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Barb's & Gary's Hungarian Choreography Notes

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  • Barbara Krege
    Wednesday, 12/7/05 Dear Dancers, After many hours of writing up my notes on the choreography for the six Hungarian Dances, from Sunday s Hungarian Dance
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2005
      Barb's & Gary's Hungarian Choreography Notes

      Wednesday, 12/7/05

      Dear Dancers,

      After many hours of writing up my notes on the choreography for the six Hungarian Dances, from Sunday's Hungarian Dance practice at Gary's and practicing them to music (and getting stuck--ie, it not working with the music), I finally submitted my choreography notes to Gary yesterday and he made some revisions last night and sent me the following document, which I expanded a little this morning and which is now the attachment.  Mei also contributed.  Thanks Mei for catching that.

      We have our last dance practice this Sunday, at the church at 12:30pm to 2:30 or till later, if that is what it takes to get these six dances down for Mid-winter. 

      We also need to practice Tesara again for Mid-winter, so Melody, please bring the scarves.    Melody, also, are you bringing a cd player to hook into the barony's sound system for mid-winter, or do I need to bring the 250 watt sound system (without the speakers) for mid-winter to use to play cds.

      Please be on time this Sunday, if at all possible.  We have a lot of work to do on these dances.

      **Those of you that attended either or both of Gary's dance practices at his home, please also take time between now and Sunday, to look over the attached choreography document and listen to your cd and practice these dances.  That will help all of us, when we start practicing on Sunday.

      On the CD from last month, you do not have the music for one of the six dances we plan on doing for Mid-Winter, Kortanc. 

      If you find any errors in steps, feet, sequence, etc--please email me immediately at krege@...

      Dovey took a copy of the New Hungarian Dance music CD that Gary gave us copies of last Sunday home and has made a few more copies of it.  The length of the music may have changed for the first 5 dances on the CD copies that each of you should now have from the first CD that Gary made us last month and Dovey made copies of, so that we could practice. 

      Dovey will bring a few copies of the revised CD to dance practice this Sunday. 

      Also, please let me know if you wish to sit with the court dancers table for feast at mid-winter.  If so, please let me know how many will be sitting with you.

      Amy, Leah, Maria, Rouland, Renee, Bethany, Mei, Gaylin and any others on this dance list, we hope you can make this dance practice this Sunday and perform these dances with us at Mid-winter.

      If you have any questions, please email me at krege@... or call me at  home at 293-7453.

      Yours in service,

      cc:  A'isha, Adam, Guillaume, Arwen, Outlands dance list

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