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FYI, Barb--Re:Ansteorra Kingdom Dance & Music Symposium, 7/26/04

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  • Barbara Krege
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      Scot and Michelle Henry wrote:

      > Teachers of Ansteorra, your kingdom needs you! Many more classes are needed
      > for this year's Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium and the deadline
      > approacheth!
      > The Canton of Lindenwood will be hosting the Ansteorran Dance and Music
      > Symposium in conjunction with Midsummer's Ball on June 26, 2004, at the
      > University of Texas in Arlington. With your
      > assistance, there will be five tracks of classes in music, middle eastern
      > dance and European dance throughout the day. Classes that relate to these
      > arts (such as fan construction, care of your medieval instrument, how to
      > move in your <fill in style of garb here>, "fencing - the other dance form",
      > etc.) are highly encouraged as well.
      > If you are interested in hosting a class or classes, please contact Lady
      > Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious at CSHenry@... before May 15th.
      > Please include the following information:
      > Necessary Initial Information: (Please send a.s.a.p.)
      > SCA Name
      > Contact information
      > Title of class and short description (please note whether this is a
      > beginner-friendly class)
      > Class Length (Preferred = 1 hour)
      > Preferred time of day to teach (Classes from 9-4, lunch break)
      > If you would like to teach more than one class, please list order of
      > preference in case all classes can not be accommodated.
      > Other requested information:
      > Class handout
      > Short Teacher bio.
      > Scheduling preference will be given to those who have all requested
      > information completed before the May 15th deadline. For European dance
      > classes, preference will also be given to those classes that present
      > materials within the SCA's time period or from Playford,1651.
      > For other event questions contact the autocrats HL Philip White
      > (philipwhite@...) or
      > Lady Margarite McBridin (bmhanson@...).
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