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Battlemoor Youth & Temporary Guardianship Info

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  • Krege, Barbara B
    Please spread the word by forwarding to your local groups and other discussion groups. Thanks, Jayne Barber Battlemoor Children, Youth and Teen Activities
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2010
      Please spread the word by forwarding to your local groups and other discussion groups.    Thanks, Jayne Barber

      Battlemoor Children, Youth and Teen Activities


      Join us for over 75 hours of fun activities and classes for children, youth and teens at our first Kingdom Event, Battlemoor, June 30-July 5, 2010.   Site is approximately 64 miles north of the Colorado-N.M. border and 5 miles west of I-25.  Be enchanted at a magic show and learn how to do period magic.  Learn more about the Outlands Academy of Pages, enroll as a Page and earn lots of Page Academy credits.  Bring your boffers to the Youth Melee Field and improve your fighting techniques with fun martial arts activities.  Fight in the Youth Boffer Tournament and in the Youth Versus the Known World Boffer Melee against some of the best heavy fighters at Battlemoor.  Ride on a hay wagon on Friday and Saturday.  Enjoy Performing Arts Classes in singing, bardic arts and magic!    Perform Sunday in the Youth Bardic Peformances.   Sing and perform with the Battlemoor Youth Choir.  Take a period foods class and then enjoy lunch with your teacher.  Learn tips on drawing period figures.   Be in service.  Play some new period games.  Watch a blacksmith make items at his forge and maybe try your hand at forging.  Learn how to weave cord with a lucet and take home your own lucet to practice.  Design your own heraldic device and learn how to herald a tournament.  Make new friends!   And much, much more!     

      There will be a carpeted Pavilion near the Youth Hall for parents to watch and play with their infants to 4 year old children.  For children, ages 5-7, there will be lots of period games, boffer activities, field trips to Artisans Row, arts and crafts.  Youth ages 8-12 and Teens can choose from Page Academy classes, period games, adult A&S classes, martial arts training, guided tours to Artisans Row, a boffer tourney, a boffer melee, singing in the Battlemoor Youth Choir and performing arts classes in the bardic arts, magic and period singing.   For our youth and teens who want to be in service, there will be opportunities for running errands, running list cards at tournaments, helping out in the Youth Hall Pavilion and on the Youth Melee Field, being a Town Crier and heralding the Youth Boffer Tournament. 

      Parents and Volunteers at Youth Hall and the Youth Melee Field  --  We ask that each parent or guardian provide at least one hour of help at the Youth Hall or Youth Melee Field for each of their youth (ages 5-12), who participate in the youth activities and classes.    To volunteer to help with youth classes and activities, please sign up at the Youth Hall from 9-10am Thursday thru Sunday, so that we can schedule a time that matches you with your interests, or contact THL Jayne Barber at krege@... with the days and times you wish to volunteer.   


      Temporary Guardianships and Required Forms – Adults who bring to this event, minors for whom they are not the Parent or Legal Guardian  (as appointed by a court) are considered to be Temporary Guardians.  Temporary Guardians must bring for each minor, one copy each of the following three forms:  1) The notarized  “Child Guardian Consent Form”,   2) a notarizedMedical Authorization for Minors” form,   and    3) the “Minor's Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement” form.  Please note that all three of these forms must be signed by the youth’s parents or legal guardians in advance and their signatures on two of these forms must be notarized.   If at the time of check-in at the gate, the Temporary Guardian has a current SCA blue membership card for said minor, they do not have to present the “Minor’s Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement” form.         The Minors Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement form will be kept at the Gate and the Temporary Guardian will keep the other two forms.   For the Outlands Kingdom, minors are persons under 18 years of age residing in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming and under 19 years of age (unless married) residing in Nebraska.   These three required forms are available at  http://www.battlemoor.org/shedule/children-youth-and-teen-activities/child-forms/


      Court Appointed Guardians –  Court Appointed Guardians need to bring a copy of their court documents to present at the Gate at the time of check-in with the minor.


      Pre-Registration – We encourage you to pre-register for Battlemoor, so that we can have a better idea of the numbers of youth to prepare for.  No pre-payment is required.  You can pre-register at  http://www.battlemoor.org/registration/



      Contact Jayne Barber at krege@...  if you have any questions or want to volunteer.


      Please forward to your local group and other discussion lists.    Hope to see you at Battlemoor!    



      THLady Jayne Barber

      Battlemoor Coordinator of Youth Activities

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