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A&S Collegium Class Schedule

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  • Barbara Krege
    Greetings to the wonderful Artisans and Scientists of the Outlands, I hope to see many of you at the al-Barran A&S Collegium this Saturday, 11/18, in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2006
      A&S Collegium Class Schedule

      Greetings to the wonderful Artisans and Scientists of the Outlands,

      I hope to see many of you at the al-Barran A&S Collegium this Saturday, 11/18, in Albuquerque.

      I am attaching a flyer about the A&S Collegium event,  a copy of the classes and class descriptions and the class schedule.    The event information is also included below in the body of this email, in case you have trouble opening the attachments. 

      Please pass the A&S Collegium information along to your populace, your friends and your discussion lists.  We have lots of classes and lots of activities planned for this event.

      We hope you will join us for a day of learning and fun!

      In service to the Outlands
      Lady Jayne Barber

      Autocrat, al-Barran A&S Collegium


      al-Barran Arts and Sciences Collegium
      Saturday, November 18, 2006, A.S. XXXXI
      Eubank Elementary School
      9717 Indian School Road, Albuquerque, N.M. 87112
      Site opens at 8am     Site Closes at 9:30pm     Site is Dry

      Site Fees:   Adult members   $7.00 or donation of new unwrapped toy (value of $5 or more)
                  Adult non-members  $10.00 or donation of new unwrapped toy (value of $5 or more) and $3.00
                           (Note:  the $10 for non-members includes the $3 non-member surcharge.)
                  Ages 11 to 17    $5.00 or donation of new unwrapped toy (value of $5 or more)
                  Age 10 and under     Free
      We hope that you will join us at our Arts and Sciences Collegium.  There will be many classes in the Scribal Arts, Fiber Arts, Needle Arts, Costuming, Jewelry, Heraldry, Cooking and Food, Performing Arts and much more!

      The Gate opens at 8am and we hope you will join us early.  The Honorable Dona Theresa Cabeza de Vaca, our Feast Coordinator, will be providing you with a wonderful light breakfast of assorted mini muffins and bagels, breakfast pastries (eggs, onion, bacon, cheese, etc), assorted fruit tarts, fresh brewed coffee, assorted teas, apple cider and hot chocolate.  For our Donations Luncheon, Theresa is planning a wonderful spread including vegetable crudités with dressing, fruit and cheese tray, lentil salad, cornish pastries, vegetarian pastries, a chicken stew and a vegetarian stew served in bread bowls, assorted teas, coffee and lemonade.  We will also be serving the desserts prepared by the populace for our Desserts Competition. If you want to know more about the luncheon menu and ingredients, please contact our Feast Coordinator, The Honorable Dona Theresa Cabeza de Vaca  at too_be_free@.... Those wishing to enter the Desserts  Competition, must turn in their desserts to Lady Thalauriana, our Desserts Competition Coordinator, between 10am and 11:30am in the main hall.  You will also need to provide her with a card with all of the ingredients in your dessert.  If your dessert is a period dessert, please also provide information from your research.

      Baroness Monika the Fair will be choosing the al-Barran A&S Champion from the displays by our Artisans and Scientists.  Those wishing to be considered to become our new baronial A&S Champion may display your A&S work in any manner that you wish.  Documentation for each item in your display is required (up to a maximum of 4 pages).  You should answer in your documentation the questions of Who, What, Where, When and Why.  Please include in your documentation your name, what category you are entering in, the title of your entry, what is it made of and how, references, and when, where and how would it have been used.  Please bring a tablecloth for your display, preferably 6-8’ to cover the wide width of the display tables. You need to check in with your display with Lady Bianca, our A&S Displays Coordinator, between 8:30am and 10am.

      We also want to showcase our Artisans and Scientists at our Collegium in several ways.  Our Scribes in the Outlands are very dedicated and have a reputation throughout the known world for their beautiful original scrolls for each award handed out in the Outlands.  We want to honor them and we are asking our scribes and our populace to bring your scrolls to the Collegium, so that we can display their amazing work.  We will have a protective covering for your scrolls.

      We also want to honor our youth and adults who do not wish to compete for Baronial champion, but still would like to show off the A&S projects they have been working on.  So we will have “Make It!  Bring It!  Show It! Displays”  These displays will be divided into several categories.  Children: age 0-6, Youth: age 7-12  and Teens: age 13-17. There will also be an adult category, ages 17 & up, for the A&S displays and teens may have the choice of showing in the teen category or the adult category. No documentation is required for any of these displays. Projects do not have to be complete.  This is a good way for people to connect in different areas of interest.  Just come and show off what you have been doing.  Everyone having a A&S display will need to check in with Lady Bianca or her A&S deputy, Lady Kimberly between 8:30am and 10am.  Since we are hoping for lots of displays, we also ask that you bring a 6-8’ tablecloth for your display area if you wish to display on a table, as we will be using wide tables for displays.  However, you may display your A&S projects in any way that you wish.   All A&S displays will be in the Main Hall at the east end of the campus and there will be a unloading zone in the east parking lot next to this Hall for those bringing displays and borrowed tables.

      In addition to our many A&S classes, our A&S Displays, our scrumptious breakfast, the desserts competition and our wonderful donations lunch, there will also be a Heraldic Consultation Table, a Youth Room with classes and activities and a Court Dance Ball.   Our Schedule is  7-8am Set Up;    8am Gate Opens and Breakfast;    8:30am to 10am  A&S Displays accepted by Lady Bianca and Lady Kimberly;  10-11:30am Desserts Competition entrants turn in desserts for judging to Lady Thalauriana;  10am to noon and 1-5pm Heraldic Consultation Table;   9am to noon and 1-5pm A&S Classes;   8:30am to 5pm A&S Displays by al-Barran A&S Champion entrants, our scribes, youth, adults and newcomers;   9am to noon and 1 to 5pm Youth Room open and Youth Activities and Classes;   noon to 1pm  Donations Lunch by The Honorable Dona Theresa Cabeza de Vaca and her crew with entertainment or lunch on your own;   5pm Closing Court and announcement of our new A&S Champion;    5:30-7pm Dinner on your own;    7-9pm Court Dance Ball;  9-9:30pm Clean Up.  All activities will take place in the Main Hall at the east end of the school campus, except for the Youth Room and the A&S Classes.

      No advance reservations are necessary.  Checks given at the gate should be made payable to SCA-al-Barran.  If you or your friends need crash space or special assistance, such as a handicapped or saved parking space in the east parking lot, please contact the Autocrat, Lady Jayne. 

      A schedule of the classes and descriptions of the classes will be posted to discussion lists and on the event website at   http://al-barran.org/dayofas06.  Please share this information with your friends and we hope to see you at the Collegium!

      Directions to Site:  Take I-40 in Albuquerque to the Eubank exit on the east end of the city.  Turn north onto Eubank and go ~1.4 miles to Indian School.  Turn left (west) at the light onto Indian School and the site Eubank Elementary will be on your immediate right.  There are parking areas on the east end and front of the school, at the park on the west end of the school and at the back of the school on the north side.

      Autocrat:  Lady Jayne Barber  (MKA Barbara Krege) 12612 Morrow Ave. NE, Albuquerque, N.M. 87112    krege@...   505-293-7453  home
      Deputy Autocrat:  THLord Christopher Blackwood  (MKA  Chris Graham)    Chrisgraham01@...  505-872-2994  home
      Feast Coordinator:  The Honorable Dona Theresa Cabeza de Vaca    too_be_free@...
      A&S Baronial Champion and A&S Displays Coordinator:  Lady Bianca Mantegna     a_s@...
      Desserts Competition Coordinator:  Lady Thalauriana de Collier

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