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Final Schedule of children & youth classes and activities, at Grand Outlandish (& other important information)

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  • Barbara Krege
    There are 33 classes & activities for the children, youth & teens on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Most of these activities will take place 8 am to noon & 1 to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2004
      There are 33 classes & activities for the children, youth & teens on
      Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Most of these activities will take place 8
      am to noon & 1 to 5 pm, in or near the Children and Youth Tent (C&Y
      Tent), which is located just off of the list field in the “Town Square”.
      Each day, there will be a hour break for lunch from noon to 1 pm, so
      that everyone can go back to their encampments for lunch. No food will
      be provided for the children at the C&Y Tent, however, we will provide
      drinks for the children during the day, so please send a cup or mug with
      your child. All children & youth, ages 5 to 14, who wish to participate
      in these activities, must have their parent or guardian come to the C&Y
      Tent, prior to their first activitity of the weekend, & sign them up
      (starting at 8am Friday morning) giving us valuable information as to
      where they are camped, adults authorized by the parent or guardian in
      case we need something, etc. We also want parents to volunteer one hour
      for the weekend per child, to help with these activities, and the parent
      or guardian can sign up for their volunteer hour or hours at the C&Y
      Tent. Please note, that nine classes have a maximum number of students
      & you can sign up for these classes in advance, at the C&Y tent starting
      Friday at 8am. (For the Saturday 9-10am Henna Class, a parent needs to
      sign a permission form). For the Boffer Tournament on Sunday, 3-5pm,
      all youth participants and/or their parent must be a SCA member &
      present their SCA membership card when their parent signs them up for
      the Tournament. A parent also must be present while their child boffers
      in the Tournament. All classes and activities are free, except for one
      class on Sunday. Any changes to the schedule will be posted at the front
      of the C&Y Tent. For youth & teens who want to be in service, they can
      help with the children’s activities, serve as couriers for the messenger
      service (ages 8-16), be card runners for the List Mistresses of the
      tournaments (age 10 and up), waterbear for tournaments (age 6 and up),
      help to refill toilet paper in the port-a-johns, & be Town Criers (age
      15 & up). Also Friday & Saturday evening, we have activities planned
      for the teens in the C&Y Tent and on Thursday & Sunday evenings, the C&Y
      Tent will be open for the youth to hang out in. There will also be a
      couple of activities occuring at other encampments. The Courier League
      is a messenger service between town square, merchants, outlying
      encampments & the Gate, for youth, ages 8-16, for one to two hour
      shifts. The youth will travel in pairs & must have their parent or
      guardian’s permission & a signed waiver form. In the C&Y Tent,
      starting Friday at 8 am, youth can get more information & sign up for
      the Courier League, including getting the permission form to
      participate, signed or see Lady Roma or Megan at Dragonscove Camp.
      Crimson Company is sponsoring an adult & youth chess tournament at
      Crimson Hill. The youth’s parent or guardian must be present for youth
      players, ages 12 & under. Signup for the Tournament & qualifying
      matches will be Thursday 1 to 3:30pm and Friday & Saturday 9:30am to
      3:30pm at Crimson Hill. Please see Dorolan or Natasha for additional
      details. We also need other volunteers to assist with some of the
      planned activities. Please see Lady Barbara or sign up on the Volunteer
      Sheet at the C&Y Tent. To donate gifts to the children, who have been
      in service or prizes for the competitions, please bring the items to
      Lady Barbara at the C&Y Tent. Finally, per the Outlands Kingdom
      Minister of Children, Lady Sarah Beauchamp, the SCA requires that one
      parent or guardian must be present on site, while any of their children,
      ages 17 & under are on the site. Also, no one may take the child (age
      17 & under) off site, except for the parent or guardian or the
      individual authorized by the signed & notarized “Child Guardian Consent
      Form”, a copy of which they should carry with them. For the latest
      schedule of activities and classes, please pick up the "General
      Information and Schedule of Classes and Activities for Children, Youth
      and Teens at Outlandish" one page flyer at the gate, when you check in,
      or at the Children and Youth Tent, off of the Town Square.

      Please note: If you are bringing a child (under the age of 18) to
      Outlandish, and you are not the child’s parent or guardian, then you
      must present at the gate two forms, both pre-signed by the child’s
      parent or legal guardian in order for this child to attend this event:
      1) a “Child Guardian Consent Form” which also has to be already
      notarized by a Notary Public (there will not be a notary on site) and 2)
      a “Medical Authorization for Minors.” If you are bringing more than one
      child, each child must have his or her own set of the two separate
      forms. You can find a copy of these two forms under this Outlandish
      website’s “Forms” link.

      Lady Barbara
      Children, Youth and Teen Activities Coordinator, Grand Outlandish


      Final Schedule of Classes for Children, Youth and Teens, Grand
      Outlandish, 2004

      Please note: all classes are in the Children and Youth Tent, unless
      otherwise noted on this schedule.


      7 to 11pm, Children & Youth Tent open to youth, no activities planned


      9am to Noon, Archery Instruction and Archery Shoot, on the Archery Field
      (youth must be accompanied by a parent), Uasal OEngus of Greymist

      1 to 3pm, Leather Stamping (maximum of 15), Lord Christopher Blackwood

      3 to 4pm, Period Board Games, Lady Constance

      3 to 4pm, Construction of Boffers (outside C&Y Tent), Lord Canus & Lord

      4 to 5pm, Bardic Training for Youth and Teens, Lady Constance

      4 to 5pm, Boffer Training (outside C&Y Tent), Lord Canus in charge

      Beginning after the al-Barran Investiture, until 11 pm,“Teen Night”
      (activities for teens in the C&Y Tent)


      8 to 5pm, a two day Scavenger Hunt, “Riddle Me This”, Lady Constance

      9 to 10am, Henna Class, Lady Safya bint Ziyad (Safya the Silent)
      (maximum of 10, parent must sign a permission form in advance)

      9 to 10am, Introduction to Rapier, Don Otteaux the Blackhearted, Dona
      Elisabeau the Lighthearted, and Lord Gilbert the Drakehearted (Outside
      C&Y Tent)

      10 to 11am, Fun with Felting (age 7 & up, maximum of 8), THL Skia

      11am to noon, Making Viking Beaded Necklaces (age 5-8, maximum of 15),
      Lady Constance

      10 to noon, Construction of Boffers and Painting of Donated Shields
      (outside C&Y Tent), Lord Canus, Lord Shobin, & Geoffrey

      1 to 3pm, Leather Stamping (maximum of 15), Lord Christopher Blackwood

      1 to 2pm, Period Outdoor Games, Solveig Thomsdatter

      2 to 3pm, SCA 101 (learn more about the SCA), Solveig Thomsdatter

      3 to 4pm, Court Dancing, Lady Barbara

      3 to 4pm, Boffer Training (outside C&Y Tent), Lord Canus in charge

      4 to 5pm, Bardic Training for Youth and Teens, (outside C&Y Tent), Lady

      4 to 5pm, Reading Picture Books on Period Topics, Haniya bat Baruch

      7 to 11pm, “Teen Night” (activities for the teens in the C&Y Tent)


      SUNDAY—TRACK 1 (C&Y Tent)

      8 to 10am, Court Dancing, children, youth, teens & adults, Lady Barbara
      and others will teach

      10am to 11am, Origami, Lady Melody Shaw

      11 to noon, Reading Picture Books on Period Subjects, Haniya bat Baruch

      1 to 2pm, Making Viking Beaded Necklaces (ages 9 & up, maximum of 20),
      Lady Constance

      2 to 3pm, Simple Needle Weaving, (age 6 & up, maximum of 6), THL Skia


      SUNDAY—TRACK 2 (Outside C&Y Tent)

      8 to 3pm, a two day Scavenger Hunt ends at 3pm, “Riddle Me This”, Lady

      8 to 9:15am, Boffer Instruction and planning for Castle Seige, Terrin,
      15, Field Commander of the Youth

      9:15 to 9:30am, March to Munchausen Field together, Terrin, 15, Field
      Commander of the Youth

      9:30-10:30am, Castle Seige against the Defenders of the Stag’s Blood, on
      Munchausen Field. Lord Badai in charge of overall event. Terrin, 15,
      Field Commander in charge of the Youth Boffer Team

      10am to noon, Leather Tooling (age 6 & up, maximum of 10, outside C&Y
      Tent), Lord Christopher Blackwood

      11am to 1pm, Children’s Cooking Class & Lunch (in A&S II tent, age 6 &
      up, maximum of 15, bring feast gear & $2.00 fee)Mistress Monika von Zell
      (with Mistress Leah, Mistress Joella and Lady Barbara assisting)

      1 to 2pm, SCA 101 (learn more about the SCA), Solveig Thomsdatter

      2 to 3pm, Period Outdoor Games (outside C&Y Tent), Lady Constance

      3 to 5pm, Boffer Tourney (To enter the tournament, you or your parent
      must be a SCA member and present your membership card. All boffer
      fighters must have a guardian or parent present during all of their
      fights), Lady Danica in charge, assisted by Lord Shobin

      7-11pm, Children & Youth Tent open to the youth, no activities planned

      Chess Tournament, Crimson Hill, signup& qualifying matches,Thursday 1 to
      3:30pm; Friday & Saturday 9:30 to 3:30 pm. See Dorolan or Natasha

      Courier League, youth messenger service for ages 8-16, 1-2 hour shifts.
      Must have parent permission & signed waiver form. Information at C&Y
      Tent starting Friday 8 am. See Lady Roma or Megan, Dragonscove Camp.
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