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al-Barran May Day Celebration, Sunday, May 2nd, 9am-5pm

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  • Barbara Krege
    Please join us for a day of fun and entertainment at our May Day mini-renaissance faire celebration! al-Barran May Day Celebration Barony of al-Barran Battan
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2004
      Please join us for a day of fun and entertainment at our May Day mini-renaissance faire celebration!

      al-Barran May Day Celebration
      Barony of al-Barran
      Battan Park, NW corner of Lomas & Carlisle, Albuquerque, NM
      Sunday, May 2, A.S. XXXIX (2004)
      Site opens at 9 AM and closes at 5 PM
      No site fee and the site is dry

      It’s May!  It’s May!  The lovely month of May!  Come join us in a May Day Celebration  at a mini-renaissance faire, hosted by the al-Barran Court Dancers.  The day before, May 1st, is also the 39th Anniversary of the Society for Creative Annachronism.  So this event will be not only a celebration of the coming of spring and May Day, but also a celebration of our SCA, Outlands and al-Barran history, a honoring of the individuals who have made our barony so rich, a celebration of the performing arts, a welcoming of newcomers, and a special tribute to our children.  We promise you a visually rich, fun, heart warming, educational, and magical day!

      There will be dancing around two Maypoles, court dancing, middle eastern dancing, drumming, a “May Day Household Dance Competition”, singing, story telling, and puppetry.  There will also be period games for adults and children, a heavy weapons tourney, a rapier tourney, merchants, a SCA items swap meet (clean out your collection of “SCA items” and bring them to swap, sell, or give away to newcomers and others) and classes for newcomers and others, along with regular fighter practice.   We will also be serving lunch and lemonade.

      We encourage you to wear your garb to this event and bring your period games, musical instruments, feast gear, pillows, blankets, and chairs to sit on, as there will be lots of entertainment in the Town Square!  Please also bring your period pavillions and banners to put around the “town square” and add to your own comfort and the renaissance faire ambiance.  We are looking for individuals or households to sponsor and put on a heavy weapons tournament and a rapier tournament.      If you are interested in helping with setup at 8am or teardown at 5pm, hosting a tournament, merchanting, entertaining, telling stories, putting on a children’s activity or helping with one, putting on a puppet show, telling us about our al-Barran and Outlands history, heralding, or teaching a class, please contact Lady Barbara. All volunteers will be very, very appreciated!  We will have special events and classes for newcomers, so this is a wonderful event to invite newcomers, children and your friends to.   Come and make merry and contribute your talents and gifts to make this a Magical Day!

      Tentative schedule for the “town square” (subject to change) is:  8am setup,   9am Maypole and Court Dancing,   10am Household Dance Competition,   11am Heavy Weapons Tounament,   12pm Entertainment and lunch,   1pm--Classes:  Newcomer, al-Barran History, and Other,   2pm Rapier Tournament,   3pm Maypole Dancing, Court Dancing, and Entertainment,   4pm Newcomer and Other Classes,   5pm teardown.  Throughout the day, there will be adult and children’s period games, children’s activities, light and heavy weapons fighter practice, shopping at the  merchants and “SCA Items Swap Meet”, and  middle eastern dancing and drumming.

      For the May Day Household Dance Competition, there will be six dance categories for adults and youth:  court dance,  maypole dance, and middle eastern dance.   To enter this Household competition, a household does not have to have dancers in each of the six categories and they may have more than one entry in a given category (for example they may have two groups of dancers dancing different dances in the original court dance adult division.)  Individuals, not affiliated with a household, may also enter this dance competition.  Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each dance competition, as well as to the winning household.  A sound system that plays CDs and audio tapes will be provided on May 2nd.

      The al-Barran Court Dancers, who are sponsoring this Household Dance Competition, will give private court dance lessons to your household at the park on Sundays during fighter practice or elsewhere.    We will also make copies of the court dance music (just bring an audio tape to the park) and even help you in selecting court dances for your household  dance performing groups of two, three, four, six, eight, members or more.  Maypole dance practices will be at fighter practice park on Sundays 4/4, 4/18 and 4/25 with  maypole practice for everyone, 12:30-2:30pm.  Households may reserve time before or after these times on these dates for working out their own maypole dances.  Please contact Lady Barbara,  for private dance lessons, and for reserving private time for your Household to practice and work out dances with the maypoles.  We also strongly recommend that your maypole dance correographers attend some of the maypole dance practices, to figure out how the maypole streamers react to different moves by the dancers.

      Directions:  Take I-40 in Albuquerque to the Carlisle exit.  Exit onto Carlisle and go south on Carlisle to Lomas.  Turn right (west) at the light onto Lomas and go just past the Walgreens to  Battan Park.  For further information, go to our website at http://www.al-Barran.org/mayday04.html, or contact the autocrat, Lady Barbara (Barbara Krege) at krege@..., 505-293-7453.

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