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Estrella & al-Barran Ct. Dance/Period Songs

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  • Barbara Krege
    Estrella War Court Dancing Greetings, dancers and musicians! The final set lists for the two balls at Estrella War have been posted at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2008
      Estrella & al-Barran Ct. Dance/Period Songs

      Estrella War Court Dancing

      Greetings, dancers and musicians!    The final set lists for the two balls at Estrella War have been posted at:      http://members.cox.net/lejon/sca.html    
      Any interested musicians are welcome to join us to play for the balls.  All the music is available at the above link in PDF format. On-site music practices will be posted as they are finalized. Copies of the music will be brought  to site as well.

      Dancers are welcome at both the Friday night Grand Ball and the Sunday afternoon Caroso Ball. The Caroso Ball is a dancers' choice ball, drawn from the list published at the link above. There will be little or no teaching but anyone who knows a dance is encouraged to join in.  Spectators are also welcome. They are  working on "cheat sheets" for the dance steps and will post these as well when they are available.  Copies of the cheat sheets will also be available at the Caroso Ball.  Prior to Friday night, there are plans for court dance classes during the day to teach the dances for both balls.

      Attached is  a two paged wordprocessed document of the information from the above website.  (However to actually view the sheet music, you will need to go to the actual website url above.)

      At Estrella, there probably will also be lots of classes in period songs, but that information is not yet available.


      Blaiddwyn Court Dancing in December

      Despite final exams, Beibhinn says there will be Blaiddwyn court dance practice,  the third Monday in December at Blaiddwyn, 7-9pm, top floor of the Student Union.


      Court Dancing and Intro to Period Songs 

      There will be a Court Dance practice at fighter practice this Sunday, December 7 at Bataan Park, from 12:30 to 2:00pm.  Everyone, age 7 and up, is welcome at our court dance practices.  Please also join us before dance practice this Sunday, from 11am to 12:30pm for an introduction to period songs led by Anita.  Bataan Park is at the NW corner of Lomas and Carlisle.  

      For more information concerning court dancing in al-Barran, please contact me at 293-7453, krege@...  or join the al-Barran Music and Court Dance discussion list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alBarranMusic_Dance/     This free yahoo discussion list will give you the latest information concerning dance practices and period music practices in al-Barran.

      In service to the dream,   Jayne Barber

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