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How to join the new Outlands A&S discusssion list

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  • Barbara Krege
    Oops, Queens Prize is Saturday, 10/29 in Fontaine (not 10/22 as I listed by mistake below.) I was doing this from memory. Deadline for entering Queen s Prize
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2005
      How to join the new Outlands A&S discusssion list

      Oops, Queens Prize is Saturday, 10/29 in Fontaine (not 10/22 as I listed by mistake below.)  I was doing this from memory.  Deadline for entering Queen's Prize is still this Saturday 10/15.  Thanks to all who caught this and already corrected this on the list.

      Thanks to Kymma for figuring out how to join the new A&S Discussion List.  Go to the following URL, which will take you direct to the yahoogroups webpage for the Outlands A&S Discussion List, then click on "join" and complete the process.  Thank you Kymma!  We are now up to 47 members in just over 24 hours.

      URL for the Outlands A&S Webpage is:


      Yours in service,
      Lady Jayne

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      Subject: [OutlandsArtsSciences] 38 A&S members in <24 hours!

      Greetings to the members of the new Outlands Arts and Sciences discussion list from Lady Jayne Barber!

      I am delighted to let to know, that in less than 24 hours, we have 38 members on this brand new Outlands A&S list! 

      I sent out  24 invitations to join to the local A&S Ministers of the Outlands and a notice on a few al-Barran and Outlands Lists yesterday.

      Please continue to spread the news about this list, via your own discussion lists and friends, and encourage your fellow artisans and scientists to join.

      Also, please ask that your local chroniclers publish information about this new list in your local newsletter for a couple of months. 

      The more members we have on this list, the greater  the information flow and connections that can be made.

      Don't forget that Queens' Prize deadline for entrants' registration is tomorrow, October 15 for entrants in Queen's Prize, which is next Saturday, 10/22 in the Barony of Fontaine (Farmington, NM).  

      You can register on-line via the Outlands A&S website or call THLady Chiara, our Kindom A&S Minister at 719-527-0091 to register.

      If you are entering Queens Prize, both you and your sponsor must be at Queens Prize.   Sponsors must be a Laurel, Flower, or a member of the Order of the Rose.

      If you are not entering Queens Prize, you are welcome to still display your projects at Queens Prize and you do not have to register in advance.

      Queen's Prize event website is:    http://www.fontainesca.org/qp/index.html

      Yours in service,
      Lady Jayne Barber
      Outlands A&S Southern Deputy

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