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Re: [OutlandsDance] fyi, music & dance for Lilies War

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  • Keith McClune
    Hi there: ... Susan is the wonderful teacher that we had for our Caroso Workshop two years ago. I also have her Il Piantone music and instructions. I think
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2004
      Hi there:

      Barbara Krege quoted Katriana:
      > > ... Il Piantone is the only one without a definite tune, ...

      Catherine Dean responded to Katriana (on the Calontir list):
      > There are actually two dances circulating in the SCA that are known as Il Piantone.
      > I have freely distributable sheet music for Il Piantone (the partner switching
      > dance structured like ballo del fiore in which men select a partner, they
      > dance for a bit, they separate, and the woman selects a new partner). It was
      > produced by Susan De Guardiola (Alejandra de Miera).

      Susan is the wonderful teacher that we had for our Caroso Workshop two years
      ago. I also have her "Il Piantone" music and instructions. I think it is a
      little easier than Ballo del Fiore, but has built in options for variations
      that let you show off a bit, if you want.
      > If you're looking for music for the other dance that is sometimes known as
      > Il Piantone (the pinwheel dance where women join hands in the center and
      > walk in a wheel while the men walk on the outsides, switching parners as a
      > caller gives directions like "two forward" or "one back"), it is part of a
      > larger dance called La Caccia de Amore, for which there is lovely music. I
      > don't have sheet music I can share, but I'm sure it's floating around the SCA
      > somewhere.

      Arwen, Robert of Deerbourne, and I have taught this dance for the last several
      years, originally as "Il Piantone," but now as "The Pinwheel Dance" (to avoid
      confusion with the Caroso dance). The Pinwheel is so trivially easy that I
      have actually replaced it with Susan's "una Caccia da farsi in Routa" ('a chase
      done in a wheel'). Susan's dance is taken directly from Negri's Caccia
      without the dumbing down found in The Pinwheel. This version is still very
      easy, but it keeps the simple Italian Renaissance steps, so it looks more
      elegant (and more period).

      I have recently started researching and learning the rest of La Caccia d'Amore
      (which has five parts, of which one is "da farsi in Routa"). Expect to see
      more of this in the next 6-8 months.

      > > http://members.cox.net/calonkat/Lilies2004/

      This site has a bunch of handy music for SCA dancers (pdf's of the score, plus
      midi and Noteworthy files). The Lillies War web site is at:


      Another excellent on-line source for dance music is Eric's SCA Dance & Music
      Page at: http://sca.uwaterloo.ca/~praetzel/sca-music.html

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>
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