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Class Descriptions, al-Barran A&S, 11/19/05

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  • Barbara Krege
    Greetings to the Artisans and Scientists of the Outlands from Lady Jayne Barber. Here is an abbreviation of the class information for the al-Barran A&S
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      Class Descriptions, al-Barran A&S, 11/19/05

      Greetings to the Artisans and Scientists of the Outlands from Lady Jayne Barber.

      Here is an abbreviation of the class information for the al-Barran A&S Collegium, 11/19   (abbreviated to fit on the next event flyer). 

      More information on each class and about the event itself, is available at the event website,  http://al-Barran.org/dayofas05/  

      Please feel free to forward this information on to your friends and other discussion lists to which you belong.

      Yours in service,
      Lady Jayne Barber
      A Day of A&S
      (al-Barran A&S Collegium, 11/19/05)


      Scribal Arts Classes:

      9-10am, Introduction to Scribal Arts in the Outlands, Basic Layout and Illumination, THLady Ymanya.  A beginning scribal class, including an introduction to scroll materials, layout and design, illumination and mistake correction.
      10-11am, Acanthus Leaves, Mistress Joella.  This class covers the use of acanthus leaves in medieval illumination and the painting and shading techniques involved.  Please bring a small paintbrush and rag.  Maximum of 15 students, 14+ years.

      11am-noon, Beginning Calligraphy, Mistress Maria.  A beginning calligraphy class for the very beginner.  Focuses on the strokes involved in letter formation.  Please bring calligraphy pen and ink if you have them. 

      1-2pm, 14th & 15th Century Illumination Techniques, Mistress Sarah.  This class features 14th & 15th century illuminations, period shading and portrait miniature.   Please bring a paintbrush--all other materials are supplied. Max of 15, 14+ years.

      2-3pm, Gilding the Scroll -- Part I, Mistress Monika assisted by Lady Brighid.  Class will try out various types & appropriate use of gold paint & learn to use an easy & inexpensive form of gold leafing using metallic foil.  Bring paintbrush.  Age 14+ years

      3-4pm, Gilding the Scroll -- Part II, Mistress Averil.  Class focuses on use of gold leaf and shell gold, tools and techniques for applying gold leaf and students try applying gold leaf.  Bring paintbrush.  Max of 10 students, age 14+ years.   $3 class fee.

      3-4pm, Creating Award Scrolls Based on the Book of Kells and Other Irish Gospels, Lord Llywus.  Discussion of the major design elements, scripts, layout and pigments for “Celtic” scrolls.   Example scrolls shown.  Handouts & reference sources.

      4-5pm, Scrolls That Fit -- Personalizing Award Scrolls, Lord Llywus.  Class covers resources and methods to make an award scroll fit the recipient’s persona, including finding the person’s Arms and researching special texts and appropriate styles.


      Fiber Arts Classes:

      9-11am, Basic Inkle Weaving, Lord Y.   An introduction to inkle weaving.  Explores the basics of loom design, warping with a simple two-tone pattern and a basic weaving technique.  Bring an Inkle Loom.  Maximum of 10 students, 10+ years.

      11am-noon, Inkle Weaving Pickup Techniques, Lady Bianca.  An introduction to pickup techniques.  Need an Inkle loom warped with the two-toned pattern from Lord Y’s 9-11am class and a small crochet hook.  Maximum of 10 students, 10+ years.

      2-3pm, Lucet Cording, Sayyida Maimuna.  Learn how to make a lucet cord.  The cord is used for corset lacing, armor lacing. medallion cords, etc.  Need a lucet & yarn/DMC floss OR $5 fee for red oak lucet  & some DMC floss.  Max of 10, 12+years.


      Needle Arts Classes:

      10am-noon, Bone Needles, Master Tómas.   A hands-on class on methods used to make bone needles.  Covers materials, tools, needle designs & projects.  Need moderate-good hand working skills.  Class fee of $1.   Maximum of 6, 12+ years (sharp tools).

      1-2pm, A 'Netted' Crocheted Snood, Lady Lyneya.   Make a snood using a crochet stitch, for a netted look. Must already know how to crochet.  Bring crochet hooks & yarn (snood--7 crochet hook & cotton crochet thread).  Some materials available at class.

      1-3pm, Middle Eastern Embroidery, Mistress Richenza.  Learn how to do Shisha Mirror embroidery and if time, some basic stitches used in most Middle Eastern stitchery. We will also discuss design and colors.

      2-4pm, Metal Thread Embroidery, THLady Diana.  Learn how to do metal thread embroidery. Need at least basic embroidery skills. Max of 10 students, older teenagers. Donations accepted to defray cost of supplies (all materials are supplied for the class).

      3-4pm, Simple Cross-Stitch and Tent Stitch, Sayyida Maimuna.  Learn easy & period stitches for embroidery of heraldry, trims & favors. Bring embroidery hoop & scissors.  $3 fee for materials supplied by  instructor.  Max of 10, 10+years.

      3-5pm, Beginning Stumpwork, Mistress Richenza.  Learn basic stitches of Elizabethan Padded Embroidery (which evolved into Jacobean Stumpwork, a very 3-dimensional, rich type of embroidery, appropriate for trim on garb & home furnishings).

      4-5pm, Embroidery for Largesse, Sayyida Maimuna.  Learn the chain stitch, a quick & easy stitch used to embellish sleeves, hems, neck-holes, designs, names or mottoes.  Learn to embroider sashes for the Kingdom-level Silver Tyne, Stag’s Blood, or Thegn awards. Bring embroidery hoop & scissors.  Class fee of $5 for the Stag’s Blood Largesse Packet.  Max of 10, 12+ years.



      10-11am, Fabrics 101, Mistress Rhianwen.  Class will look at examples of period fabrics & modern equivalents and fabric contents, patterns and colors that are appropriate.  All regions and times will be discussed. Please bring a notebook & pen.

      11am-noon, Period Pictures and How to Sew by Them, Mistress Rhianwen.  Look at pictures, sculptures, effigies & anything that has a person in clothing, to figure out how it was made.. Look at examples from every area & time.  Bring notebook & pen.

      1-2pm, Making Hand Wrapped Tassels with a Bead Cage, Lady Elanor.  Go thru all the steps to create a basic tassel with a glass bead in the center.  Wonderful for M. Eastern dance belts, favors or thank you gifts.  $4 materials fee. Max of 10, 14+ years.


      Performing Arts Classes:

      9-10am, Promoting and Teaching Court Dancing in your SCA Group, Lady Jayne.  Tips on teaching court dancing and promoting court dancing in your SCA group, as well as court dancing and dance sheet music resources and where to find them.

      10am-noon, Bardic Arts—Singing, Lord Tancred.  The first hour will focus on group singing. The second hour will be more free form with emphasis on the singing of rounds, period songs, parts and how to overcome bardic nerves. 

      1-2pm,  Court Dancing 101, Lord Canus.  Common populace court dances will be taught.   Minimum age of 7 years.

      1-3pm, Introduction to Music Theory for SCA, Lady  Mei.  Introduction to reading music (understanding notes & rhythm), starting a local music group & finding appropriate music for SCA performance.  Musical instruments not required.  Age 9+ years.

      3-4pm, Court Dancing of the Fast and Flirty Variety, Lady Dovey.  Learn Posites Jig, Hearts Ease & Gelosia (if there's time).  No dance experience is necessary.  There will be a handout with the steps for the dances given to the students.  Age 7+ years.

      4-5pm, Beginning Middle Eastern Drumming, Sir Marcus.  Learn the basic fundamentals of playing a drum and easy rhythms.  Please bring your own drum.  Minimum age of 10 years.

      4-5pm, The Writing of a Sonnet 101, Lord Thomas.  Learn structure of the sonnet & a basic method for writing one. 12+ yrs.


      Jewelry Classes:

      11am-noon, Beginning Chain Jewelry, Lord Thomas.  Learn different decorative uses for the Byzantine weave of chain mail.  Please bring one or two pairs of 6” to 9” pliers   (if you have them).  Donations accepted to cover materials. 

      1-3pm,  Viking Wire Weaving (Jewelry), Lady Renee.  Trichinopoly or Viking Wire Knitting used to make a suspension chain for personal items.  Will start with the basic loop & hope to complete the item in class.    Bring wire cutter & small round nose pliers.  Class Fee of  $3 for wire and start up materials.  Maximum 8 students, minimum age of 12 years.

      3-5pm, Simple Bead Weaving/Beaded Circlet, Lady Thalauriana.  Simple peyote bead weave for a beaded circlet. Thread supplied.  Bring #11 seed beads or hex beds or 4mm square beads & beading needle (or class fee of $5 for beads & needle) 7yrs.


      Heraldry Classes: 

      9-10am, Vocal Projection for Court and Field Heraldry, Sheik Omar.  Learn the secrets of being heard without ruining your voice, including Heralds, Bards, Barons, Baronesses, Crowned Heads of State & anyone else who has to talk before a group.

      1-3pm, Court Heraldry Made Easy and Done Right, Master Adam.  Class will focus on preparation, organization, protocol and vocalics required for being an outstanding Court Herald.   Students will have a chance to practice and receive a handout.

      3-4pm, Field Heraldry 101, Lord Aethewulf.  Basics of voice & field heraldry (town crying & tournament calling).  Bring pen.

      4-5pm, Title, Awards & Precedence in the Outlands, THLord Cristobal.  Lecture on the various awards in the Outlands and how they relate to precedence (important knowledge in understand our Baronial and Kingdom culture and the SCA.  10+ years.


      Food & Cooking Classes:

      9-10am, Creating a Medieval Vegetable Garden, Lady Aithne.

      10-11am, Period Herbs and Spices, Ban-fili Cailte.  The class will give the culinary ambitious the opportunity to smell, taste and discuss the uses of herbs and spices in medieval cooking (class is “not for those with allergies!”).  Max of 12, adults only

      11am-noon, Creating an Elizabethan Pleasure Garden, Mistress Richenza.  A discussion class on the elements of a pleasure garden and show how anyone, no matter where they live, can create their own Elizabethan pleasure garden.


      Other Classes:

      9-10am, How to Judge an A & S Contest, Mistress Rhianwen.  Class is for artisans, who will be judging or want to learn how their pieces are judged. We will go cover points system, comments, differences in judging the categories & other subjects.

      9-11am (2nd hour carving), Runes, Rune Forms and Basic Stone Carving, THLord Bjorn.  We will look at 11 separate Rune forms and do basic stone carving.  Class fee of $5 for stone sample and scratch awl.   Maximum of 20 students, adults only.

      10-11am, How to Be a Lady-in-Waiting, Baroness Tana.  We will go over how to become a Lady-in-Waiting--the pros and cons, how to be a successful, supplies you may need  and  etiquette guidelines.  Minimum age of 8 years.

      4-5pm, Expanding the Outlands A&S Website, Lady Jayne.  A roundtable discussion of the expansion of the A&S Website, including plans, possibilities and what you would like to see on the Outlands A&S website


      Games and Youth Classes:

      9-11am, Beginning/Intermediate Mah Jongg, Haniya.  30 minutes on game pieces, history & rules. Play a version of the game with the tiles showing, so that people can see why certain plays are made.  Bring Mah Jongg game sets.  Max 8-12, 12+years. 

      11am-noon, Simple Embroidery, Willow, al-Barran.  

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