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A Day of A&S, al-Barran--final class schedule & information, 11/20/04

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  • Barbara Krege
    Greetings to all! This Saturday is a Day of A&S in al-Barran, with over 55 hours of arts and science classes to choose from--and all for the price of a toy to
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      A Day of A&S, al-Barran--final class schedule & information, 11/20/04

      Greetings to all!

      This Saturday is a Day of A&S in al-Barran, with over 55 hours of arts and science
      classes to choose from--and all for the price of a toy to benefit the Marine's
      Toys for Tots Drive! 

      Below is the final event schedule and class schedule.  Please note that some classes require that you bring some materials or items with you to the class.  Also some
      classes, have a maximum # of students, so advance signup for these classes will
      begin at the event on Saturday morning at 8am, when the gate opens.  Other classes
      require a nominal fee for materials and supplies that will be provided to those taking
      the classes. 

      Please feel free to send this announcement to your friends and to other lists.

      Also there will be an A&S display to determine our Baronial A&S Champion and a
      desserts competition, with prizes being awarded for the most period dessert
      (documentation required) and for populace choice!

      We hope to see you there!

      Yours in Service,
      Lady Barbara
      Deputy Autocrat of a Day of A&S


      A Day of A&S, in al-Barran, Saturday  11/20/04  at Highland High School             Lady Barbara, Deputy Autocrat

      We hope you will join us for a day of Arts and Science classes. Gate opens at 8am, opening court at 8:40am, classes 9am to noon, A&S entries accepted by THL A’isha for the A&S Baronial Champion tri-fold displays 9-11am, dessert competition entries accepted till 11:30am by Thalauriana, lunch break with entertainment noon to l pm, classes 1 to 5pm and court dance ball  7pm to 9:30pm to the music of Scorpion Scales. Signup sheets will be at the gate at 8am for classes with a limit on the number of students.  THL Pendar will have a Heraldic Consultations Table for name & device submissions.  There will be a desserts competition with prizes for winners of populace choice & most period (documentation required) and also a donations lunch of soup, meats, rolls, cheese, vegetables, drinks & desserts.  The gate fees are: members, age 18 & up, $5.00 or a new toy (unwrapped, valued at $5 or more); non-members age 18 & up, $5.00 plus $3 non-member surcharge or new toy plus $3 non-member surcharge.  For youth age 6 to 17, the fee is $3 or a new toy.  Youth age 5 & under are free.  There will be supervised youth activities for children, age 5 and up throughout the day, 9am to noon and 1 to 5pm.   We would appreciate parents volunteering one hour to help with the youth activities.  Youth attending without parent or guardian must have a signed & notarized “Child Guardian Consent Form” & a signed “Medical Authorization for Minors” form & the 2 minor forms are at http://www.outlands.org under waivers & forms.  For crash space, please contact Lady Barbara at 293-7453 or krege@....  Highland High School is on Zuni (south of Central), just west of San Mateo in Albuquerque, N.M.  This is a dry site and no smoking is allowed on the school premises.  For more information, go to http://al-barran.org/dayntoys.php

      Performing Arts Track    (These classes will be held in the Conference Room)
      10-11am, Middle Eastern Dance & Music—Mistress  Beau (debke/line dance & isolated movements taught, bring hip scarf)
      11-noon, Singing Period Songs that are sung in Rounds—Mistress Beau
      1-3pm, Singing Period Songs, 2 hours—Master Gunwaldt, Lord Tancred, and Cornelius
      3-4pm, Court Dancing, Lady Isabella (learn the dances for tonight’s court dance ball)
      4-5pm, Court Dancing, Lord Canus (learn the dances for tonight’s court dance ball)

      Scribal Arts Track
      9-10am, Combat Scribe (tips on getting that scroll done fast, lecture)—Mistress Cailte
      10-11am, Beginning Calligraphy---(please bring calligraphy pen; other supplies provided)—Mistress Monika
      11-noon, Scribal Materials (pens, ink, paint, and paper)—Mistress Averil
      1-2 pm, Beginning Illumination—Mistress Averil
      2-3pm, Write your name in the culture of your choice in Calligraphy—Mistress Monika (please bring calligraphy pen)
      3-4pm, Scroll Planning and Layout—Mistress Monika
      4-5pm, A&S Presentation & Documentation—Mistress Monika (how to present your A&S entry at competitions & documentation)

      Needle Arts Track
      9-10am, Tribal Embroidery—Mistress Richenza (maximum of 10 students; materials/kits supplied)
      10-11am, Early Period Stitches & Embellishments—Mistress Cailte ($2 fee, materials supplied, a lecture & hands on experience)
      11-noon, Basic Elizabethan Stump Work—Mistress Richenza (maximum of 10 students; materials/kits supplied)
      1-2pm, Basic Crewel Work—Mistress Richenza (maximum of 10 students; materials/kits supplied)
      2-3pm, Basic Blackwork—Lady Dalia (maximum of 10 students, age 12 & up, materials provided, no experience needed)
      3-5pm,Metal Thread Embroidery, 2 hours THL Diana (max.10 experienced adult embroiders, donations appreciated for materials)

      Fiber Arts and Cooking Track
      9-11am, Naalbinding—Lady Gytha (max. 6, bring darning, plastic embroidery or size 13 tapestry needle & heavy-weight yarn skein)
      11-noon, Cooking for a Food Plan—Mistress Cailte (learn how to feed the family or household safely, easily, tastily, economically)
      1-3pm, Basic Inkleloom, 2 hours—Lord Y & Lady Bianca  (bring inkleloom & threads, limited number of inklelooms available)
      3-5pm, Basic Card Weaving, 2 hours—Lady Bianca & Lord Y  (maximum of 7 students, cards & threads may be purchased for $6)

      Clothing and Accessories Track
      9-10am, Headwear for Mid-Winter—Baroness Tana (the focus is on fake braids, veils, circlets, and barbetts)
      10-noon, Smocking—Lady Margaret (maximum of 20 students, minimal experience needed with hand sewing, $3 supplies fee)
      1-4pm, Simple Shoe Patterning (make a pair of leather shoes) 3 hrs—Sir Jochen (bring cardboard & stitching awl, leather supplied)
      4-5pm, Favors—Lady Kathws (handout on favors history, several styles of favors & make a quick favor; maximum 10, $3 fee)

      Rapier Marshalling Track—3-5pm, a 2 hour Rapier Marshalling Class—Don Otteaux  (train to be a Marshall, bring rapier gear)

      Science, Service and Creating Period Items Track
      9-10am, Woodworking 101*—Lady Coriander  (carve owl or animal, wood & pattern for $1, age 9 & up, maximum 10 students)
      10-11am, Woodworking 102*—Lady Coriander (carve small or large spoon, wood & pattern $5 or $10, age 9 & up, max. 10 students)
           *Please bring heavy leather work glove (or Kevlar carving glove).   Also please bring
           (if you have them)--woodcarving knife ($15-$20 at Woodcraft or Woodworkers Supply)
           and leather quilter’s thimble (or thumb guard).   No pocketknives please!
      11-noon, Basic Heraldic Submissions—THL Alia (bring pen or pencil; handouts and copies of forms will be provided)
      1-3pm, Astronomy and Time Navigation—THL Gonner (a two hour class)
      2-3pm, Making Archery Equipment—THL Steitan (arrow making, with an emphasis on hand tied fletching, materials supplied)
      3-4pm, Autocrating an Event and Financial & Reeve Paperwork —THL Aigiarn (Divina) (please note, this class may run longer)
      4-5pm, Period Storage Containers—THL Gonner

      Youth Activities and Classes
      9-10am, Origami—Ivanna & Marra             
      10-11am, Reading of “Period” books—Haniya               
      1-2, Boffers Information--Meghan
      2-3pm, Boffer Fighting—Lord Canus     
      3-4pm, Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding)—Serena (aka Mouse)     
      4-5pm, Origami—Michael

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