the most experienced these days of our court dancers in al-Barran.


      I don't have the extensive set of music that Bebhinn has, but I have a # of CDs that I am bringing.


      If you love a dance that is not on the list below, contact me off-list  at krege@... by this Thursday evening and give me the name of the dance and I will see if I have the music for it.  

      Friday will be too late, as I will be going immediately after work to help in Belen with set up at the site for Mid-Winter and won't be returning home till Sunday. 


      This is a proposed Set list and can be changed, based on populace preferences.


      If you want to teach and call/lead one or more of the dances below, please see me at Mid-Winter on Saturday, and I will put your name by the dance(s).


      Since Beibhinn and I teach some of these dances differently, I would like to learn from you how Beibhinn has taught some of these dances--especially those that are not going to be called/taught/led by members of Blaiddwyn.  Please see me about this after court, but before the feast starts at 6pm.


      Also, I am hoping that some of you will join us on Saturday at singing practice between 11am and 12:45 (court starts at 1pm) for those who wish to help us perform two of the "Santa Lucia" songs at the beginning of the feast (around 6pm). 

      I will have copies of the music and words. 

      I sent out additional information about these songs to these lists a few days ago, including a link to a midi of the music and links to performances on You Tube.


      Blaiddwyn is holding their annual Winter Wolf event at UNM on Saturday, January 21 during the day and that evening they are sponsoring their annual Court Dance Masked Ball, also at UNM. 

      So mark your calendars and come dance with us then too! 


      I hope you will join us for some fun and dancing this Saturday evening at Mid-Winter!


      THL Jayne Barber




      Court Dance Set List, Mid-Winter 2011

      Start around 7:30pm and dance 2 hours till 9:30 or 10pm

      Created by THL Jayne Barber



      Set One, dances taught

      Set One—CD #1

      #7  Hole in the Wall (fast)   ~8 ½ minutes   (longways, slow)

      #8  Gathering Peasecods    ~2:13 minutes    (circle, fast)

      #18  Circle Waltz   3 minutes    (circle, slow)

      #16 or #17  Korobushka  2:52 or 2:40    (circle, increasingly faster, energetic)

      #21  Angus Reel  2:15 minutes    (circle)

      #2   al-Barran Pavan   2 minutes    (rows, slow)

      #14  Trenchmore  6 minutes    (longways, energetic)

           Total dance time 27 minutes



      Set Two, dances taught

      Set Two—CD #2

      #9  Maltese Bransle (gets faster)   2 ½ minutes    (no partners needed, circle, energetic)

      #11  Official Bransle    5 minutes    (circle, energetic)

      Set Two—CD #3

      #5 Amoroso    6 minutes    (couples, slow)

      #13 Ballo del Fiore ???  4 times   6 ¼ minutes   (couples, slow)

      #1   Quen Quer Que      7 minutes    (circle, energetic)

            Total dance time 27 minutes



      Change out CDs



      Set Three, dances not taught (except for Petit Vriens)

      Set Three--Purple CD

      Posties Jig  (sets of 8, dance not taught, energetic)

      Set Three--Estrella #1 CD

      #20  Heralds in Love   (sets of 8, dances not taught, energetic)

      Unser Hafen & Windkeep Bardic CD

      #5  Petit Vriens  2 x   (groups of 3, dance taught, energetic)

      #2  Rostiboli Gioioso   (couples, dance not taught, slow)



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